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1 The word which came to Jeremiah from Yahweh, as follows,
Jer 1:1-2  Jer 26:15 

2 'Yahweh, God of Israel, says this, "Write for yourself in a book all the words I have spoken to you.
Isa 30:8  Jer 36:32  1Cor 10:11  2Pet 1:21  Dan 12:4  Deut 31:19  Deut 31:22-27 

3 For look, the days are coming, Yahweh declares, when I shall bring back the captives of my people Israel (and Judah), Yahweh says. I shall make them come back and take possession of the country I gave to their ancestors." '
Jer 29:14  Jer 16:15  Ezek 20:42  Jer 30:18  Jer 32:44  Zeph 3:20  Heb 8:8 

4 These are the words Yahweh spoke about Israel (and Judah):

5 Yahweh says this: We have heard a cry of panic, of terror, not of peace.
Amos 5:16-18  Isa 5:30  Amos 8:10  Isa 59:11  Jer 4:15-20  Jer 6:23-25  Jer 8:19 

6 Now ask and see: can a man bear children? Then why do I see each man with his hands on his loins like a woman in labour? Why has every face grown pale?
Jer 4:31  Joel 2:6  Nah 2:10  1Thess 5:3  Hos 13:13  Isa 21:3  Jer 6:24 

7 Disaster! This is the great day, no other like it: a time of distress for Jacob, though he will be saved from it.
Dan 12:1  Joel 2:11  Dan 9:12  Hos 1:11  Jer 30:10  Lam 1:12  Acts 2:20 

8 (That day, Yahweh Sabaoth declares, I shall break the yoke now on your neck and snap your chains; and foreigners will enslave you no more,
Ezek 34:27  Isa 9:4  Jer 27:2  Nah 1:13  Isa 10:27  Jer 28:10  Isa 14:25 

9 but Israel and Judah will serve Yahweh their God, and David their king whom I shall raise up for them.)
Hos 3:5  Isa 55:3-5  Luke 1:69  Acts 2:30  Acts 13:23  Acts 13:34  Ezek 34:23-24 

10 So do not be afraid, my servant Jacob, Yahweh declares, Israel, do not be alarmed: for look, I shall rescue you from distant countries and your descendants from the country where they are captive. Jacob will return and be at peace, secure, with no one to trouble him.
Isa 43:5  Jer 46:27-28  Isa 44:2  Hos 2:18  Isa 35:9  Jer 29:14  Jer 3:18 

11 For I am with you to save you, Yahweh declares, I shall make an end of all the nations where I have driven you, but I shall not make an end of you, only discipline you in moderation, not to let you go quite unpunished.
Jer 10:24  Isa 8:10  Jer 1:8  Jer 1:19  Jer 4:27  2Tim 4:17-18  2Tim 4:22 

12 Yes, Yahweh says this: Your wound is incurable, your injury past healing.
Jer 15:18  2Chr 36:16  Jer 14:17  Jer 30:15  Ezek 37:11  Isa 1:5-6 

13 There is no one to plead your cause; for an ulcer there are remedies, but for you no cure at all.
Jer 46:11  Jer 8:22  1John 2:1  1Pet 2:24  1Tim 2:5-6  Deut 32:39  Exod 15:26 

14 All your lovers have forgotten you, they look for you no more. Yes, I have struck you as an enemy strikes, with cruel punishment (because of your great guilt and countless sins).
Jer 5:6  Job 30:21  Lam 1:2  Jer 22:20  Jer 4:30  Jer 22:22  Job 19:11 

15 Why cry out because of your wound? Your pain is incurable! Because of your great guilt and countless sins, I have treated you like this.
Jer 30:14  Jer 30:12  Ezek 20:1-49  Ezek 22:1-23  Ezra 9:6-7  Ezra 9:13  Hos 5:12-13 

16 But all those who devoured you will be devoured, all your enemies, all, go into captivity, those who despoiled you will be despoiled, and all who pillaged you be pillaged.
Jer 10:25  Isa 33:1  Exod 23:22  Isa 14:2  Zech 2:8  Ezek 26:2-21  Ezek 29:6 

17 For I shall restore you to health and heal your wounds, Yahweh declares, you who used to be called 'Outcast', 'Zion for whom no one cares'.
Ps 107:20  1Pet 2:24  Jer 33:6  Ps 103:3  Exod 15:26  Ezek 34:16  Hos 6:1 

18 Yahweh says this: Look, I shall restore the tents of Jacob and take pity on his dwellings: the town will be rebuilt on its mound, the stronghold where it ought to stand.
Hag 2:7-9  Ps 102:13  Jer 30:3  Jer 33:7  Zech 1:16  Jer 49:39  Jer 49:6 

19 From them will come thanksgiving and shouts of joy. I shall make them increase, they will not decrease; I shall make them honoured, no more to be humbled.
Isa 51:11  Isa 35:10  Jer 33:22  Jer 31:4  Ps 126:1-2  Jer 31:12-13  Isa 12:1 

20 Their sons will be as once they were, their community fixed firmly before me, and I shall punish all their oppressors.
Gen 17:5-9  Isa 1:26-27  Isa 49:26  Isa 51:22  Jer 2:3  Jer 30:16  Jer 32:39 

21 Their prince will be one of their own, their ruler come from their own people, and I shall permit him to approach me freely; for who, otherwise, would be so bold as to approach me, Yahweh demands?
Num 16:5  Ezek 34:23-24  Ezek 37:24  2Sam 7:13  Acts 2:34-36  Acts 5:31  Deut 18:18 

22 You will be my people and I shall be your God.
Ezek 36:28  Jer 24:7  Jer 31:33  Zech 13:9  Deut 26:17-19  Ezek 37:27  Hos 2:23 

23 Look, Yahweh's hurricane, his wrath, bursts out, a roaring hurricane, to burst on the heads of the wicked;
Jer 23:19-20  Jer 25:32  Zech 9:14  Ps 58:9  Prov 1:27 

24 Yahweh's burning anger will not turn aside until he has performed, has carried out, what he has in mind. In the final days, you will understand this.
Jer 23:20  Hos 3:5  Jer 4:28  1Sam 3:12  Dan 2:28  Dan 10:14  Deut 4:30