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1 The word of Yahweh was addressed to me as follows:
Jer 1:2  Jer 1:4  Jer 2:1 

2 'You are not to marry or have sons and daughters in this place.
1Cor 7:26-27  Gen 19:14  Luke 21:23  Luke 23:29  Matt 24:19 

3 For Yahweh says this regarding the sons and daughters to be born in this place, about the mothers who give birth to them, and about the fathers who beget them in this land,
Jer 6:21  Jer 16:5  Jer 16:9 

4 "They will die of deadly diseases, unlamented and unburied; they will be like dung spread on the ground; they will meet their end by sword and famine, and their corpses will be food for the birds of the sky and the beasts of earth."
Jer 25:33  Jer 9:22  Jer 34:20  Ps 83:10  Jer 15:2-3  Zeph 1:17  Isa 18:6 

5 'Yes, Yahweh says this, "Go into no house where there is mourning, do not go and lament or grieve with them; for I have withdrawn my peace from this people, Yahweh declares, and faithful love and pity too.
Ezek 24:16-23  Isa 27:11  Deut 31:17  Jer 15:1-4  2Chr 15:5-6  Jer 16:6-7  Rev 6:4 

6 High or low, they will die in this country, without burial or lament; there will be no gashing, no shaving of the head for them.
Deut 14:1  Jer 41:5  Jer 47:5  Lev 19:28  Isa 22:12  Ezek 9:5-6  Isa 9:14-17 

7 No bread will be broken for the mourner to comfort him for the dead; no cup of consolation will be offered him for his father or his mother.
Ezek 24:17  Hos 9:4  Deut 26:14  Job 42:11  Prov 31:6-7 

8 "And do not enter a house where there is feasting, to sit with them and eat and drink.
Eccl 7:2-4  Jer 15:17  Amos 6:4-6  Isa 22:12-14  1Cor 5:11  Eph 5:11  Luke 17:27-29 

9 For Yahweh Sabaoth, the God of Israel, says this: In this place, before your eyes, in your own days, I will silence the shouts of rejoicing and mirth and the voices of bridegroom and bride.
Ezek 26:13  Hos 2:11  Jer 7:34  Jer 25:10  Isa 24:7-12  Rev 18:22-23 

10 "When you tell these people this and they ask you: Why has Yahweh decreed such complete and total disaster for us? What have we done wrong? What sin have we committed against Yahweh our God?
Jer 5:19  1Kgs 9:8-9  Deut 29:24-25  Jer 13:22  Hos 12:8  Jer 2:35  Jer 22:8-9 

11 then you are to answer: It is because your ancestors abandoned me, Yahweh declares, and followed other gods, and served and worshipped them. They abandoned me and did not keep my Law.
Ps 106:35-41  1Kgs 9:9  1Pet 4:3  Deut 29:25-26  Ezek 11:21  Jer 5:7-9  Jer 8:2 

12 And you for your part have behaved even worse than your ancestors. Look, each of you follows his own stubborn and wicked inclinations, without listening to me.
Jer 7:26  Jer 13:10  Eccl 9:3  Jer 9:14  1Sam 15:23  Jer 7:24  Judg 2:19 

13 And so, I shall eject you from this country into a country unknown to you or to your ancestors, and there you can serve other gods, day and night, for I shall show you no more favour."
Deut 28:36  Jer 17:4  Deut 4:26-28  Jer 15:14  2Chr 7:20  Deut 28:63-65  Deut 29:28 

14 'Look, the days are coming, Yahweh declares, when people will no longer say, "As Yahweh lives who brought the Israelites out of Egypt!"
Deut 15:15  Jer 23:7-8  Exod 20:2  Hos 3:4-5  Isa 43:18-19  Mic 6:4 

15 but, "As Yahweh lives who brought the Israelites back from the land of the north and all the countries to which he had driven them." I shall bring them back to the very soil I gave their ancestors.'
Jer 3:18  Jer 24:6  Isa 11:11-16  Jer 32:37  Ps 106:47  Amos 9:14  Deut 30:3-5 

16 'Watch, I shall send for many fishermen, Yahweh declares, and these will fish them up; next, I shall send for many huntsmen, and these will hunt them out of every mountain, every hill, and out of the holes in the rocks.
Amos 4:2  Hab 1:14-15  Mic 7:2  1Sam 26:20  Amos 9:1-3  1Sam 24:11  Amos 5:19 

17 For my eyes watch all their ways, these are not hidden from me, and their guilt does not escape my gaze.
Prov 15:3  2Chr 16:9  Jer 23:24  Jer 32:19  Ps 90:8  1Cor 4:5  Heb 4:13 

18 I shall requite their guilt and their sin twice over, since they have polluted my country with the carcases of their Horrors, and filled my heritage with their Abominations.'
Isa 40:2  Ezek 11:21  Jer 17:18  Num 35:33-34  Rev 18:6  Ezek 11:18  Ezek 43:7-9 

19 Yahweh, my strength, my stronghold, my refuge in time of distress! To you the nations will come from the remotest parts of the earth and say, 'Our fathers inherited nothing but Delusion, Futility of no use whatever.
Nah 1:7  Isa 25:4  Ps 18:1-2  Isa 44:10  Isa 49:6  Jer 10:14-15  Zech 2:11 

20 Can human beings make their own gods? These are not gods at all!'
Isa 37:19  Ps 115:4-8  Gal 4:8  Hos 8:4-6  Jer 2:11  Acts 19:26  Gal 1:8 

21 'Now listen, I will make them acknowledge, this time I will make them acknowledge my hand and my might; and then they will know that Yahweh is my name.'
Jer 33:2  Ps 9:16  Amos 5:8  Isa 43:3  Ps 83:18  Exod 9:14-18  Exod 14:4