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1 In the fourteenth year of King Hezekiah, Sennacherib king of Assyria advanced on all the fortified towns of Judah and captured them.
2Chr 32:1  2Kgs 18:13  2Kgs 18:17  Isa 1:7-8  Isa 7:17  Isa 8:7-8  Isa 10:28-32 

2 From Lachish the king of Assyria sent the cupbearer-in-chief with a large force to King Hezekiah in Jerusalem. The cupbearer-in-chief took up position near the conduit of the upper pool on the road to the Fuller's Field.
Isa 7:3  2Chr 32:9-23  2Kgs 18:17-37  Isa 22:9-11 

3 The master of the palace, Eliakim son of Hilkiah, Shebna the secretary and the herald Joah son of Asaph went out to him.
2Sam 8:16-17  2Sam 20:24-25  Isa 22:15-21 

4 The cupbearer-in-chief said to them, 'Say to Hezekiah, "The great king, the king of Assyria, says this: What makes you so confident?
2Kgs 18:19-37  2Chr 32:7-10  Ps 71:10-11  Ps 42:10  Ps 42:3  Jude 1:16  Isa 37:11-15 

5 Do you think empty words are as good as strategy and military strength? Who are you relying on, to dare to rebel against me?
2Kgs 18:7  2Kgs 24:1  Ezek 17:15  Jer 52:3  Neh 2:19-20  Prov 21:30-31  Prov 24:5-6 

6 There you are, relying on that broken reed, Egypt, which pricks and pierces the hand of the person who leans on it. That is what Pharaoh king of Egypt is like to all who rely on him.
Ezek 29:6-7  2Kgs 17:4  2Kgs 18:21  Isa 20:5-6  Isa 30:1-7  Isa 31:3  Jer 37:5-8 

7 You may say to me: We rely on Yahweh our God. But haven't his high places and altars been suppressed by Hezekiah, who told Judah and Jerusalem: This is the altar before which you must worship?
2Kgs 18:4-5  Ps 42:5  Ps 22:4-5  Deut 12:13-14  Deut 12:2-6  2Kgs 18:22  1Chr 5:20 

8 Very well, then, make a wager with my lord the king of Assyria: I will give you two thousand horses if you can find horsemen to ride them.
1Sam 17:40-43  1Kgs 20:10  1Kgs 20:18  2Kgs 14:14  2Kgs 18:23  Isa 10:13-14  Neh 4:2-5 

9 How could you repulse a single one of the least of my master's soldiers? And yet you have relied on Egypt for chariots and horsemen.
Isa 10:8  2Kgs 18:24  Jer 2:36  Isa 36:6  Isa 31:3  Isa 30:16-17  Isa 30:7 

10 And lastly, have I marched on this country to lay it waste without warrant from Yahweh? Yahweh himself said to me: March on this country and lay it waste."
2Kgs 18:25  1Kgs 13:18  2Chr 35:21  Isa 10:5-7  Amos 3:6  Isa 37:28 

11 Eliakim, Shebna and Joah said to the cupbearer-in-chief, 'Please speak to your servants in Aramaic, for we understand it; do not speak to us in the Judaean language within earshot of the people on the ramparts.'
Ezra 4:7  Dan 2:4  2Kgs 18:26-27 

12 But the cupbearer-in-chief said, 'Do you think my lord sent me here to say these things to your master or to you? On the contrary, it was to the people sitting on the ramparts who, like you, are doomed to eat their own dung and drink their own urine.'
2Kgs 18:27  2Kgs 6:25-29  Deut 28:53-57  Ezek 4:16  Isa 9:20  Jer 19:9  Lam 4:9-10 

13 The cupbearer-in-chief then drew himself up and shouted loudly in the Judaean language, 'Listen to the words of the great king, the king of Assyria.
2Chr 32:18  1Sam 17:8-11  Ps 73:8-9  Ps 17:10-13  Isa 36:4  Isa 10:8-13  Isa 8:7 

14 The king says this, "Do not let Hezekiah delude you! He will be powerless to save you.
2Chr 32:11  Isa 37:10-13  Dan 7:25  Dan 6:20  Dan 3:15-17  2Thess 2:4  2Kgs 19:22 

15 Do not let Hezekiah persuade you to rely on Yahweh by saying: Yahweh is sure to save us; this city will not fall into the king of Assyria's clutches.
Isa 36:7  Isa 37:10  Isa 37:23-24  Matt 27:43  Ps 4:2  Ps 22:7-8  Ps 71:9-11 

16 Do not listen to Hezekiah, for the king of Assyria says this: Make peace with me,
Zech 3:10  1Kgs 4:25  Mic 4:4  Prov 5:15  Gen 33:11  Gen 32:20  2Sam 8:6 

17 surrender to me, and every one of you will be free to eat the fruit of his own vine and of his own fig tree and to drink the water of his own storage-well until I come and take you away to a country like your own, a land of corn and good wine, a land of bread and vineyards.
2Kgs 17:6-23  2Kgs 18:9-12  2Kgs 18:32  2Kgs 24:11  Deut 8:7-9  Deut 11:12  Exod 3:8 

18 Do not let Hezekiah delude you by saying: Yahweh will save us. Has any god of any nation been able to save his country from the king of Assyria's clutches?
Isa 36:15  2Chr 32:13-17  Isa 37:17-18  Jer 10:3-5  Jer 10:10-12  Ps 12:4  Ps 92:5-7 

19 Where are the gods of Hamath and Arpad? Where are the gods of Sepharvaim? Where are the national gods of Samaria? Did they save Samaria from my clutches?
Jer 49:23  Isa 10:9-11  2Kgs 17:5-7  2Kgs 17:24  2Kgs 18:10-12  2Sam 8:9  Isa 37:11-13 

20 Of all the national gods, which ones have saved their countries from my clutches, that Yahweh should be able to save Jerusalem from my clutches?" '
2Chr 32:19  1Kgs 20:23  Ps 50:21  Job 40:9-12  Job 15:25-26  Isa 45:16-17  Isa 37:23-29 

21 They, however, kept quiet and said nothing in reply, since the king had given the order, 'You are not to answer him.'
Prov 26:4  2Kgs 18:26  2Kgs 18:37  Amos 5:13  Matt 7:6  Ps 38:13-15  Ps 39:1 

22 The master of the palace, Eliakim son of Hilkiah, Shebna the secretary and the herald Joah son of Asaph, with their clothes torn, went to Hezekiah and reported what the cupbearer-in-chief had said.
Isa 36:3  Isa 33:7  2Kgs 5:7  Ezra 9:3  Isa 36:11  Isa 37:1-2  Matt 26:65