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1 The words of Yahweh that were addressed to the prophet Jeremiah against the nations.
Jer 1:10  Gen 10:5  Jer 4:7  Jer 25:15-38  Num 23:9  Rom 3:29  Zech 2:8 

2 On Egypt. Against the army of Pharaoh Necho king of Egypt, which was at Carchemish on the River Euphrates when Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon defeated it in the fourth year of Jehoiakim son of Josiah, king of Judah.
2Kgs 23:29  Ezek 29:1-21  Isa 10:9  Jer 25:1  Jer 25:19  Jer 36:1  Jer 45:1 

3 Buckler and shield at the ready! Onward to battle!
Isa 21:5  Jer 51:11-12  Joel 3:9  Nah 2:1  Nah 3:14  Isa 8:9-10 

4 Harness the horses: into the saddle, horsemen! To your ranks! On with your helmets! Sharpen your spears, put on your breastplates!
Ezek 21:9-11  Jer 51:3  1Sam 17:5  1Sam 17:38  2Chr 26:14  Ezek 21:28  Neh 4:16 

5 Why do I see them retreating, panic-stricken? Their heroes, beaten back, are fleeing headlong, with not a look behind. Terror on every side, Yahweh declares!
Jer 6:25  Jer 49:29  Jer 46:21  2Kgs 7:6-7  Ezek 32:10  Gen 19:17  Isa 19:16 

6 No flight for the swift, no escape for the strong! Up in the north on the River Euphrates, they have collapsed, have fallen.
Dan 11:19  Jer 46:12  Amos 2:14-15  Amos 9:1-3  Dan 11:22  Eccl 9:11  Isa 8:15 

7 Who was it rose like the Nile, his waters foaming like a torrent?
Jer 47:2  Dan 11:22  Isa 8:7-8  Amos 8:8  Dan 9:26  Isa 63:1  Rev 12:15 

8 Why, Egypt rose like the Nile, his waters foaming like a torrent. 'I shall rise', he said, 'and drown the earth; sweep away town and its inhabitants!
Exod 15:9-10  Ezek 29:3  Ezek 32:2  Isa 10:13-16  Isa 37:24-26 

9 Charge, horses! Forward, chariots! Let the warriors advance, men from Cush and Put with shield in hand, men from Lud who bend the bow!'
Ezek 27:10  Isa 66:19  Nah 3:9  1Chr 1:11  1Cor 1:8  Acts 2:10  Gen 10:6 

10 For this is the Day of Lord Yahweh Sabaoth, a day of vengeance when he takes revenge on his foes: the sword will devour until gorged, until drunk with their blood, for Lord Yahweh Sabaoth is holding a sacrificial feast in the land of the north, on the River Euphrates.
Joel 1:15  Deut 32:42  Jer 46:2  Jer 46:6  2Kgs 24:7  Ezek 39:17-21  Isa 13:6 

11 Go up to Gilead and fetch balm, virgin daughter of Egypt! You multiply remedies in vain, nothing can cure you!
Jer 8:22  Isa 47:1  Mic 1:9  Luke 8:43-44  Nah 3:19  Ezek 27:17  Ezek 30:21-25 

12 The nations have heard of your shame, your wailing fills the world, for warrior has stumbled against warrior, and both have fallen together.
Nah 3:8-10  Isa 19:2  Jer 14:2  Jer 46:6  1Sam 5:12  Ezek 32:9-12  Isa 10:4 

13 The word that came from Yahweh to the prophet Jeremiah when Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon advanced to attack Egypt.
Jer 43:10-13  Jer 44:30  Isa 19:1-25  Isa 29:1-24 

14 Publish it in Egypt, proclaim it in Migdol, proclaim it in Noph and Tahpanhes! Say, 'Stand your ground, be prepared, for the sword is devouring all round you!'
Jer 44:1  Jer 46:10  Isa 1:20  Jer 2:30  Jer 43:8-9  Jer 46:3-4  Nah 2:13 

15 Why has Apis fled? Why has your Mighty One not stood firm? Why, Yahweh has overturned him,
Isa 66:15-16  Ps 68:2  Jer 46:5  Ps 18:14  Ps 18:39  Deut 11:23  Exod 6:1 

16 he has caused many to fall! Falling over one another, they say, 'Up, and back to our own people, to the country where we were born, away from the devastating sword!'
Lev 26:36-37  Jer 51:9  Jer 46:6  Jer 46:21  Jer 50:16 

17 They have given Pharaoh king of Egypt the nickname, 'Much-noise-but-he-lets-the-chance-slip-by'!
Isa 19:11-16  1Kgs 20:10  Exod 15:9  1Kgs 20:18  Ezek 29:3  Ezek 31:18  Isa 31:3 

18 As I live, the King declares, whose name is Yahweh Sabaoth, he is coming, a very Tabor among mountains, a Carmel high above the sea!
Jer 48:15  Josh 19:22  Judg 4:6  Isa 47:4  Isa 48:2  Mal 1:14  Ps 89:12 

19 Get your bundle ready for exile, fair inhabitant of Egypt! Noph will be reduced to a desert, desolate, uninhabited.
Isa 20:4  Jer 48:18  Ezek 30:13  Jer 44:1  Ezek 12:3-12  Jer 26:9  Jer 34:22 

20 Egypt was a splendid heifer, but a gadfly from the north has settled on her.
Hos 10:11  Jer 47:2  Jer 1:14  Jer 46:6  Jer 46:10  Jer 25:9  Jer 46:24 

21 The mercenaries she had with her, these too were like fattened calves: but they too have taken to their heels, have all run away, not held their ground, for their day of disaster has overtaken them, their time for being punished.
2Kgs 7:6  Jer 46:5  2Sam 10:6  Amos 6:4  Hos 9:7  Isa 34:7  Jer 50:27 

22 Hear her hissing like a snake as they advance in force to fall on her with their axes, like woodcutters,
Isa 14:8  Isa 29:4  Isa 10:15  Isa 10:33-34  Isa 37:24  Jer 51:20-23  Mic 1:8 

23 they will fell her forest, Yahweh declares, however impenetrable it was for they are more numerous than locusts, there is no counting them.
Judg 7:12  Judg 6:5  Joel 2:25  Ezek 20:46  Isa 10:18  Rev 9:2-10 

24 The daughter of Egypt is put to shame, handed over to a people from the north.
Jer 1:15  Ezek 29:1-21  Jer 46:11  Jer 46:19-20  Ps 137:8 

25 Yahweh Sabaoth, God of Israel, has said, 'Look, I shall punish Amon of No, Pharaoh, Egypt, its gods, its kings, Pharaoh and those who put their trust in him.
Exod 12:12  Isa 20:5-6  Jer 43:12-13  Zeph 2:11  Ezek 30:13-16  Ezek 32:9-12  Ezek 39:6-7 

26 I shall hand him over to those who are determined to kill him, to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, to his generals. But afterwards, Egypt will be inhabited again as in the past, Yahweh declares.
Ezek 32:11  Jer 44:30  Ezek 29:8-14  Jer 48:47  Jer 49:39 

27 But do not be afraid, my servant Jacob, Israel, do not be alarmed: for look, I shall rescue you from afar and your descendants from the country where they are captive. Jacob will return and be at peace, secure, with no one to trouble him.
Isa 43:5  Jer 30:10-11  Jer 50:19  Isa 11:11-16  Isa 41:13-14  Jer 23:3-4  Jer 23:6 

28 Do not be afraid, my servant Jacob, Yahweh declares, for I am with you: I shall make an end of all the nations where I have driven you, but I shall not make an end of you, I shall discipline you only as you deserve, not leaving you quite unpunished.
Jer 4:27  Jer 10:24  Jer 30:11  1Cor 11:32  Amos 9:8-9  Hab 3:2  Heb 12:5-10