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1 Listen, House of Israel, to the word that Yahweh addresses to you. Yahweh says this:
1Thess 2:13  Amos 7:16  Hos 4:1  Jer 13:15-17  Jer 22:2  Jer 42:15  Rev 2:29 

2 'Do not learn the ways of the nations or take alarm at the heavenly signs, alarmed though the nations may be at them.
Lev 20:23  Lev 18:3  Luke 21:25-28  Deut 12:30-31  Ezek 20:32  Isa 47:12-14 

3 Yes, the customs of the peoples are quite futile: wood, nothing more, cut out of a forest, worked with a blade by a carver's hand,
Isa 44:9-20  Isa 45:20  1Kgs 18:26-28  1Pet 1:18  Hab 2:18-19  Hos 8:4-6  Isa 40:19-31 

4 then embellished with silver and gold, then fastened with hammer and nails to keep it from moving.
Isa 40:19-20  Isa 46:7  Isa 41:6-7  Isa 44:12  Ps 115:4  Ps 135:15 

5 Like scarecrows in a melon patch, they cannot talk, they have to be carried, since they cannot walk. Have no fear of them: they can do no harm -- nor any good either!'
1Cor 12:2  Isa 46:7  Isa 41:23-24  1Cor 8:4  Hab 2:19  Isa 46:1  Ps 115:5-8 

6 Yahweh, there is no one like you, so great you are, so great your mighty name.
Exod 15:11  Ps 48:1  Ps 96:4  Deut 33:26  Isa 12:6  Jer 32:18  Exod 8:10 

7 Who would not revere you, King of nations? Yes, this is your due. Since of all the wise among the nations, and in all their kingdoms, there is not a single one like you.
Rev 15:4  Ps 22:28  1Cor 1:19-20  Jer 5:22  Isa 2:4  Jer 10:6  Job 37:23-24 

8 All of them are brutish and stupid: the Futile Ones' teaching is but wood,
Hab 2:18  Isa 41:29  Jer 10:14  Ps 115:8  Zech 10:2  Hos 4:12  Isa 44:19 

9 silver leaf imported from Tarshish and gold from Ophir, the work of carver or goldsmith; then dressed up in violet and purple, all the work of skilled men.
Ps 115:4  Dan 10:5  1Kgs 10:22  Isa 40:19  Ezek 27:12 

10 But Yahweh is the true God. He is the living God, the everlasting King. The earth quakes when he is wrathful, the nations cannot endure his fury.
Deut 32:4  Isa 57:15  Nah 1:6  Ps 31:5  Ps 42:2  Ps 76:7  Ps 100:5 

11 'Tell them this, "The gods who did not make the heavens and the earth will vanish from the earth and from under these heavens." '
Ps 96:5  Isa 2:18  Jer 10:15  Zech 13:2  Zeph 2:11  Jer 51:18  Lam 3:66 

12 By his power he made the earth, by his wisdom set the world firm, but his discernment spread out the heavens.
Gen 1:1  Job 9:8  Isa 40:22  Isa 45:18  Jer 51:15-19  Job 38:4-7  Ps 78:69 

13 When he thunders there is a roaring of waters in heaven; he raises clouds from the remotest parts of the earth, makes the lightning flash for the downpour, and brings the wind from his storehouse.
Ps 135:7  Job 38:34-35  Job 38:22  1Kgs 18:41  1Kgs 18:45-46  1Sam 12:17-18  Exod 9:23 

14 At this all people stand stupefied, uncomprehending, every goldsmith blushes for his idols; his castings are but delusion, with no breath in them.
Ps 135:16-18  Isa 46:7-8  Hab 2:18-19  Isa 44:18-20  Jer 10:8  Jer 51:17-18  Isa 42:17 

15 They are futile, a laughable production; when the time comes for them to be punished, they will vanish.
Isa 41:24  Jer 14:22  Jer 51:18  Isa 2:18-21  Jer 8:12  Jer 8:19  Jonah 2:8 

16 The Heritage of Jacob is not like these, for he is the maker of everything, and Israel is the tribe that is his heritage. His name is Yahweh Sabaoth.
Deut 32:9  Jer 31:35  Jer 32:18  Ps 74:2  Jer 10:12  Jer 51:19  Ps 119:57 

17 Pick up your pack from the ground, you the besieged!
Ezek 12:3-12  Jer 6:1  Jer 21:13  Matt 24:15  Mic 2:10 

18 For Yahweh says this, 'Now I shall throw out the inhabitants of the country, this time, and bring distress on them, so that they may find me!'
1Sam 25:29  Deut 28:63-64  Ezek 6:10  Jer 15:1-2  Jer 16:13  Jer 23:20  Zech 1:6 

19 Disaster is on me! What a wound! My injury is incurable! And I used to think, 'If this is the worst, I can bear it!'
Mic 7:9  Jer 4:31  Jer 14:17  Lam 3:39-40  Ps 39:9  Isa 8:17  Jer 4:19 

20 But now my tent is destroyed, all my ropes are snapped, my sons have left me and are no more; no one is left to put my tent up again or to hang the side-cloths.
Jer 4:20  Jer 31:15  Isa 54:2  Isa 49:20-22  Isa 51:16  Job 7:8  Lam 1:5 

21 The shepherds are the ones who have been stupid: they have not searched for Yahweh. This is why they have not prospered and why their whole flock has been dispersed.
Ezek 34:2-10  Jer 12:10  Jer 23:1-2  Ezek 22:25-30  Ezek 34:12  Isa 56:10-12  Jer 2:8 

22 Listen! A terrible noise! A mighty uproar from the land of the north to reduce the towns of Judah to desert, to a lair for jackals!
Jer 9:11  Hab 1:6-9  Jer 1:15  Jer 4:6  Jer 5:15  Jer 6:1  Jer 6:22 

23 I know, Yahweh, no one's course is in his control, nor is it in anyone's power, as he goes his way, to guide his own steps.
Prov 20:24  Prov 16:1  Ps 37:23  Ps 119:116-117  Ps 17:5 

24 Correct me, Yahweh, but with moderation, not in your anger, or you will reduce me to nothing.
Ps 6:1  Ps 38:1  Jer 30:11  Hab 3:2  Isa 40:23  Isa 41:11-12  Job 6:18 

25 Pour out your anger on the nations who do not acknowledge you, and on the families that do not call on your name, for they have devoured Jacob, have devoured and made an end of him and reduced his home to desolation.
Ps 79:6-7  Jer 8:16  Job 18:21  Ps 14:4  1Thess 4:5  2Thess 1:8  Ezek 25:6-8