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1 Flee in a body, Benjaminites, right away from Jerusalem! Sound the trumpet in Tekoa! Light the beacon on Beth-ha-Cherem! For disaster lowers from the north, an immense calamity.
Neh 3:14  2Chr 11:6  2Sam 14:2  Jer 6:22  Judg 1:21  Amos 1:1  Ezek 26:7-21 

2 Beautiful, delicate as she is, I shall destroy the daughter of Zion!
Isa 1:8  Jer 4:31  Isa 3:16-17  Lam 2:1  Lam 2:13 

3 Shepherds are advancing on her with their flocks. They have pitched their tents all round her, each grazes his part.
Luke 19:43  2Kgs 24:2  2Kgs 24:10-12  2Kgs 25:1-4  Jer 4:16-17  Jer 12:10  Jer 39:1-3 

4 Prepare for holy war against her! To arms! We shall attack at noon! Disaster for us! The light is fading, the evening shadows lengthen.
Jer 15:8  Joel 3:9  Zeph 2:4  Jer 8:20  Isa 5:26-30  Isa 13:2-5  Jer 5:10 

5 To arms! We shall attack at night and destroy her palaces.
Isa 32:14  Jer 52:13  2Chr 36:19  Amos 2:5  Amos 3:10-11  Hos 8:14  Jer 9:21 

6 For Yahweh Sabaoth says this, 'Cut down trees, throw up an earthwork outside Jerusalem: this is the city to be punished, with nothing but oppression in her.
Deut 20:19-20  Jer 32:24 

7 As a well keeps its water fresh so she keeps her wickedness fresh. Violence and ruin are what you hear in her, wounds and blows always forced on my attention.
Ezek 7:11  Ezek 7:23  Jer 20:8  Isa 57:20  Ezek 22:3-12  Ezek 24:7  Jas 3:10-12 

8 Reform, Jerusalem, or I shall turn my attention away from you and reduce you to a desert, a land without people.'
Ezek 23:18  Hos 9:12  Jer 17:23  Jer 32:33  Jer 35:13-15  Ps 50:17  Zeph 3:7 

9 Yahweh Sabaoth says this, 'They will glean, glean what is left of Israel like a vine. Like a grape-picker, pass your hand again over the branches!'
Jer 16:16  Jer 49:9  Obad 1:5-6  Jer 52:28-30  Rev 14:18 

10 To whom should I speak, whom warn, for them to hear? Look, their ears are uncircumcised, they cannot listen. Look, for them Yahweh's word is something to sneer at, they have no taste for it.
Acts 7:51  Jer 7:26  Exod 6:12  Isa 53:1  2Tim 4:3  Acts 7:60  Amos 7:10 

11 So I am full of Yahweh's wrath, I am weary of holding it in. Then pour it on the children in the streets, and on the bands of youths as well, for husband and wife will both be taken, the greybeard and the man weighed down with years.
Jer 9:21  Jer 20:9  Job 32:18-19  Mic 3:8  Acts 4:20  Acts 17:16  Acts 18:5 

12 Their houses will pass to other men, so will their fields and wives. Yes, I shall stretch my hand over those living in this country, Yahweh declares.
Jer 8:10  Isa 5:25  1Chr 21:16  Deut 28:30-33  Deut 28:39-43  Isa 9:12  Isa 9:17 

13 For, from the least to greatest, they are all greedy for gain; prophet no less than priest, all of them practise fraud.
Jer 23:11  Jer 8:10  Mic 3:11  Ezek 22:25-28  Isa 57:17  Jer 5:31  Jer 14:18 

14 Without concern they dress my people's wound, saying, 'Peace! Peace!' whereas there is no peace.
Ezek 13:10  Jer 23:17  Jer 4:10  Jer 14:13  Lam 2:14  2Pet 2:1  2Pet 2:18-19 

15 They should be ashamed of their loathsome deeds. Not they! They feel no shame, they do not even know how to blush. And so as others fall, they too will fall, will be thrown down when I come and punish them, Yahweh says.
Jer 3:3  Jer 8:12  Exod 32:34  Ezek 2:4  Ezek 7:6-9  Ezek 14:9-10  Ezek 16:24-25 

16 Yahweh says this, 'Stand at the crossroads and look, ask for the ancient paths: which was the good way? Take it and you will find rest for yourselves. But they have said, "We will not take it."
Jer 18:15  Deut 32:7  Isa 30:21  Matt 11:28-29  Mal 4:4  Jer 7:23  Jer 44:16 

17 I posted look-outs on your behalf: Listen to the sound of the trumpet! But they said, "We will not listen."
Isa 58:1  Jer 25:4  Isa 21:11  Zech 7:11  Hab 2:1  Isa 56:10  Acts 20:27-31 

18 Then hear, you nations, and know, assembly, what is going to happen to them!
Deut 29:24-28  Isa 5:3  Jer 4:10  Jer 31:10  Mic 6:5  Ps 50:4-6 

19 Listen, earth! Watch, I shall bring disaster on this people: it is the fruit of the way they think, since they have not listened to my words nor to my law, but have rejected it.
Jer 8:9  Isa 1:2  Jer 22:29  Acts 8:22  John 3:19-21  1Sam 15:23  1Sam 15:26 

20 What do I care about incense imported from Sheba, or fragrant cane from a distant country? Your burnt offerings are not acceptable, your sacrifices do not please me.'
Isa 1:11  Amos 5:21-22  Isa 60:6  Mic 6:6-8  Ps 40:6  Exod 30:23  Isa 43:23-24 

21 And so, Yahweh says this, 'In front of this people I shall now lay obstacles for them to stumble over; father and son alike, neighbour and friend will perish.'
Isa 8:14  Ezek 3:20  Jer 13:16  Isa 9:14-17  1Pet 2:8  2Chr 36:17  Ezek 5:10 

22 Yahweh says this, 'Look, a people is coming from the land of the north, from the far ends of the earth a great nation is rising;
Jer 10:22  Jer 50:41-43  Jer 1:14-15  Jer 5:15  Jer 6:1  Jer 25:9 

23 they are armed with bow and spear, they are cruel and pitiless; their noise is like the roaring of the sea; they are riding horses, they are ready to fight against you as one man, against you, daughter of Zion.
Isa 13:18  Jer 50:42  Ezek 23:22-25  Hab 1:6-10  Isa 5:26-30  Isa 19:4  Jer 4:13 

24 We have heard the news, our hands fall limp, anguish has gripped us, pain like that of a woman in labour.
Jer 4:31  Jer 49:24  Jer 50:43  Isa 21:3  Isa 28:19  Jer 4:19-21  Jer 13:21 

25 Do not go out into the countryside, do not venture onto the roads, for the enemy's sword is there, terror on every side.
Jer 49:29  Jer 14:18  Jer 20:10  Job 18:11  Ps 31:13  2Chr 15:5  Isa 1:20 

26 Put on sackcloth, daughter of my people, roll in ashes; mourn as for an only son, a very bitter dirge. For on us suddenly the destroyer is coming.
Jer 4:8  Zech 12:10  Amos 8:10  Ezek 7:16-18  Ezek 27:30-31  Isa 22:4  Isa 22:12 

27 'I have appointed you as tester of my people, to learn and to test how they behave.
Jer 1:18  Jer 15:20  Ezek 3:8-10  Ezek 20:4  Ezek 22:2  Jer 9:7 

28 All of them are total rebels peddlers of slander, hard as bronze and iron, all agents of corruption.
Jer 9:4  Jer 5:23  Jer 18:18  Ezek 22:18-22  Isa 1:4-5  Isa 31:6  Jer 6:30 

29 The bellows blast away to make the fire burn away the lead. In vain the smelter does his work, for the dross is not purged out.
1Pet 4:12  Ezek 24:13  Hos 11:7  Isa 49:4  Jer 9:7  Mal 3:2-3  Prov 17:3 

30 "Silver-reject", men call them, and indeed Yahweh has rejected them!'
Hos 9:17  Isa 1:22  Ps 119:119  Ezek 22:18-19  Isa 1:25  Jer 7:29  Jer 14:19