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1 The word that was addressed to Jeremiah about all the people of Judah in the fourth year of Jehoiakim son of Josiah, king of Judah (that is to say the first year of Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon).
Jer 36:1  2Kgs 24:1-2  Dan 1:1  Jer 46:2 

2 The prophet Jeremiah proclaimed it before all the people of Judah and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem:
Jer 18:11  Jer 19:14-15  Jer 26:2  Jer 35:13  Jer 38:1-2  Mark 7:14-15  Ps 49:1-2 

3 'For twenty-three years, from the thirteenth year of Josiah son of Amon, king of Judah, until today, the word of Yahweh has been addressed to me and I have never tired of speaking to you (but you have not listened.
Jer 1:2  Jer 11:7  Jer 7:13  Jer 26:5  Jer 29:19  2Chr 34:3  2Chr 34:8 

4 Furthermore, Yahweh has untiringly sent you all his servants the prophets, but you have not listened or paid attention).
Jer 25:3  Jer 26:5  2Chr 36:15-16  Acts 7:51-52  Heb 12:25  Jer 7:24-26  Jer 11:7-10 

5 The message was this, "Turn back, each one of you, from your evil behaviour and your evil actions, and you will go on living on the soil Yahweh long ago gave to you and your ancestors for ever.
Jer 7:7  Ezek 18:30  Gen 17:8  Isa 55:6-7  Jer 17:25  Jer 18:11  Jer 35:15 

6 (And do not follow other gods to serve and worship them, do not provoke me with things you yourselves have made, and then I shall not harm you.)
Deut 8:19  2Kgs 17:35  Deut 6:14  Jer 7:6  Jer 35:15  1Kgs 11:4-10  1Kgs 14:22 

7 But you have not listened to me (Yahweh declares, so that you have now provoked me with things you yourselves have made, and thus harmed yourselves)."
2Kgs 21:15  Deut 32:21  Jer 32:30-33  2Kgs 17:17  Jer 7:18-19  Neh 9:26  Prov 8:36 

8 'So-this is what Yahweh Sabaoth says, "Since you have not listened to my words,

9 I shall now send for all the families of the north (Yahweh declares, that is, for Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, my servant) and bring them down on this country and its inhabitants (and on all these surrounding nations); I shall curse them with utter destruction and make them an object of horror, of scorn, and ruin them for ever.
Isa 13:3  Jer 1:15  Jer 18:16  Ezek 29:18-20  Jer 43:10  1Kgs 9:7-8  Hab 1:6-10 

10 From them I shall banish the shouts of rejoicing and mirth, the voices of bridegroom and bride, the sound of the handmill and the light of the lamp;
Jer 7:34  Ezek 26:13  Rev 18:22-23  Jer 16:9  Eccl 12:2-4  Esth 3:13  Esth 7:4 

11 and this whole country will be reduced to ruin and desolation, and these nations will be enslaved to the king of Babylon for seventy years.
Dan 9:2  2Chr 36:21-22  Isa 23:15-17  Jer 25:12  Zech 1:12  Zech 7:5  Jer 4:27 

12 (But when the seventy years are over, I shall punish the king of Babylon and that nation, Yahweh declares, for the wrong they have done, that is, the country of the Chaldaeans, and make it desolate for ever),
Dan 9:2  Isa 13:19  Jer 29:10  Ezra 1:1-2  Isa 14:23  Jer 50:1-46  Jer 51:62-64 

13 and against that country I shall perform all the words with which I have threatened it, that is, everything written in this book." '
Jer 1:5  Jer 1:10  Dan 5:28  Dan 5:31  Rev 10:11 

14 What Jeremiah prophesied against all the nations. ('For these in their turn are to be enslaved to powerful nations and great kings, and I shall pay them back as their deeds and handiwork deserve.')
Jer 51:6  Jer 27:7  Jer 50:9  Jer 50:41  Dan 5:28  Hab 2:8-16  Isa 14:2 

15 For Yahweh, the God of Israel, said this to me, 'Take this cup of the wine of wrath and make all the nations to whom I send you drink it;
Isa 51:17  Ps 75:8  Job 21:20  Rev 14:10  Isa 51:22  Jer 13:12-14  Jer 51:7 

16 they will drink and reel and lose their wits, because of the sword I am sending among them.'
Nah 3:11  Jer 51:7  Ezek 23:32-34  Jer 25:27  Jer 51:39  Lam 3:15  Lam 4:21 

17 I took the cup from Yahweh's hand and made all the nations to whom Yahweh sent me drink it
Jer 1:10  Jer 25:28  Ezek 43:3  Jer 27:3  Jer 46:1-28 

18 (Jerusalem and the towns of Judah, its kings and its chief men, to make them a ruin, an object of horror and derision and a curse, as is the case today):
Jer 24:9  Jer 44:22  Ps 60:3  1Kgs 8:24  1Pet 4:17  2Kgs 22:19  Amos 2:5 

19 Pharaoh king of Egypt, his officials, his chief men and all his people,
Jer 46:2  Jer 46:13-26  Nah 3:8-10  Ezek 29:1-21  Jer 43:9-11 

20 with the whole conglomeration of peoples there (all the kings of the country of Uz); all the kings of the country of the Philistines, Ashkelon, Gaza, Ekron and what is still left of Ashdod;
Job 1:1  Ezek 30:5  Isa 20:1  Jer 50:37  Lam 4:21  Exod 12:38  Jer 25:24 

21 Edom, Moab and the Ammonites;
Jer 48:1-22  Jer 9:26  Ps 137:7  Amos 1:11-3  Ezek 25:2-14  Ezek 32:29  Ezek 35:1-15 

22 (all) the kings of Tyre, (all) the kings of Sidon, the kings of the island across the sea;
Jer 47:4  Amos 1:3-5  Amos 1:9-10  Ezek 26:1-21  Ezek 28:22-23  Ezek 29:18  Ezek 32:30 

23 Dedan, Tema, Buz, all the people with shaven temples;
Jer 9:26  Jer 49:8  Jer 49:32  Gen 22:21  Job 6:19  1Chr 1:30  Ezek 25:13 

24 all the kings of Arabia (and all the kings of the conglomeration of peoples) who live in the desert
2Chr 9:14  Jer 25:20  Ezek 30:5  Jer 50:37  1Kgs 10:15  Ezek 27:21  Gen 25:2-4 

25 (all the kings of Zimri), all the kings of Elam, and all the kings of Media;
Gen 10:22  Isa 11:11  Isa 13:17  Jer 49:34-39  Jer 51:11  Jer 51:28  Dan 5:28 

26 all the kings of the north, near and far, one after another: in short, all the kingdoms on the face of the earth. (As for the king of Sheshak, he will drink last of all.)
Jer 51:41  Jer 25:9  Dan 5:1-31  Ezek 32:30  Hab 2:16  Isa 13:1-14  Isa 47:1-15 

27 'You will say to them, "Yahweh Sabaoth, the God of Israel, says this: Drink! Get drunk! Vomit! Fall, never to rise again, before the sword that I am sending among you!"
Hab 2:16  Jer 25:16  Ezek 21:4-5  Isa 51:21  Lam 4:21  Deut 32:42  Ezek 24:21-25 

28 If they refuse to take the cup from your hand and drink, you will say to them, "Yahweh Sabaoth says this: You must drink!
Job 34:33  Acts 4:28  Dan 4:35  Eph 1:11  Isa 14:24-27  Isa 46:10-11  Jer 4:28 

29 Look, for a start, I am bringing disaster on the city that bears my name, so are you likely to go unpunished? You certainly will not go unpunished, for next I shall summon a sword against all the inhabitants of the land, Yahweh declares."
1Pet 4:17  Ezek 38:21  Prov 11:31  1Kgs 8:43  Ezek 9:6  Jer 49:12  Obad 1:16 

30 'For your part, you are to prophesy all these words to them. Say to them: "Yahweh roars from on high, he thunders from his holy dwelling-place, loudly he roars at his own fold, shouts aloud like those who tread the grape at all the inhabitants of the land.
Amos 1:2  Joel 3:16  Isa 42:13  Isa 16:9  1Kgs 9:3  2Chr 30:27  Amos 3:8 

31 The noise resounds to the remotest parts of the earth. For Yahweh is indicting the nations, arraigning all humanity for judgement; the wicked he assigns to the sword, Yahweh declares.
Hos 4:1  Joel 3:2  Isa 66:16  Mic 6:2  Ezek 20:35-36  Hos 12:2  Isa 34:8 

32 Yahweh Sabaoth says this: Look, disaster is spreading from nation to nation, a mighty tempest is rising from the far ends of the earth.
Jer 23:19  Isa 34:2  2Chr 15:6  Isa 30:30  Jer 30:23  Isa 5:28  Isa 66:18 

33 "Those slaughtered by Yahweh that day will be scattered across the world from end to end. No dirge will be raised for them; no one will gather them or bury them; they will stay lying on the surface like dung.
Isa 66:16  Jer 8:2  Ps 79:3  Isa 5:25  Jer 16:4-7  2Kgs 9:37  Ezek 39:4-20 

34 "Howl, shepherds, shriek, roll on the ground, you lords of the flock, for your days have come to be slaughtered and to be scattered, and like a choice vase you will fall.
Jer 6:26  2Chr 36:10  Amos 5:11  Dan 11:8  Ezek 27:30-31  Ezek 34:16-17  Ezek 34:20 

35 No refuge then for the shepherds, no escape for the lords of the flock!
Job 11:20  Amos 2:14  Amos 9:1-3  Dan 5:30  Ezek 17:15  Ezek 17:18  Isa 2:12-22 

36 Listen! A shriek from the shepherds, a howl from the lords of the flock! For Yahweh has laid their pasture waste,
Jer 4:8  Jer 25:34 

37 the peaceful sheepfolds are reduced to silence owing to Yahweh's furious anger.
Isa 27:10-11  Isa 32:14 

38 The lion has left his lair and their country is a wasteland now, owing to the devastating fury, owing to his furious anger." '
Jer 4:7  Hos 5:14  Hos 13:7-8  Jer 5:6  Amos 8:8  Hos 11:10  Jer 49:19