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1 I have let myself be approached by those who did not consult me, I have let myself be found by those who did not seek me. I said, 'Here I am, here I am!' to a nation that did not invoke my name.
Rom 10:20  Eph 2:12-13  Hos 1:10  Rom 9:24-26  Isa 2:2-3  Isa 43:1  Isa 63:19 

2 Each day I stretched out my hands to a rebellious people who follow a way which is not good, as the fancy takes them;
Rom 10:21  Isa 1:2  Prov 1:24  Deut 31:27  Jer 4:14  Jer 7:24  Ps 81:11-12 

3 a people constantly provoking me to my face by sacrificing in gardens, burning incense on bricks,
Isa 1:29  Isa 66:17  Job 1:11  Isa 3:8  Job 2:5  2Kgs 17:14-17  2Kgs 22:17 

4 living in tombs, spending the night in dark corners, eating the meat of pigs, putting unclean foods on their plates.
Isa 66:17  Lev 11:7  Isa 66:3  Deut 14:3  Deut 14:8  Deut 14:21  Deut 18:11 

5 'Keep your distance,' they say, 'do not touch me, lest my sanctity come near you!' Such words are like stifling smoke to me, an ever-burning fire.
Luke 7:39  Luke 18:9-12  Luke 5:30  Luke 15:2  Luke 15:28-30  Matt 9:11  Rom 2:17-29 

6 Look, it is inscribed before me: I shall not be silent until I have repaid them, repaid them in full,
Jer 16:18  Ps 50:3  Ps 79:12  Isa 42:14  Isa 64:12  Ps 50:21  Deut 32:34 

7 punished your guilt and your ancestors' guilt together, Yahweh declares. For having burnt incense on the mountains and insulted me on the hills, I shall pay them back in full for what they have done.
Exod 20:5  Ezek 20:27-28  Isa 57:7  Jer 5:29  Jer 13:25  1Kgs 22:43  1Thess 2:16 

8 Yahweh says this: As when a bunch of grapes is found still to have juice in it, people say, 'Do not destroy it, for it contains a blessing,' so I shall act for my servants' sake, I shall not destroy them all.
Amos 9:8-9  Isa 6:13  Jer 30:11  Mark 13:20  Matt 24:22  Rom 9:27-29  Rom 11:5-6 

9 I shall produce descendants from Jacob and heirs to my mountains from Judah, my chosen ones will own them and my servants will live there.
Amos 9:11-15  Isa 27:6  Ezek 36:8-15  Ezek 36:24  Ezek 37:21-28  Ezek 39:25-29  Isa 10:20-22 

10 Sharon will be a pasture for flocks, the Valley of Achor a feeding ground for cattle, for those of my people who have sought me.
Isa 35:2  Hos 2:15  Isa 33:9  Isa 51:1  Ezek 34:13-14  Josh 7:24-26 

11 But as for those of you who abandon Yahweh, who forget my holy mountain, who lay the table for Gad, who fill cups of mixed wine for Meni,
Isa 1:28  Isa 2:2  Isa 65:25  1Chr 28:9  1Cor 10:20-21  Deut 29:24-25  Deut 32:17 

12 you I shall destine to the sword and all of you will stoop to be slaughtered, because I called and you would not answer, I spoke and you would not listen; you have done what I consider evil, you chose to do what displeases me.
Jer 7:13  2Chr 36:15-16  Isa 50:2  Matt 21:34-43  Zech 7:11-13  Deut 32:25  Ezek 14:17-21 

13 Therefore Lord Yahweh says this: You will see my servants eating while you go hungry; you will see my servants drinking while you go thirsty; you will see my servants rejoicing while you are put to shame;
Mal 3:18  Isa 61:7  Isa 66:5  Isa 66:14  Luke 16:24-25  Isa 44:9  Luke 14:23-24 

14 you will hear my servants shouting for joy of heart, while you shriek for sorrow of heart and howl with a broken spirit.
Matt 8:12  Jas 5:13  Luke 13:28  Ps 66:4  Isa 24:14  Isa 52:8-9  Jas 5:1 

15 And you will leave your name behind as a curse for my chosen ones, 'May Lord Yahweh strike you dead!' But to his servants he will give another name.
Zech 8:13  Isa 62:2  Acts 11:26  Isa 65:9  Jer 29:22  Rom 9:26  1Pet 2:9-10 

16 Whoever blesses himself on earth will bless himself by the God of truth, and whoever swears an oath on earth will swear by the God of truth, for past troubles will be forgotten and hidden from my eyes.
Isa 19:18  Ps 31:5  Deut 32:4  Jer 4:2  Zeph 3:14-20  Dan 12:1  Dan 12:11 

17 For look, I am going to create new heavens and a new earth, and the past will not be remembered and will come no more to mind.
2Pet 3:13  Isa 66:22  Isa 43:18  Jer 3:16  Rev 21:1-5  Isa 51:16 

18 Rather be joyful, be glad for ever at what I am creating, for look, I am creating Jerusalem to be 'Joy' and my people to be 'Gladness'.
Ps 98:1-9  Isa 66:10-14  Rev 11:15-18  Rev 19:1-6  1Thess 5:16  Isa 12:4-6  Isa 25:9 

19 I shall be joyful in Jerusalem and I shall rejoice in my people. No more will the sound of weeping be heard there, nor the sound of a shriek;
Isa 35:10  Isa 25:8  Rev 7:17  Rev 21:4  Isa 51:11  Isa 62:4-5  Jer 32:41 

20 never again will there be an infant there who lives only a few days, nor an old man who does not run his full course; for the youngest will die at a hundred, and at a hundred the sinner will be accursed.
Job 5:26  Deut 4:40  Ps 34:12  Isa 3:11  Eccl 8:12-13  Rom 2:5-9 

21 They will build houses and live in them, they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit.
Amos 9:14  Isa 32:18  Isa 62:8-9  Jer 31:4-5  Lev 26:16  Deut 28:30-33  Isa 37:30 

22 They will not build for others to live in, or plant for others to eat; for the days of my people will be like the days of a tree, and my chosen ones will themselves use what they have made.
Ps 92:12-14  Ps 91:16  Isa 65:9  Isa 65:15  Ps 21:4  Gen 5:5  Gen 5:27 

23 They will not toil in vain, nor bear children destined to disaster, for they are the race of Yahweh's blessed ones and so are their offspring.
Isa 61:9  Acts 2:39  Isa 49:4  Jer 32:38-39  Deut 28:3-12  Lev 26:3-10  Ps 115:14-15 

24 Thus, before they call I shall answer, before they stop speaking I shall have heard.
Dan 10:12  Mark 11:24  1John 5:14-15  Isa 58:9  Ps 91:15  Acts 4:31  Dan 9:20-23 

25 The wolf and the young lamb will feed together, the lion will eat hay like the ox, and dust be the serpent's food. No hurt, no harm will be done on all my holy mountain, Yahweh says.
Isa 11:6-9  Isa 65:11  Mic 4:3  Mic 7:17  1Cor 6:9-11  Acts 9:1  Acts 9:19-21