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1 Thus says Yahweh: With heaven my throne and earth my footstool, what house could you build me, what place for me to rest,
Matt 5:34-35  1Kgs 8:27  Acts 7:48-50  Acts 17:24  John 4:20-21  2Sam 7:5-7  2Chr 6:18 

2 when all these things were made by me and all belong to me? - declares Yahweh. But my eyes are drawn to the person of humbled and contrite spirit, who trembles at my word.
Isa 57:15  Ps 34:18  Ezra 9:4  Matt 5:3-4  Ps 51:17  Ps 119:120  2Chr 34:27-28 

3 Some slaughter a bull, some kill a human being, some sacrifice a lamb, some strangle a dog, some present an offering of pig's blood, some burn memorial incense, a revolting blessing; all these people have chosen their own ways and take delight in their disgusting practices.
Isa 1:11-15  Amos 5:21-22  Isa 65:12  Lev 2:2  Prov 15:8  Isa 66:17  Deut 14:8 

4 I too take delight in making fools of them, I shall bring what they most fear down on them because I have called and no one would answer, I spoke and no one listened. They have done what I regard as evil, have chosen what displeases me.
Isa 65:12  2Kgs 21:2  2Kgs 21:6  Jer 7:13  Prov 1:24  Prov 10:24  Prov 1:31-32 

5 Listen to the word of Yahweh, you who tremble at his word. Your brothers, who hate and reject you because of my name, have said, 'Let Yahweh show his glory, let us witness your joy!' But they will be put to shame.
Ps 38:20  Isa 5:19  Isa 66:2  John 9:34  John 15:18-20  Matt 5:10-12  Matt 10:22 

6 Listen! An uproar from the city! A voice from the Temple! The voice of Yahweh bringing retribution on his enemies.
Amos 1:2  Isa 34:8  Joel 3:7-16  Isa 59:18  Isa 65:5-7 

7 Before being in labour she has given birth. Before the birth pangs came, she has been delivered of a child.
Isa 54:1  Rev 12:1-5  Gal 4:26 

8 Who ever heard of such a thing, who ever saw anything like this? Can a country be born in one day? Can a nation be brought forth all at once? For Zion, scarcely in labour, has brought forth her children!
Isa 64:4  Isa 49:20-22  1Cor 2:9  Acts 2:41  Acts 21:20  Rom 15:18-21  Acts 4:4 

9 Shall I open the womb and not bring to birth? says Yahweh. Shall I, who bring to birth, close the womb? says your God.
Isa 37:3  Gen 18:14 

10 Rejoice with Jerusalem, be glad for her, all you who love her! Rejoice, rejoice with her, all you who mourned her!
Deut 32:43  Ps 26:8  Isa 65:18  Ps 122:6  Ps 137:6  Ezek 9:4  Isa 44:23 

11 So that you may be suckled and satisfied from her consoling breast, so that you may drink deep with delight from her generous nipple.
Isa 60:16  Joel 3:18  1Pet 2:2  Isa 60:5  Ps 36:8 

12 For Yahweh says this: Look, I am going to send peace flowing over her like a river, and like a stream in spate the glory of the nations. You will be suckled, carried on her hip and fondled in her lap.
Isa 48:18  Isa 60:16  Isa 9:7  Isa 45:14  Isa 49:19-23  Isa 54:3  Isa 60:4-14 

13 As a mother comforts a child, so I shall comfort you; you will be comforted in Jerusalem.
1Thess 2:7  2Cor 1:4  Isa 40:1  Isa 51:3  Isa 65:18-19  Isa 66:10  Ps 137:6 

14 At the sight your heart will rejoice, and your limbs regain vigour like the grass. To his servants Yahweh will reveal his hand, but to his enemies his fury.
Ezra 8:31  Zech 10:7  Ezra 7:9  Ezra 8:22  Isa 65:12-16  Prov 3:8  Prov 17:22 

15 For see how Yahweh comes in fire, his chariots like the whirlwind, to assuage his anger with burning, his rebukes with flaming fire.
2Thess 1:6-9  Isa 30:33  Ps 68:17  2Pet 3:10-12  Isa 30:27-28  Matt 22:7  Ps 11:6 

16 For by fire will Yahweh execute fair judgement, and by his sword, on all people; and Yahweh's victims will be many.
Ezek 38:21-22  Ezek 39:2-10  Isa 30:30  Isa 27:1  Isa 34:5-10  Rev 19:11-21 

17 As for those who sanctify themselves and purify themselves to enter the gardens, following the one in the centre, who eat the flesh of pigs, revolting things and rats: their deeds and their thoughts will perish together, declares Yahweh.
Isa 65:3-4  Deut 14:3-8  Isa 1:28-29  Lev 11:2-8 

18 I am coming to gather every nation and every language. They will come to witness my glory.
Deut 31:21  Isa 2:2  1Cor 3:20  2Cor 4:4-6  Amos 5:12  Ezek 38:10  Ezek 39:21 

19 I shall give them a sign and send some of their survivors to the nations: to Tarshish, Put, Lud, Meshech, Tubal and Javan, to the distant coasts and islands that have never heard of me or seen my glory. They will proclaim my glory to the nations,
Isa 52:15  Rom 15:21  Ezek 27:10  Isa 55:5  Isa 62:10  Isa 42:4  Gen 10:2 

20 and from all the nations they will bring all your brothers as an offering to Yahweh, on horses, in chariots, in litters, on mules and on camels, to my holy mountain, Jerusalem, Yahweh says, like Israelites bringing offerings in clean vessels to Yahweh's house.
Isa 11:9  Isa 43:6  Isa 56:7  Isa 60:3-14  Isa 65:11  Isa 65:25  Rom 15:16 

21 And some of them I shall make into priests and Levites, Yahweh says.
1Pet 2:9  Exod 19:6  Isa 61:6  1Pet 2:5  Rev 1:6  Jer 13:18-22  Rev 5:10 

22 For as the new heavens and the new earth I am making will endure before me, declares Yahweh, so will your race and your name endure.
Isa 65:17  Rev 21:1  1Pet 1:4-5  2Pet 3:13  John 10:27-29  Heb 12:26-28  Matt 28:20 

23 From New Moon to New Moon, from Sabbath to Sabbath, all humanity will come and bow in my presence, Yahweh says.
Ezek 46:1  Ps 86:9  2Kgs 4:23  Ezek 46:6  Isa 1:13-14  Zech 14:16  Col 2:16-17 

24 And on their way out they will see the corpses of those who rebelled against me; for their worm will never die nor their fire be put out, and they will be held in horror by all humanity.
Isa 14:11  Dan 12:2  Mark 9:43-49  Matt 3:12  Rev 14:10-11  1Thess 2:15-16  Ezek 39:9-16