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1 Here is my servant whom I uphold, my chosen one in whom my soul delights. I have sent my spirit upon him, he will bring fair judgement to the nations.
Phil 2:7  Isa 52:13  Isa 43:10  Matt 12:18-21  Luke 3:22  Isa 61:1  Matt 17:5 

2 He does not cry out or raise his voice, his voice is not heard in the street;
Matt 12:16-20  Luke 17:20  Zech 9:9  1Pet 2:23  2Tim 2:24  Matt 11:29 

3 he does not break the crushed reed or snuff the faltering wick. Faithfully he presents fair judgement;
Matt 11:28  Ezek 34:16  Isa 40:11  Jer 31:25  Ps 147:3  Isa 11:3-4  Isa 50:10 

4 he will not grow faint, he will not be crushed until he has established fair judgement on earth, and the coasts and islands are waiting for his instruction.
Gen 49:10  Isa 55:5  Isa 9:7  Isa 52:13-15  Isa 53:2-12  Isa 60:9  Ps 22:27 

5 Thus says God, Yahweh, who created the heavens and spread them out, who hammered into shape the earth and what comes from it, who gave breath to the people on it, and spirit to those who walk on it:
Isa 45:12  Isa 40:22  Isa 45:18  Jer 32:17  Job 33:4  Ps 24:1-2  Acts 17:25 

6 I, Yahweh, have called you in saving justice, I have grasped you by the hand and shaped you; I have made you a covenant of the people and light to the nations,
Luke 2:32  Isa 49:8  Acts 13:47  Isa 49:6  1Pet 2:9  Jer 23:5-6  Acts 26:23 

7 to open the eyes of the blind, to free captives from prison, and those who live in darkness from the dungeon.
Isa 61:1  Isa 49:9  Isa 35:5  2Tim 2:26  Heb 2:14-15  Eph 1:17-18  Isa 9:2 

8 I am Yahweh, that is my name! I shall not yield my glory to another, nor my honour to idols.
Isa 48:11  Ps 83:18  Exod 20:3-5  Exod 34:14  Isa 43:11  Exod 3:13-15  Exod 4:5 

9 See how the former predictions have come true. Fresh things I now reveal; before they appear I tell you of them.
Isa 43:19  Isa 46:9-10  1Kgs 8:15-20  2Pet 1:19-21  John 13:19  1Pet 1:10-12  Isa 41:22-23 

10 Sing a new song to Yahweh! Let his praise be sung from remotest parts of the earth by those who sail the sea and by everything in it, by the coasts and islands and those who inhabit them.
Ps 33:3  Ps 40:3  Isa 42:4  Rom 15:9-11  1Chr 16:32  Isa 24:14-16  Isa 44:23 

11 Let the desert and its cities raise their voices, the encampments where Kedar lives. Let the inhabitants of the Rock cry aloud for joy and shout from the mountain tops.
Isa 32:16  Isa 60:7  Gen 25:23  Isa 21:16  Isa 35:6  Isa 41:18-19  Isa 52:7 

12 Let them give glory to Yahweh and, in the coasts and islands, let them voice his praise.
Isa 24:15-16  Isa 42:4  Isa 66:18-19  Ps 22:27  Ps 96:3-10  Ps 117:1-2  Rev 5:9-10 

13 Yahweh advances like a hero, like a warrior he rouses his fire. He shouts, he raises the war cry, he shows his might against his foes.
Exod 15:1-3  Ps 78:65  Amos 1:2  Hos 11:10  Isa 26:11  Isa 31:4  Isa 59:16-19 

14 'From long ago I have been silent, I have kept quiet, held myself in check, groaning like a woman in labour, panting and gasping for air.
2Pet 3:9-10  2Pet 3:15  Eccl 8:11-12  Jer 15:6  Jer 44:22  Job 32:18  Job 32:20 

15 I shall ravage mountain and hill, shall wither all their vegetation; I shall turn the torrents into firm ground and dry up the marshes.
Isa 50:2  Nah 1:4-6  Isa 2:12-16  Isa 44:27  Ezek 38:20  Hab 3:6-10  Hag 2:6 

16 I shall lead the blind by a road they do not know, by paths they do not know I shall conduct them. I shall turn the darkness into light before them and the quagmires into solid ground. This I shall do -- without fail.'
Isa 30:21  Eph 5:8  Isa 32:3  Luke 3:5  Heb 13:5  Isa 29:18  Isa 40:4 

17 Those who trust in idols will recoil, they will blush for shame, who say to metal images, 'You are our gods.'
Isa 1:29  Isa 44:11  Ps 97:7  Exod 32:4  Exod 32:8  Hab 2:18-20  Isa 44:17 

18 Listen, you deaf! Look and see, you blind!
Isa 29:18  Isa 43:8  Luke 7:22  Mark 7:34-37  Prov 20:12  Exod 4:11  Isa 35:5 

19 Who so blind as my servant, so deaf as the messenger I send? (Who so blind as the friend I have taken to myself, so deaf as Yahweh's servant?)
2Cor 4:4  Ezek 12:2  Jer 5:21  2Cor 3:14-15  Isa 6:9  Isa 26:3  Isa 29:9-14 

20 You have seen many things but not observed them; your ears are open but you do not hear.
Acts 28:22-27  Deut 4:9  Deut 29:2-4  Ezek 33:31  Isa 1:3  Isa 48:6-8  Isa 58:2 

21 Yahweh wished, because of his saving justice, to make the Law great and glorious.
Heb 8:10  Isa 1:24-27  Isa 42:4  Isa 46:12-13  Matt 3:15  Matt 5:17-20  Ps 40:8 

22 Yet here is a people pillaged and plundered, all of them shut up in caves, imprisoned in dungeons. They have been pillaged, with no one to rescue them, plundered, with no one to say, 'Give it back!'
Isa 14:17  Isa 51:23  Ps 50:22  Ps 102:20  Deut 28:29-33  Isa 1:7  Isa 18:2 

23 Which of you will listen to this, who pay attention and listen in future?
Isa 48:18  1Pet 4:2-3  Acts 3:19  Acts 3:22-23  Deut 4:29-31  Deut 32:29  Isa 1:18-20 

24 Who surrendered Jacob to the plunderer and Israel to the pillagers? Was it not Yahweh, against whom we had sinned, in whose ways they would not walk and whose Law they would not obey?
2Chr 15:6  2Chr 36:17  Amos 3:6  Deut 28:49  Deut 32:30  Isa 10:5-6  Isa 30:15 

25 On him he poured out his blazing anger and the fury of war; it enveloped him in flames and yet he did not understand; it burned him up, but he did not learn a lesson.
Hos 7:9  Isa 57:11  2Kgs 25:9  Isa 57:1  Deut 32:22  Ezek 7:8-9  Ezek 20:34