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1 The word came to Jeremiah from Yahweh when Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and his whole army, with all the kingdoms of the earth under his dominion and all the peoples, were waging war on Jerusalem and all its towns,
Jer 1:15  Dan 2:37-38  Jer 32:2  2Chr 36:12-17  2Kgs 25:1-9  Dan 4:1  Dan 4:22 

2 'Yahweh, God of Israel, says this, "Go and speak to Zedekiah king of Judah and tell him, Yahweh says this: I am going to hand this city over to the power of the king of Babylon, and he will burn it down.
Jer 21:10  Jer 34:22  2Chr 36:11-12  Jer 22:1-2  Jer 32:3  Jer 37:8-10  Jer 21:4 

3 And you yourself will not escape his clutches but will certainly be captured and handed over to him. You will see the king of Babylon face to face and speak to him personally. Then you will go to Babylon.
Jer 32:4  Jer 21:7  2Kgs 25:4-7  Jer 34:21  Jer 39:4-7  Ezek 12:13  Ezek 17:18-20 

4 Even so, listen to the word of Yahweh, Zedekiah king of Judah! This is what Yahweh says about you: You will not die by the sword;

5 you will die in peace. And as spices were burnt for your ancestors, the kings who in times past preceded you, so spices will be burnt for you and a dirge sung for you: Alas for his highness! I have spoken, Yahweh declares." '
2Chr 16:14  Jer 22:18  2Chr 21:19-20  2Chr 34:28  2Kgs 22:20  Dan 2:46  Ezek 17:16 

6 The prophet Jeremiah repeated all these words to Zedekiah king of Judah in Jerusalem,
1Sam 3:18  1Sam 15:16-24  1Kgs 21:19  1Kgs 22:14  2Sam 12:7-12  Acts 20:27  Ezek 2:7 

7 while the army of the king of Babylon was attacking Jerusalem and all such towns of Judah as still held out, namely Lachish and Azekah, these being the only fortified towns of Judah remaining.
Josh 10:3  2Chr 11:5-10  2Kgs 18:13-14  Jer 4:5  Josh 15:35  2Chr 27:4  2Kgs 19:8 

8 The word came to Jeremiah from Yahweh after King Zedekiah had made a covenant with all the people in Jerusalem to issue a proclamation freeing their slaves:
Lev 25:10  2Kgs 11:17  Jer 34:17  2Kgs 23:2-3  Isa 61:1  Lev 25:39-46  Neh 5:1-13 

9 each man was to free his Hebrew slaves, men and women, no one was any longer to keep a brother Judaean in slavery.
Exod 2:6  Gen 14:13  1Cor 6:8  1Sam 4:6  1Sam 4:9  1Sam 14:11  2Cor 11:22 

10 All the chief men and all the people who had entered into the covenant had agreed that everyone should free his slaves, men or women, and no longer keep them as slaves: they had agreed on this and set them free.
Jer 26:10  Jer 26:16  Isa 29:13  Jer 3:10-11  Jer 36:12  Jer 36:24-25  Jer 38:4 

11 Afterwards, however, they changed their minds, recovered the slaves, men and women, whom they had set free, and reduced them to slavery again.
2Pet 2:20-22  Matt 12:43-45  Prov 26:11  1Sam 19:6-11  1Sam 24:19  1Sam 26:21  Eccl 8:11 

12 The word of Yahweh came then to Jeremiah as follows,

13 'Yahweh, God of Israel, says this, "I made a covenant with your ancestors when I brought them out of Egypt, out of the house of slavery; it said:
Josh 24:17  Judg 6:8  Deut 5:2-3  Deut 5:27  Exod 24:3  Exod 24:7-8  Jer 31:32 

14 At the end of seven years each one of you is to free his brother Hebrew who has sold himself to you: he may be your slave for six years, then you must send him away free. But your ancestors did not listen to me and would not pay attention.
Deut 15:12  1Kgs 9:22  1Sam 8:7-8  2Kgs 17:13-14  1Kgs 21:25  2Chr 28:10  2Chr 36:16 

15 Now, today you repented and did what pleases me by proclaiming freedom for your neighbour; you made a covenant before me in the Temple that bears my name.
Jer 34:8  2Kgs 23:3  Jer 7:10-11  Neh 10:29  1Kgs 21:27-29  2Kgs 10:30-31  2Kgs 12:2 

16 And then you changed your minds and, profaning my name, each of you has recovered his slaves, men and women, whom you had sent away free to live their own lives, and has forced them to become your slaves again."
Lev 19:12  Exod 20:7  Ezek 3:20  Ezek 18:24  Jer 34:11  1Sam 15:11  Ezek 17:16-19 

17 'So Yahweh says this: "You have disobeyed me, by failing to grant freedom to brother and neighbour. Very well, I in my turn, Yahweh declares, shall leave sword, famine and plague free to deal with you and I shall make you an object of horror to all the kingdoms of the earth.
Matt 7:2  Deut 28:25  Gal 6:7  Jer 29:18  Dan 6:24  Deut 28:64  Esth 7:10 

18 As for the people who have broken my covenant, who have not observed the terms of the covenant which they made before me, I shall treat them like the calf that people cut in two to pass between its pieces.
Gen 15:10  Deut 17:2  Hos 6:7  Hos 8:1  Gen 15:17-18  Josh 7:11  Josh 23:16 

19 The chief men of Judah and Jerusalem, the eunuchs, the priests, and all the country people who have passed between the pieces of the calf,
Jer 29:2  Jer 34:10  Zeph 3:3-4  2Kgs 24:12  2Kgs 24:15  Dan 9:6  Dan 9:12 

20 I shall hand over to their enemies and those determined to kill them, and their corpses will be food for the birds of the sky and the animals of earth.
Jer 7:33  Jer 16:4  Jer 19:7  1Kgs 16:4  Jer 11:21  1Kgs 14:11  1Sam 17:44 

21 As for Zedekiah king of Judah and his chief men, I shall hand them to their enemies, to those determined to kill them, and to the army of the king of Babylon which has just withdrawn.
Jer 39:6  Jer 52:24-27  2Kgs 25:18-21  Ezek 17:16  Jer 37:5-11  Jer 52:10  Jer 32:4 

22 Listen, I shall give the order, Yahweh declares, and bring them back to this city to attack it and capture it and burn it down. And I shall make an uninhabited waste of the towns of Judah." '
Jer 9:11  Jer 39:1-2  Jer 39:8  Jer 33:10  Jer 44:22  Jer 52:7  Jer 52:13