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1 The upright person perishes and no one cares. The faithful is taken off and no one takes it to heart. Yes, because of the evil times the upright is taken off;
2Kgs 22:20  Ps 12:1  2Chr 34:28  Isa 42:25  Mic 7:2  2Chr 32:33  Isa 47:7 

2 he will enter peace, and those who follow the right way will find rest on their beds.
Rev 14:13  2Chr 16:14  2Cor 5:1  Ezek 32:25  Luke 2:29  Luke 16:22  Phil 1:23 

3 But you, you children of a witch, come here, adulterous race prostituting yourselves!
Matt 16:4  1John 3:10  Gen 3:15  Hos 1:2  Isa 1:21  Isa 45:20  Jas 4:4 

4 At whom are you jeering, at whom are you making faces and sticking out your tongue? Are you not the spawn of rebellion, a lying race?
Isa 1:4  Ps 35:21  2Pet 2:13  Acts 9:4  Col 3:6  Eph 2:2-3  Eph 5:6 

5 Lusting among the terebinths, and under every spreading tree, sacrificing children in the ravines, below the clefts in the rocks.
2Kgs 16:3-4  Ezek 16:20  Isa 1:29  2Kgs 23:10  Jer 2:20  Jer 3:13  Jer 7:31 

6 The smooth stones of the ravines will be your portion, yes, these will be your lot. To these you have poured libations, have brought your cereal offering. Can all this appease me?
Jer 3:9  Jer 7:18  Hab 2:19  Deut 32:37-38  Ezek 20:39  Isa 65:11  Isa 66:3 

7 On a mountain high and lofty you have put your bed. Thither, too, you have climbed to offer sacrifice.
Ezek 16:16  Ezek 23:41  Ezek 16:25  Ezek 20:28-29  Ezek 23:17  Jer 2:20  Jer 3:2 

8 Behind door and doorpost you have set your reminder. Yes, far from me, you exposed yourself, climbed on to your bed, and made the most of it. You struck a profitable bargain with those whose bed you love, whoring with them often, with your eyes on the sacred symbol.
Ezek 8:8-12  Ezek 16:25-28  Ezek 16:32  Ezek 23:2-20  Ezek 23:41 

9 You went to Molech with oil, you were prodigal with your perfumes; you sent your envoys far afield, down to Sheol itself.
Ezek 23:16  2Kgs 16:7-11  Col 2:18  Ezek 16:33  Ezek 23:40  Hos 7:11  Hos 12:1 

10 Though tired by so much travelling, you never said, 'It is no use.' Finding your strength revive, you never gave up.
Jer 2:25  Jer 18:12  2Chr 28:22-23  Ezek 24:12  Hab 2:13  Isa 47:13  Jer 2:36 

11 Who was it you dreaded, and feared, that you should betray me, no longer remember me and not spare a thought for me? Was I not silent for a long time? So you cannot have been afraid of me.
Ps 50:21  Prov 29:25  Isa 51:12-13  Jer 2:32  Jer 3:21  1Tim 4:2  2Thess 2:9 

12 Now I shall expose this uprightness of yours, and little good it did you.
Isa 1:11-15  Mic 3:2-4  Isa 29:15  Isa 58:2-6  Isa 59:6-8  Isa 64:5  Jer 7:4-11 

13 When you cry for help, let those thronging round you save you! The wind will carry them all away, one puff will take them off. But whoever trusts in me will inherit the country, he will own my holy mountain.
Ps 37:9  Isa 11:9  Isa 56:7  Isa 65:25  Ps 37:3  Ezek 20:40  Isa 65:9 

14 Then it will be said: Level up, level up, clear the way, remove the obstacle from my people's way,
Isa 62:10  1Cor 8:13  Isa 35:8  Isa 40:3  Luke 3:5-6  Rom 14:13  Jer 18:15 

15 for thus says the High and Exalted One who lives eternally and whose name is holy, 'I live in the holy heights but I am with the contrite and humble, to revive the spirit of the humble, to revive the heart of the contrite.
Ps 34:18  Exod 15:11  Ps 138:6  Dan 4:34  Isa 66:1-2  Isa 40:28  Isa 61:1-3 

16 'For I do not want to be forever accusing nor always to be angry, or the spirit would fail under my onslaught, the souls that I myself have made.
Mic 7:18  Ps 85:5  Heb 12:9  Isa 42:5  Jer 10:24  Ps 78:38-39  Ps 103:9-16 

17 'Angered by his wicked cupidity, I hid and struck him in anger, but he rebelliously went the way of his choice.
Isa 56:11  Jer 6:13  Eph 5:3-5  1Tim 6:9  2Pet 2:3  2Pet 2:14  Col 3:5 

18 'I saw how he behaved, but I shall heal him, I shall lead him, fill him with consolation, him and those who mourn for him,
Hos 14:4-8  Jer 33:6  Jer 3:22  Jer 13:17  Jer 31:3  Rev 7:17  Eccl 9:4 

19 bringing praise to their lips. Peace, peace to far and near, Yahweh says, and I shall heal him.'
Heb 13:15  Acts 2:39  2Cor 5:20-21  Acts 10:36  Col 4:3-4  Eph 2:14-17  Eph 6:19 

20 The wicked, however, are like the restless sea that cannot be still, whose waters throw up mud and dirt.
Job 18:5-14  Isa 3:11  Job 15:20-24  Job 20:11-29  Ps 73:18-20  Prov 4:16-17  Jude 1:12 

21 'No peace', says Yahweh, 'for the wicked.'
Isa 48:22  2Kgs 9:22  Isa 3:11  Isa 59:8  Rom 3:16-17