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1 Coasts and islands, fall silent before me, and let the peoples renew their strength, let them come forward and speak; let us assemble for judgement.
Isa 1:18  Hab 2:20  Zech 2:13  Isa 11:11  Isa 41:6-7  Joel 3:10-11  Mic 6:1-3 

2 'Who has raised from the east him whom saving justice summons in its train, him to whom Yahweh delivers up the nations and subjects kings, him who reduces them to dust with his sword, and to driven stubble with his bow,
Isa 45:1  Isa 40:24  2Sam 22:43  Ezra 1:2  Isa 41:25  Isa 46:11  Isa 45:13 

3 him who pursues them and advances unhindered, his feet scarcely touching the road?
Isa 57:2  Job 5:24 

4 Who has acted thus, who has done this? He who calls each generation from the beginning: I, Yahweh, who am the first and till the last I shall still be there.'
Rev 22:13  Isa 48:12  Rev 1:17  Isa 41:26  Isa 46:10  Isa 43:10  Deut 32:7-8 

5 The coasts and islands have seen and taken fright, the remotest parts of earth are trembling: they are approaching, they are here!
Ezek 26:15-16  Josh 5:1  Ps 67:7  Exod 15:14  Gen 10:5  Josh 2:10  Ps 65:8 

6 People help one another, they say to each other, 'Take heart!'
1Sam 4:7-9  1Sam 5:3-5  Acts 19:24-28  Dan 3:1-7  Isa 35:4  Isa 40:19  Isa 44:12 

7 The woodworker encourages the smelter, the polisher encourages the hammerer, saying of the soldering, 'It is sound'; and he fastens it with nails to keep it steady.
Isa 40:19-20  Dan 3:1-7  Isa 44:12-15  Isa 46:6-7  Jer 10:3-5  Jer 10:9  Judg 18:17-18 

8 But you, Israel, my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, descendant of Abraham my friend,
2Chr 20:7  Jas 2:23  Isa 44:1-2  Deut 14:2  Isa 29:22  Isa 44:21  Ps 135:4 

9 whom I have taken to myself, from the remotest parts of the earth and summoned from countries far away, to whom I have said, 'You are my servant, I have chosen you, I have not rejected you,'
1Sam 12:22  1Cor 1:26-29  Deut 7:6-7  Isa 41:2  Isa 41:8  Isa 43:5-6  Jas 2:5 

10 do not be afraid, for I am with you; do not be alarmed, for I am your God. I give you strength, truly I help you, truly I hold you firm with my saving right hand.
Josh 1:9  Isa 43:1-2  Rom 8:31  Phil 4:13  Deut 31:6-8  Isa 40:29-31  Isa 41:13-14 

11 Look, all those who rage against you will be put to shame and humiliated; those who picked quarrels with you will be reduced to nothing and will perish.
Isa 45:24  Exod 23:22  Zech 12:3  Acts 16:39  Dan 4:35  Isa 29:8  Isa 54:17 

12 You will look for them but will not find them, those who used to fight you; they will be destroyed and brought to nothing, those who made war on you.
Ps 37:35-36  Job 20:7-9  Isa 17:14 

13 For I, Yahweh, your God, I grasp you by your right hand; I tell you, 'Do not be afraid, I shall help you.'
Isa 41:10  Ps 63:8  Ps 109:31  Isa 42:6  Ps 73:23  Isa 45:1  Isa 43:6 

14 Do not be afraid, Jacob, you worm! You little handful of Israel! I shall help you, declares Yahweh; your redeemer is the Holy One of Israel.
Isa 43:14  Isa 54:5  Ps 19:14  Ps 22:6  Isa 44:6  Isa 44:24  Jer 50:34 

15 Look, I am making you into a threshing-sledge, new, with double teeth; you will thresh and beat the mountains to dust and reduce the hills to straw.
Mic 4:13  2Cor 10:4-5  Hab 3:12  Isa 21:10  Isa 28:27  Ps 18:42  Zech 4:7 

16 You will winnow them and the wind will carry them off, the gale will scatter them; whereas you will rejoice in Yahweh, will glory in the Holy One of Israel.
Jer 51:2  1Cor 1:30-31  1Sam 2:1-2  Hab 3:18  Isa 12:6  Isa 17:13  Isa 25:1-3 

17 The oppressed and needy search for water, and there is none, their tongue is parched with thirst. I, Yahweh, shall answer them, I, the God of Israel, shall not abandon them.
Isa 30:19  Isa 55:1  Isa 42:16  Isa 61:1  2Cor 12:9  Exod 17:3  Exod 17:6 

18 I shall open up rivers on barren heights and water-holes down in the ravines; I shall turn the desert into a lake and dry ground into springs of water.
Ps 107:35  Isa 30:25  Isa 35:6-7  Ezek 47:1-8  Isa 58:11  Isa 43:19-20  Isa 44:3 

19 I shall plant the desert with cedar trees, acacias, myrtles and olives; in the wastelands I shall put cypress trees, plane trees and box trees side by side;
Isa 37:31-32  Isa 55:13  Isa 35:1  Isa 60:13  Ezek 17:22-24  Ezek 47:12  Isa 27:6 

20 so that people may see and know, so that they may all observe and understand that the hand of Yahweh has done this, that the Holy One of Israel has created it.
Job 12:9  Exod 9:16  Isa 43:21  Isa 44:23  2Thess 1:10  Isa 43:7-13  Ps 109:27 

21 'Present your case,' says Yahweh, 'Produce your arguments,' says Jacob's king.
Job 23:3-4  Job 38:3  Mic 6:1-2  Job 40:7-9  Job 31:37 

22 'Let them produce and reveal to us what is going to happen. What happened in the past? Reveal it so that we can consider it and know what the outcome will be. Or tell us about the future,
Isa 45:21  Isa 46:10  Isa 42:9  Isa 43:9-12  Isa 44:7  Isa 48:14  John 13:19 

23 reveal what is to happen next, and then we shall know that you are gods. At least, do something, be it good or bad, so that we may feel alarm and fear.
Isa 42:9  Isa 44:7-8  Jer 10:5  John 13:19  Acts 15:18  Isa 45:3  Isa 45:7-8 

24 Look, you are less than nothingness, and what you do is less than nothing; to choose you is an outrage.'
1Cor 8:4  Ps 115:8  Isa 41:29  Deut 7:26  Deut 27:15  Isa 37:19  Isa 44:9-10 

25 I have raised him from the north and he has come, from the east he has been summoned by name. He tramples on rulers like mud, like a potter treading clay.
Isa 41:2  2Sam 22:43  Isa 10:6  Mic 7:10  Zech 10:5  Ezra 1:2-3  Isa 21:2 

26 Who revealed this from the beginning for us to know, and in the past for us to say, 'That is right'? No one in fact revealed it, no one proclaimed it, no one has heard you speak.
Isa 41:22  Isa 44:7  Isa 45:21  Hab 2:18-20  Isa 43:9 

27 First-fruits of Zion, look, here they come! I send a messenger to Jerusalem,
Isa 40:9  Isa 52:7  Isa 44:28  Isa 48:3  Nah 1:15  Ezra 1:1-2  Isa 41:4 

28 and I look -- no one, not a single counsellor among them who, if I asked, could give an answer.
Isa 63:5  Dan 2:10-11  Dan 4:7-8  Dan 5:8  Isa 40:13-14  Isa 50:2  Isa 59:16 

29 Taken altogether they are nothingness, what they do is nothing, their statues, wind and emptiness.
Isa 41:24  Jer 5:13  Hab 2:18  Isa 44:9-20  Jer 10:2-16  Ps 115:4-8  Ps 135:15-18