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1 Listen to this, House of Jacob, you who are called by the name of Israel and issued from the waters of Judah, who swear by the name of Yahweh and invoke the God of Israel, though not in good faith or uprightness;
Jer 4:2  Ps 68:26  Jer 7:9-10  Jer 5:2  Isa 65:16  Isa 45:23  Deut 6:13 

2 for they call themselves after the holy city and rely on the God of Israel, Yahweh Sabaoth is his name.
Mic 3:11  Isa 10:20  Isa 52:1  Rom 2:17  Jer 21:2  1Sam 4:3-5  Dan 9:24 

3 Things now past I revealed long ago, they issued from my mouth, I proclaimed them; suddenly I acted and they happened.
Isa 41:22  Isa 42:9  Isa 43:9  Isa 44:7-8  Isa 45:21  Josh 21:45  Isa 10:12-19 

4 For I knew you to be obstinate, your neck an iron sinew and your forehead bronze.
Exod 32:9  Acts 7:51  Prov 29:1  Zech 7:11-12  Deut 31:27  Jer 19:15  2Chr 36:13 

5 As I told you about it long before, before it happened I revealed it to you, so that you could not say, 'My statue did it, my idol, my metal image, ordained this.'
Isa 48:3  Jer 44:15-18  Luke 1:70  Acts 15:18  Isa 42:8-9  Isa 44:7  Isa 46:10 

6 You have heard and seen all this, why won't you admit it? Now I am going to reveal new things to you, secrets that you do not know;
Isa 42:9  Isa 43:8-10  Isa 43:19  1Cor 2:9  1Pet 1:10-12  Acts 1:8  Amos 3:6 

7 they have just been created, not long ago, and until today you have heard nothing about them, so that you cannot say, 'Yes, I knew about this.'

8 No, you have not heard, you have not known, for a long time your ear has not been attentive, for I knew how treacherous you were; you have been called a rebel since the womb.
Ps 58:3  Deut 9:7-24  Eph 2:3  Ezek 16:3-5  Hos 5:7  Hos 6:7  Isa 6:9-10 

9 For the sake of my name I shall defer my anger, for the sake of my honour I shall be patient with you, rather than destroy you.
Isa 48:11  Ps 78:38  1Sam 12:22  Dan 9:17-19  Ezek 20:9  Ezek 20:14  Ezek 20:22 

10 Look, I have purchased you, but not for silver, I have chosen you out of the cauldron of affliction.
Deut 4:20  Jer 9:7  Job 23:10  Ps 66:10  Prov 17:3  1Pet 1:7  1Pet 4:12 

11 For my sake and my sake only shall I act, for why should my name be profaned? I will not yield my glory to another.
Ezek 20:9  Isa 42:8  Deut 32:26-27  1Sam 12:22  Ezek 20:14  Ezek 20:22  Ezek 20:39 

12 Listen to me, Jacob, Israel whom I have called: I, and none else, am the first, I am also the last.
Isa 41:4  Isa 55:3  Rev 22:13  Isa 44:6  Isa 46:3  Isa 49:1  Rev 1:8 

13 My hand laid the foundations of earth and my right hand spread out the heavens. I summon them and they all present themselves together.
Exod 20:11  Heb 1:10-12  Isa 40:26  Ps 102:25  Isa 45:18  Isa 40:12  Isa 42:5 

14 Assemble, all of you, and listen; which of them has revealed this? Yahweh loves him; he will do his pleasure on Babylon and the race of the Chaldaeans;
Isa 43:9  Isa 13:4-5  Isa 13:17-18  Isa 45:20-21  Isa 46:10-11  Jer 50:21-29  Isa 41:22 

15 I, I have spoken, yes, I have summoned him, I have brought him, and he will succeed.
Josh 1:8  Isa 45:1-2  Ezek 1:2  Ps 45:4 

16 Come near and listen to this: from the first, I never spoke obscurely; when it happened, I was there, and now Lord Yahweh has sent me with his spirit.
John 18:20  Isa 45:19  Isa 41:1  Isa 61:1-3  John 3:34  John 20:21-22  Luke 4:18 

17 Thus says Yahweh, your redeemer, the Holy One of Israel: I am Yahweh your God and teach you for your own good, I lead you in the way you ought to go.
Ps 32:8  Deut 8:17-18  Ps 25:12  Job 22:21-22  Isa 30:20  Job 36:22  Ps 73:24 

18 If only you had listened to my commandments! Your prosperity would have been like a river and your saving justice like the waves of the sea.
Deut 32:29  Isa 66:12  Deut 5:29  Ps 119:165  Amos 5:24  Isa 32:15-18  Isa 45:8 

19 Your descendants would have been numbered like the sand, your offspring as many as its grains. Their name would never be cancelled or blotted out from my presence.
Isa 10:22  Gen 22:17  Hos 1:10  Jer 33:22  1Kgs 9:7  Gen 13:16  Isa 9:14 

20 Come out from Babylon! Flee from the Chaldaeans! Declare this with cries of joy, proclaim it, carry it to the remotest parts of earth, say, 'Yahweh has redeemed his servant Jacob.'
Isa 52:9  Jer 50:8  Jer 51:6  Jer 51:45  Zech 2:6-7  Isa 49:13  Rev 18:4 

21 Those he led through the arid country never went thirsty; he made water flow for them from the rock, he split the rock and out streamed the water.
Exod 17:6  Isa 30:25  Isa 35:6-7  Isa 41:17-18  Isa 43:19-20  Num 20:11  Ps 105:41 

22 There is no peace, says Yahweh, for the wicked.
Isa 57:21  Job 15:20-24  Luke 19:42  Rom 3:17