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1 'When that time comes, Yahweh declares, the bones of the kings of Judah, the bones of its chief men, the bones of the priests, the bones of the prophets and the bones of the inhabitants of Jerusalem, will be taken from their tombs.
Ezek 6:5  1Kgs 13:2  2Chr 34:4-5  2Kgs 23:16  2Kgs 23:20  Amos 2:1  Ezek 37:1 

2 They will be spread out before the sun, the moon, the whole array of heaven, whom they have loved and served, followed, consulted and worshipped. They will not be gathered or reburied but will be left lying on the surface like dung.
2Kgs 23:5  Acts 7:42  Jer 9:22  Jer 19:13  Jer 22:19  Jer 36:30  Deut 4:19 

3 And death will seem preferable to life to all the survivors of this wicked race, wherever I have driven them, Yahweh Sabaoth declares.
Rev 9:6  Jer 29:14  Jer 23:8  Job 7:15-16  Jer 23:3  Deut 30:4  Deut 30:1 

4 'You are to tell them, "Yahweh says this: If someone falls, can he not stand up again? If people stray, can they not turn back?
Prov 24:16  Mic 7:8  Hos 6:1  Amos 5:2  Hos 7:10  Hos 14:1  Jer 36:3 

5 Why does this people persist in acts of infidelity, why does Jerusalem persist in continuous infidelity? They cling to illusion, they refuse to turn back.
Jer 9:6  Zech 7:11  Jer 5:3  Heb 12:25  Jer 5:27  John 5:40  Isa 44:20 

6 I have listened attentively: they have never said anything like that. Not one repents of wickedness saying: What have I done? Each one keeps returning to the course like a horse charging into battle.
Ps 14:2  2Pet 3:9  Ezek 22:30  Mic 7:2  Mal 3:16  Job 39:19-25  Luke 15:17-19 

7 Even the stork in the sky knows the appropriate season; turtledove, swallow and crane observe their time of migration. But my people do not know Yahweh's laws!" '
Isa 1:3  Jer 5:4-5  Song 2:12  Prov 6:6-8  Isa 5:12 

8 How can you say, 'We are wise, since we have Yahweh's Law?' Look how it has been falsified by the lying pen of the scribes!
John 9:41  Job 5:12-13  Rom 1:22  Matt 15:6  1Cor 3:18-20  Job 12:20  Isa 10:1-2 

9 The wise are put to shame, alarmed, caught out because they have rejected Yahweh's word. What price their wisdom now?
Jer 6:15  Job 5:12  Jer 6:19  Ps 119:98-100  Isa 19:11  Deut 4:6  Isa 8:20 

10 So I shall give their wives to other men, their fields to new masters, for, from the least to greatest, they are all greedy for gain; prophet no less than priest, all of them practise fraud.
Jer 6:12-13  Ezek 33:31  Zeph 1:13  Titus 1:11  Jer 23:11-17  Isa 56:10-12  Isa 28:7 

11 Without concern they dress the wound of the daughter of my people, saying, 'Peace! Peace!' whereas there is no peace.
Jer 6:14  Lam 2:14  1Kgs 22:6  Jer 28:3-9  Jer 27:9-10  Jer 14:14-15  Ezek 13:22 

12 They should be ashamed of their loathsome deeds. Not they! They feel no shame, they do not even know how to blush. And so as others fall, they too will fall, will be thrown down when the time for punishing them comes, Yahweh says.
Jer 3:3  Ps 52:7  Jer 6:15  Isa 3:9  Deut 32:35  Ps 52:1  Zeph 3:5 

13 I shall put an end to them, Yahweh declares, no more grapes on the vine, no more figs on the fig tree only withered leaves: I have found them people to trample on them!
Matt 21:19  Joel 1:7  Jer 17:8  Ps 1:3-4  Luke 13:6-9  Lev 26:20  Joel 1:10-12 

14 Why are we sitting still? Mobilise! Take to the fortified towns and there fall silent, since Yahweh our God means to silence us by giving us poisoned water to drink because we have sinned against him.
Jer 23:15  Jer 9:15  Jer 35:11  Lam 3:19  Deut 29:18  Ps 69:21  2Sam 20:6 

15 We are hoping for peace -- no good came of it! For the time of healing -- nothing but terror!
Jer 14:19  1Thess 5:3  Jer 4:10  Jer 8:11  Mic 1:12 

16 From Dan you can hear the snorting of his horses; at the neighing of his stallions the whole country quakes; they are coming to devour the country and its contents, the town and those that live in it.
Judg 5:22  Judg 18:29  1Cor 10:26  Nah 3:2  Nah 1:4-5  Judg 20:1  Jer 47:3 

17 Yes, now I am sending you poisonous snakes against which no charm exists; and they will bite you, Yahweh declares.
Deut 32:24  Ps 58:4-5  Eccl 10:11  Num 21:6  Amos 5:19  Amos 9:3  Isa 14:29 

18 Incurable sorrow overtakes me, my heart fails me.
Isa 22:4  Lam 1:16-17  Lam 5:17  Dan 10:16-17  Hab 3:16  Jer 6:24  Jer 10:19-22 

19 Hark, from the daughter of my people the cry for help, ringing far and wide throughout the land! 'Is Yahweh no longer in Zion, her King no longer there?' (Why have they provoked me with their idols, with their futile foreign gods?)
Isa 39:3  Isa 13:5  Jer 31:6  Joel 2:32  Joel 3:21  Obad 1:17  Deut 32:16-21 

20 'Harvest is over, summer at an end, and we have not been saved!'
Luke 13:25  Matt 25:1-12  Prov 10:5  Heb 3:7-15  Luke 19:44 

21 The wound of the daughter of my people wounds me too, all looks dark to me, terror grips me.
Jer 14:17  Joel 2:6  Nah 2:10  Jer 4:19  Jer 9:1  Rom 9:1-3  Ps 137:3-6 

22 Is there no balm in Gilead any more? Is no doctor there? Then why is there no progress in the cure of the daughter of my people?
Gen 37:25  Jer 30:12-17  Jer 46:11  Luke 5:31-32  Jer 51:8  Luke 8:43  Matt 9:11-12 

23 Who will turn my head into a fountain, and my eyes into a spring of tears, that I can weep day and night over the slain of the daughter of my people?