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1 Yahweh said to me, 'Even if Moses and Samuel pleaded before me, I could not sympathise with this people! Drive them out of my sight; away with them!
2Kgs 17:20  1Sam 7:9  Ezek 14:14  Ps 99:6  Jer 7:15-16  Jer 14:11  Jer 18:20 

2 And if they ask you, "Where shall we go?" tell them this, "Yahweh says this: Those for the plague, to the plague; those for the sword, to the sword; those for famine, to famine; those for captivity, to captivity!
Jer 43:11  Zech 11:9  Ezek 5:12  Jer 14:12  Rev 13:10  Ezek 5:2  Amos 5:19 

3 "I shall consign them to four kinds of thing, Yahweh declares: the sword to kill, the dogs to drag away, the birds of heaven and wild animals of earth to devour and to destroy.
Deut 28:26  Lev 26:22  Lev 26:16  Ezek 14:21  Isa 18:6  Lev 26:25  1Kgs 21:23-24 

4 I shall make them an object of horror to all the kingdoms of the earth, because of Manasseh son of Hezekiah, king of Judah, and what he did in Jerusalem." '
Jer 24:9  2Kgs 24:3-4  Jer 29:18  2Kgs 21:11-13  2Kgs 21:16-17  2Kgs 23:26-27  Deut 28:25 

5 Who is there to pity you, Jerusalem, who to grieve for you, who to go out of his way and ask how you are?
Isa 51:19  Nah 3:7  Jer 21:7  Ps 69:20  1Sam 10:4  1Sam 17:22  1Sam 25:5 

6 'You yourself have rejected me, Yahweh declares, you have turned your back on me; so I have stretched my hand over you and destroyed you. Tired of relenting,
Jer 7:24  Zeph 1:4  Isa 1:4  Zech 7:11  Ezek 25:7  Hos 11:7  Hos 13:14 

7 I have winnowed them with a winnow at the country's gates. They have been bereft, I have destroyed my people, but they refuse to leave their ways.
Isa 9:13  Isa 41:16  Jer 51:2  Matt 3:12  Hos 9:12-17  Jer 5:3  Jer 8:4-5 

8 I have made their widows outnumber the sand of the sea. On the mother of young warriors I bring the destroyer in broad daylight. Suddenly I bring anguish and terror down on her.
Isa 3:25-1  Jer 4:16  Jer 5:6  Jer 6:4-5  Luke 21:35 

9 The mother of seven sons grows faint and gasps for breath. It is still day, but already her sun has set, she is dismayed and distracted; and the rest of them I shall consign to the sword, to their enemies, Yahweh declares.'
1Sam 2:5  Isa 47:9  Amos 8:9-10  Lam 1:1  Ezek 5:12  Jer 15:2-3  Jer 21:7 

10 A disaster for me, mother, that you bore me to be a man of strife and dissension for the whole country. I neither lend nor borrow, yet all of them curse me.
Exod 22:25  Jer 1:18-19  Jer 15:20  Jer 20:7-8  Ps 15:5  1Cor 4:9-13  1Kgs 18:17-18 

11 Have I not genuinely done my best to serve you, Yahweh? Have I not interceded with you in time of disaster and distress!
Prov 16:7  Jer 29:11-14  Ps 106:46  Eccl 8:12  Jer 21:2  Jer 37:3  Jer 39:11-12 

12 'Can iron break the iron of the north and the bronze?
Hab 1:5-10  Jer 1:18-19  Isa 45:9  Jer 21:4-5  Jer 28:14  Job 40:9 

13 Your wealth and your treasures I shall hand over to plunder, without repayment, because of all your sins, throughout your territory.
Jer 17:3  Ps 44:12  Isa 52:3  Jer 20:5  Isa 52:5  Jer 15:8 

14 I shall enslave you to your enemies in a country which you do not know, for my anger has kindled a fire that will burn you up.'
Deut 32:22  Jer 16:13  Deut 28:36  Jer 17:4  Ps 21:9  Deut 28:64  Amos 5:27 

15 Yahweh, you know! Remember me, take care of me, and avenge me on my persecutors. However long your anger endures, do not snatch me away. Realise that I suffer insult for your sake.
Ps 69:7-9  Jer 12:3  Jer 20:12  Jer 17:16  Neh 13:22  1Pet 4:14-16  Jer 20:8 

16 When your words came, I devoured them: your word was my delight and the joy of my heart; for I was called by your Name, Yahweh, God Sabaoth.
Ezek 3:1-3  Rev 10:9-10  Ps 119:101-103  Job 23:12  Ps 19:10  Ps 119:111  Ps 119:97 

17 I never sat in the company of scoffers amusing myself; with your hands on me I held myself aloof, since you had filled me with indignation.
Lam 3:28  Ps 1:1  Ps 26:4-5  2Cor 6:17  Ezek 3:24-25  Jer 6:11  Jer 13:17 

18 Why is my suffering continual, my wound incurable, refusing to be healed? Truly, for me you are a deceptive stream with uncertain waters!
Jer 30:15  Job 34:6  Mic 1:9  Jer 14:3  Jer 20:7  Jer 30:12  Jer 1:18-19 

19 To which Yahweh replied, 'If you repent, I shall restore you to plead before me. If you distinguish between the precious and the base, you shall be as my own mouth. They will come back to you, but you must not go back to them.
Zech 3:7  Ezek 44:23  Ezek 22:26  Gal 1:10  Heb 5:14  Lev 10:10  Exod 4:12 

20 As far as these people are concerned, I shall make you a fortified wall of bronze. They will fight against you but will not overcome you, because I am with you to save you and rescue you, Yahweh declares.
Jer 1:18-19  Ezek 3:9  2Tim 4:16-17  Acts 4:8-13  Isa 41:10  Jer 1:8  Jer 6:27 

21 I shall rescue you from the clutches of the wicked and redeem you from the grasp of the violent.'
Gen 48:16  Ps 37:40  2Cor 1:10  Isa 29:5  Jer 50:34  Isa 25:3-5  Isa 29:20