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1 'If you come back, Israel, Yahweh declares, if you come back to me, if you take your Horrors out of my sight, if you go roving no more,
Joel 2:12  Jer 3:22  Jer 3:1  Eph 4:22-31  Gen 35:2  1Sam 7:3  2Chr 15:8 

2 if you swear, "As Yahweh lives!" truthfully, justly, uprightly, then the nations will bless themselves by him and glory in him.
Isa 65:16  Jer 9:24  1Cor 1:31  Deut 10:20  Gal 3:8  Gen 22:18  2Cor 10:17 

3 'For Yahweh says this to the men of Judah and Jerusalem, "Clear the ground that lies neglected, do not sow among thorns.
Hos 10:12  Luke 8:14  Luke 8:7  Gal 6:7-8  Mark 4:7  Mark 4:18-19  Matt 13:7 

4 Circumcise yourselves for Yahweh, apply circumcision to your hearts, men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem, or my wrath will leap out like a fire and burn with no one to quench it, in return for the wickedness of your deeds." '
Deut 10:16  Deut 30:6  Jer 9:26  Rom 2:28-29  Col 2:11  Amos 5:6  Jer 21:12 

5 Announce it in Judah, proclaim it in Jerusalem, say, 'Sound the trumpet in the countryside, shout the message aloud: Mobilise! Take to the fortified towns!
Jer 8:14  Jer 6:1  Josh 10:20  Hos 8:1  Amos 3:6  Amos 3:8  Ezek 33:2-6 

6 Signpost the way to Zion! Run! Do not delay! For I am bringing disaster from the north, an immense calamity.
Jer 1:13-15  Jer 50:2  Isa 62:10  Jer 4:21  Jer 6:1  Jer 6:22  Jer 51:12 

7 The lion is up from his thicket, the destroyer of nations is on his way, he has come from his home to reduce your land to a desert; your towns will be in ruins, uninhabited.
Jer 2:15  Jer 5:6  Ezek 26:7-10  Isa 1:7  Isa 6:11  Jer 25:9  2Kgs 24:1 

8 So wrap yourselves in sackcloth, lament and wail, since Yahweh's burning anger has not turned away from us.
Isa 22:12  Jer 6:26  Isa 5:25  Isa 10:4  Isa 32:11  Amos 8:10  Ezek 21:12 

9 'That day,' Yahweh declares, 'the king's heart will fail him, the princes' hearts will fail them too, the priests will stand aghast, the prophets stupefied.'
Ezek 13:9-16  Isa 22:3-5  Isa 29:9-10  1Sam 25:37-38  2Kgs 25:4  Acts 13:41  Isa 19:3 

10 Then I said, 'Ah, Lord Yahweh, how sadly you deceived this people and Jerusalem when you used to say, "You will have peace," whereas the sword is now at our throats!
Jer 5:12  1Kgs 22:20-23  2Thess 2:9-12  Exod 9:14  Ezek 11:13  Ezek 14:9-10  Isa 30:10 

11 When that time comes, this will be said to this people and to Jerusalem: The scorching wind from the desert heights comes towards the daughter of my people -and not to winnow or to cleanse!
Ezek 17:10  Hos 13:15  Ezek 19:12  Hos 13:3  Isa 22:4  Isa 27:8  Isa 41:16 

12 A gale of wind comes to me from over there. Now I myself shall pass sentence on them!'
Jer 1:16  Ezek 5:8  Ezek 6:11-13  Ezek 7:8-9 

13 Look, he is advancing like the clouds, his chariots like a hurricane, his horses swifter than eagles. Disaster for us! We are lost!
Isa 5:28  Hab 1:8  Isa 19:1  Isa 66:15  Lam 4:19  Deut 28:49  Nah 1:3 

14 Wash your heart clean of wickedness, Jerusalem, and so be saved. How long will you go on harbouring your pernicious thoughts?
Jas 4:8  Isa 55:7  Acts 8:22  Jer 13:27  Matt 15:19-20  Prov 1:22  1Cor 3:20 

15 For a voice from Dan shouts the news, proclaims disaster from the highlands of Ephraim.
Jer 8:16  Jer 6:1  Josh 17:15  Josh 20:7  Judg 18:29  Judg 20:1 

16 Report it to the nations, proclaim it to Jerusalem, 'Enemies are coming from a distant country, shouting their war cry against the towns of Judah;
Ezek 21:22  Jer 5:15  Isa 39:3  Deut 28:49-52  Isa 34:1  Jer 2:15  Jer 4:17 

17 they surround her like watchmen round a field because she has rebelled against me', Yahweh declares.
Jer 5:23  2Kgs 25:1-4  Dan 9:7-19  Ezek 2:3-7  Isa 1:8  Isa 1:20-23  Isa 30:9 

18 'Your own behaviour and actions have brought this on yourself. Your wickedness, how bitter, has stabbed you to the heart!'
Jer 2:19  Isa 50:1  Jer 2:17  Ps 107:17  Jer 5:19  Jer 6:19  Jer 26:19 

19 In the pit of my stomach how great my agony! Walls of my heart! My heart is throbbing! I cannot keep quiet, for I have heard the trumpet call, the battle cry.
Isa 16:11  Isa 22:4  Jer 9:1  Jer 9:10  Hab 3:16  Isa 15:5  Isa 21:3 

20 Ruin on ruin is the news: the whole land is laid waste, my tents are suddenly destroyed, in one moment all that sheltered me.
Ps 42:7  2Thess 1:9  Exod 33:5  Ezek 7:25-26  Ezek 14:21  Hab 3:7  Isa 13:6 

21 How long must I see the standard and hear the trumpet call?
2Chr 35:25  2Chr 36:3  2Chr 36:6-7  2Chr 36:10  2Chr 36:17  Jer 4:5-6  Jer 4:19 

22 'This is because my people are stupid, they do not know me, they are slow-witted children, they have no understanding, they are clever enough at doing wrong, but do not know how to do right.'
1Cor 14:20  Rom 16:19  Jer 5:21  Rom 3:11  Deut 32:28  Hos 4:6  Hos 5:4 

23 I looked to the earth -- it was a formless waste; to the heavens, and their light had gone.
Matt 24:29  Mark 13:24-25  Luke 21:25-26  Isa 13:10  Joel 3:15-16  Acts 2:19-20  Gen 1:2 

24 I looked to the mountains -- they were quaking and all the hills rocking to and fro.
Ezek 38:20  Isa 5:25  Jer 10:10  1Kgs 19:11  Judg 5:4-5  Mic 1:4  Nah 1:5-6 

25 I looked -- there was no one at all, the very birds of heaven had all fled.
Hos 4:3  Jer 9:10  Jer 12:4  Zeph 1:2-3 

26 I looked -- the fruitful land was a desert, all its towns in ruins before Yahweh, before his burning anger.
Ps 107:34  Deut 29:23-28  Isa 5:9-10  Isa 7:20-25  Jer 12:4  Jer 14:2-6  Mic 3:12 

27 Yes, Yahweh has said this, 'The whole country will be laid waste, though I shall not annihilate it completely.
Jer 5:10  Jer 5:18  Jer 30:11  Jer 46:28  Ezek 11:13  Lev 26:44  Rom 9:27-29 

28 For this, the earth will go into mourning and the heavens above grow dark. For I have spoken, I have decided, I shall not change my mind or go back on it.'
Hos 4:3  Isa 50:3  Jer 12:4  Num 23:19  Isa 5:30  Joel 2:30-31  1Sam 15:29 

29 At the din of horseman and archer the entire city takes to flight: some plunge into the thickets, others scale the rocks; every town is abandoned, not a single person is left there.
Isa 2:19-21  Jer 4:7  1Sam 13:6  2Chr 33:11  2Kgs 25:4-7  Amos 9:1  Isa 30:17 

30 And, once despoiled, what are you going to do? You may dress yourself in scarlet, put on ornaments of gold, enlarge your eyes with paint but you make yourself pretty in vain. Your former lovers disdain you, your life is what they are seeking.
2Kgs 9:30  Lam 1:2  Isa 10:3  Lam 1:19  Ezek 23:9-10  Isa 20:6  Jer 13:21 

31 Yes, I hear screams like those of a woman in labour, anguish like that of a woman giving birth to her first child; they are the screams of the daughter of Zion, gasping, hands outstretched, 'Unhappy me! I am dying, the murderers have killed me!'
Isa 1:15  Lam 1:17  Isa 13:8  Jer 13:21  1Cor 9:16  1Thess 5:3  Ezek 9:5-6