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1 Yahweh says this: Against Babylon and the inhabitants of Leb-Kamai I shall rouse a destructive wind.
Hos 13:15  Jer 4:11-12  2Kgs 19:7  Acts 9:4  Amos 3:6  Ezek 19:12  Isa 13:3-5 

2 I shall send winnowers to Babylon to winnow her and leave her country bare, for she will be beleaguered on all sides, on the day of disaster.
Jer 15:7  Matt 3:12  Isa 41:16  Ezek 5:12  Jer 50:14-15  Jer 50:29  Jer 50:32 

3 Let no archer bend his bow! Let no man swagger in his breastplate!-No quarter for her young men! Curse her whole army with destruction!
Jer 46:4  Jer 50:14  Jer 50:21  Deut 32:25  Isa 13:10-18  Jas 2:13  Jer 9:21 

4 In the country of the Chaldaeans the slaughtered will fall, in the streets of Babylon, those run through by the sword.
Jer 49:26  Isa 13:15  Jer 50:30  Isa 14:19  Jer 50:37 

5 For Israel and Judah have not been bereft of their God, Yahweh Sabaoth, although their country was full of sin against the Holy One of Israel.
Hos 4:1  Jer 33:24-26  1Kgs 6:13  1Sam 12:22  2Kgs 21:16  Amos 9:8-9  Ezek 8:17 

6 Escape from Babylon (save your lives, each one of you); do not perish for her guilt, for now is the time for Yahweh's vengeance: he will pay her her reward!
Jer 50:8  Jer 50:15  Jer 50:28  Jer 25:14  Num 16:26  Jer 51:45  1Tim 5:22 

7 Babylon was a golden cup in Yahweh's hand, she made the whole world drunk, the nations drank her wine and then went mad.
Rev 14:8  Rev 17:4  Rev 17:2  Rev 18:3  Dan 2:32  Dan 2:38  Dan 3:1-7 

8 Babylon has suddenly fallen, is broken: wail for her! Fetch balm for her wounds, perhaps she can be cured!
Isa 21:9  Jer 46:11  Rev 14:8  Jer 48:20  Jer 50:2  Rev 18:2  Dan 5:24 

9 -'We tried to cure Babylon; she has got no better. Leave her alone and let us each go to his own country.' -Yes, her sentence reaches to the sky, rises to the very clouds.
Isa 13:14  Jer 50:16  Rev 18:5  Ezra 9:6  Jer 46:16  2Chr 28:9  Dan 4:20-22 

10 Yahweh has shown the uprightness of our cause. Come, let us tell in Zion what Yahweh our God has done.
Jer 50:28  Ps 37:6  Isa 40:2  Isa 51:11  Isa 52:9-10  Jer 31:6-9  Mic 7:9-10 

11 Sharpen the arrows, fill the quivers! Yahweh has roused the spirit of the kings of the Medes, because he has a plan against Babylon to destroy it; this is Yahweh's revenge, revenge for his Temple.
Jer 46:4  Jer 50:45  Jer 46:9  Jer 50:9  1Chr 5:26  1Kgs 11:14  1Kgs 11:23 

12 Against the walls of Babylon raise the standard! Strengthen the guard! Post the sentries! Take up concealed positions! For Yahweh has both planned and done what he promised he would to the inhabitants of Babylon.
Isa 13:2  Jer 51:11  Jer 51:29  Nah 2:1  Isa 8:9-10  Jer 46:3-5  Jer 50:2 

13 Enthroned beside abundant waters, rich in treasures, you now meet your end, the finish of your pillaging.
Rev 17:1  Isa 45:3  Rev 17:15  Jer 51:36  1Pet 4:7  2Pet 2:3  2Pet 2:14-15 

14 By his own self Yahweh Sabaoth has sworn: I shall fill you with men as though with grasshoppers, and over you they will raise the triumph-shout.
Amos 6:8  Jer 49:13  Jer 50:15  Joel 2:25  Heb 6:13  Jer 46:23  Jer 51:27 

15 By his power he made the earth, by his wisdom set the world firm, by his discernment spread out the heavens.
Jer 10:12-16  Job 9:8  Rom 1:20  Acts 14:15  Jer 32:17  Ps 104:2  Ps 146:5-6 

16 When he thunders there is a roaring of waters in heaven; he raises clouds from the furthest limits of the earth, makes the lightning flash for the downpour, and brings the wind from his storehouse.
Ps 135:7  Jonah 1:4  Ps 18:13  Jer 10:12-13  Amos 9:7  Exod 10:13  Exod 10:19 

17 At this everyone stands stupefied, uncomprehending, every goldsmith blushes for his idols; his castings are but delusion, with no breath in them.
Jer 10:14  Hab 2:18-19  Isa 44:18-20  1Cor 1:19-21  Jer 50:2  Ps 14:2  Ps 53:1-2 

18 They are futile, a laughable production, when the time comes for them to be punished, they will vanish.
Acts 14:15  Exod 12:12  Isa 19:1  Isa 46:1  Jer 10:8  Jer 10:15  Jer 18:15 

19 The Heritage of Jacob is not like these, for he is the maker of everything, and Israel is the tribe that is his heritage; His name is Yahweh Sabaoth.
Jer 10:16  Ps 73:26  1Pet 2:9  Deut 32:9  Exod 19:5-6  Isa 47:4  Jer 12:7-10 

20 You were my mace, a weapon of war. With you I crushed nations, struck kingdoms down,
Isa 41:15-16  Mic 4:13  Isa 10:5  Isa 14:5-6  Jer 50:23  Isa 10:15  Isa 13:5 

21 with you crushed horse and rider, with you crushed chariot and charioteer,
Exod 15:1  Exod 15:21  Ezek 39:20  Hag 2:22  Jer 50:37  Mic 5:10  Nah 2:13 

22 with you crushed man and woman, with you crushed old man and young, with you crushed young man and girl,
2Chr 36:17  Isa 13:18  1Sam 15:3  Deut 32:25  Ezek 9:6  Isa 13:16  Isa 20:4 

23 with you crushed shepherd and flock, with you crushed ploughman and team, with you crushed governors and magistrates,
Jer 51:57 

24 and I shall repay Babylon and the inhabitants of Chaldaea, before your eyes, for all the wrongs they have done to Zion, Yahweh declares.
Jer 50:15  1Thess 2:15-16  Isa 47:6-9  Isa 51:22-23  Isa 61:2  Isa 63:1-4  Isa 66:6 

25 I am setting myself against you, mountain of destruction, Yahweh declares, destroyer of the whole world! I shall reach out my hand for you and send you tumbling from the crags and make you a burnt-out mountain.
Rev 8:8  Zech 4:7  Isa 13:2  Jer 50:31  Dan 4:30  Gen 11:4  Jer 25:9 

26 No corner-stone will be taken from you again and no foundation-stone, for you will be a desert for ever, Yahweh declares.
Isa 13:19-22  Jer 50:12-13  Jer 51:43  Isa 14:23  Isa 34:8-17  Jer 50:40-41  Jer 51:29 

27 Raise the standard throughout the world, sound the trumpet among the nations! Consecrate nations to make war on her; summon kingdoms against her: Ararat, Minni, Ashkenaz; appoint a recruiting-officer for her enemies, bring up the cavalry, bristling like locusts.
Gen 8:4  Gen 10:3  Jer 25:14  Jer 50:2  Jer 51:12  1Chr 1:6  Isa 13:2-5 

28 Consecrate nations to make war on her: the kings of Media, her governors, all her magistrates and the whole territory under their rule.
Jer 51:11  1Chr 1:5  Dan 5:28-30  Dan 6:8  Dan 8:3-4  Dan 8:20  Dan 9:1 

29 Then the earth trembled and writhed, for Yahweh's plan against Babylon was being executed: to change the country of Babylon into an unpopulated desert.
Jer 8:16  Jer 51:43  Amos 8:8  Isa 13:19-20  Jer 10:10  Jer 50:13  Jer 50:45 

30 The warriors of Babylon have done with fighting, they have stayed inside their fortresses; their courage exhausted, they are now like women. Her houses are on fire, her gates are shattered.
Nah 3:13  Lam 2:9  Isa 13:7-8  Isa 19:16  Jer 50:36-37  Amos 1:5  Isa 45:1-2 

31 Courier follows close on courier, messenger on messenger, to tell the king of Babylon that his city has been taken from all sides,
2Chr 30:6  2Sam 18:19-31  1Sam 4:12-18  Dan 5:2-5  Dan 5:30  Esth 3:13-15  Esth 8:10 

32 the fords occupied, the bastions burnt down and the fighting men seized with panic.
Isa 44:27  Jer 50:37-38  Jer 51:30 

33 For Yahweh Sabaoth, the God of Israel, says this: the daughter of Babylon is like a threshing-floor when it is being trodden: a little while, and then the time for harvesting her will come.
Isa 21:10  Hos 6:11  Joel 3:13  Isa 41:15-16  Mic 4:13  Amos 1:3  Hab 3:12 

34 He devoured me, consumed me, Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, left me like an empty dish, like the Dragon he has swallowed me whole, filled his belly with my titbits and threw me out.
Jer 50:17  Jer 51:44  Isa 24:1-3  Job 20:15  Amos 8:4  Ezek 36:3  Isa 34:11 

35 'On Babylon be the wounds I suffered!' the daughter of Zion will say. 'On the inhabitants of Chaldaea be my blood!' Jerusalem will say.
Isa 26:20-21  Jas 2:13  Jer 50:29  Judg 9:20  Judg 9:24  Judg 9:56-57  Matt 7:2 

36 So, Yahweh says this: Look, I am taking up your cause to make sure you are avenged. I shall dry her river up, make her springs run dry.
Jer 50:38  Rom 12:19  Ps 140:12  Deut 32:35  Deut 32:43  Heb 10:30-31  Isa 44:27 

37 Babylon will become a heap of stones, the lair of jackals, a thing of horror and of scorn, with no one living in it.
Rev 18:2  Jer 18:16  Jer 25:9  2Chr 29:8  Isa 13:19-22  Isa 14:23  Isa 34:8-17 

38 Like lions they roar together, they growl like lions' whelps.
Jer 2:15  Isa 35:9  Job 4:10-11  Judg 16:20  Nah 2:11-13  Ps 34:10  Ps 58:6 

39 Are they feverish? I will prepare them a drink and make them drink until they are tipsy and fall into an everlasting sleep, never to wake again, Yahweh declares.
Jer 51:57  Jer 25:27  Isa 22:12-14  Nah 1:10  Nah 3:11  Dan 5:1-4  Dan 5:30 

40 I will drag them away to the slaughterhouse like lambs, like rams and goats.
Jer 50:27  Ezek 39:18  Isa 34:6  Ps 37:20  Ps 44:22 

41 What! Has Sheshak been taken, been conquered, the pride of the whole world? What a thing of horror Babylon has become throughout the nations!
Jer 25:26  Isa 13:19  Jer 49:25  2Chr 7:21  Dan 2:38  Dan 4:22  Dan 4:30 

42 The sea has risen over Babylon, she sinks beneath its boisterous waves.
Isa 8:7-8  Dan 9:26  Ezek 27:26-34  Jer 51:55  Luke 21:25  Ps 18:4  Ps 18:16 

43 Her towns have been turned into wasteland, a parched land, a desert, a country where no one lives and where nobody goes.
Isa 13:20  Jer 2:6  Jer 51:29  Ezek 29:10-11  Jer 50:12  Jer 50:39-40  Jer 51:37 

44 I shall punish Bel in Babylon and make him disgorge what he has swallowed. In future the nations will stream to him no more. The very walls of Babylon will fall.
Jer 51:34  Jer 51:58  Isa 2:2  Jer 50:2  2Chr 36:7  Dan 1:2  Dan 3:2-3 

45 Get out of her, my people; save your lives, each one of you, from Yahweh's furious anger.
Jer 51:6  Isa 48:20  Jer 50:8  Rev 18:4  Acts 2:40  Gen 19:12-16  2Cor 6:17 

46 But do not be faint-hearted! Do not take fright at rumours hawked round the country: one rumour spreads one year, next year another follows; violence rules on earth and one tyrant succeeds another.
2Kgs 19:7  Isa 13:3-5  Isa 19:2  1Sam 14:16-20  2Chr 20:23  Isa 21:2-3  Jer 46:27 

47 So look, the days are coming when I shall punish the idols of Babylon. Her entire country will be humbled, with all her slaughtered lying on home-soil.
Jer 50:2  Isa 46:1-2  Jer 51:52  Isa 21:9  Jer 11:22  Jer 13:21  Jer 23:34 

48 The heaven and earth and all within them will shout for joy over Babylon, for the destroyers from the north are coming to her, Yahweh declares.
Isa 44:23  Rev 18:20  Jer 50:3  Isa 48:20  Isa 49:13  Jer 50:9  Jer 50:41 

49 Babylon in her turn must fall, you slaughtered ones of Israel, just as through Babylon there fell men slaughtered all over the world.
Jer 50:29  Jer 51:24  Jas 2:13  Jer 50:11  Jer 50:17-18  Jer 50:33-34  Jer 51:10-11 

50 You who have escaped her sword, leave her, do not wait! Remember Yahweh from afar, let Jerusalem come into your mind.
Jer 44:28  Dan 9:16-19  Deut 4:29-31  Ezra 1:3-5  Isa 51:11  Isa 52:11-12  Jer 51:45 

51 -'We were ashamed when we heard of the outrage, we were covered in confusion because foreigners had entered the Temple of Yahweh's holy places.'
Lam 1:10  Ps 44:13-16  Ps 74:3-7  Ps 79:4  Dan 8:11-14  Dan 9:26-27  Dan 11:31 

52 -So look, the days are coming, Yahweh declares, when I shall punish her idols, and the wounded will groan throughout her country.
Jer 51:47  Jer 50:38  Dan 5:30-31  Ezek 30:24  Isa 13:15-16 

53 Were Babylon to scale the heavens or reinforce her towering citadel, destroyers would still come to her on my orders, Yahweh declares.
Jer 49:16  Gen 11:4  Jer 51:25  Obad 1:3-4  Ps 139:8-10  Amos 9:4  Dan 4:30 

54 The din of shouting from Babylon, of immense destruction, from the country of the Chaldaeans!
Jer 50:22  Jer 48:3-5  Jer 50:46  Isa 13:6-9  Isa 15:5  Jer 50:27  Jer 50:43 

55 Yes, Yahweh is laying Babylon waste and silencing her monstrous din, whose waves used to roar like the ocean and their tumultuous voices rang out.
Jer 25:10  Ezek 26:3  Isa 15:1  Isa 17:13  Isa 24:8-11  Isa 47:5  Jer 50:10-15 

56 For the destroyer has fallen on Babylon, her warriors are captured, their bows are broken. Yes, Yahweh is a God of retribution, he never fails to repay.
Hab 2:8  Jer 51:6  Jer 51:48  Ps 46:9  Ps 94:1-2  Deut 32:35  Isa 59:18 

57 I shall make her princes and her sages drink, her governors, her magistrates, her warriors; they will fall into an everlasting sleep, never to wake again, declares the King, whose name is Yahweh Sabaoth.
Jer 46:18  Jer 25:27  Jer 48:15  Jer 51:39  Ps 76:5-6  Dan 5:1-4  Dan 5:30-31 

58 Yahweh Sabaoth says this: The walls of Babylon the Great will be rased to the ground, and her lofty gates will be burnt down. Thus peoples toil for nothing and nations wear themselves out, for the flames.
Hab 2:13  Jer 51:64  Jer 50:15  Jer 51:44  Isa 45:1-2  Jer 51:9  Jer 51:30 

59 This is the order that the prophet Jeremiah gave to Seraiah son of Neriah, son of Mahseiah when Seraiah left for Babylon with Zedekiah king of Judah, in the fourth year of his reign. Seraiah was lord chamberlain.
Jer 32:12  Jer 36:4  Jer 28:1  Jer 45:1  Jer 52:1 

60 Now, on one sheet, Jeremiah had written down the entire disaster that was to befall Babylon, that is, all these words recorded here against Babylon.
Hab 2:2-3  Isa 30:8  Jer 30:2-3  Jer 36:32  Dan 12:4  Isa 8:1-4  Jer 36:2-4 

61 Jeremiah then said to Seraiah, 'When you reach Babylon, see to it that you read all these words aloud.
1Thess 4:18  1Thess 5:27  Col 4:16  Jer 29:1-2  Mark 13:1  Matt 24:1  Rev 1:3 

62 Then say, "You, Yahweh, have promised to destroy this place, so that no one will live here ever again, neither human nor animal, and it will be desolate for ever."
Jer 50:3  Jer 50:13  Ezek 35:9  Isa 13:19-22  Isa 14:22-23  Jer 50:39-40  Rev 18:20-23 

63 Then, when you have finished reading this sheet, tie a stone to it and throw it into the middle of the Euphrates,
Rev 18:21  Jer 19:10-11 

64 with the words, "So shall Babylon sink, never to rise again from the disaster which I am going to bring on her." ' Thus far the words of Jeremiah.
Jer 51:58  Job 31:40  Nah 1:8-9  Ps 72:20  Rev 18:21  Hab 2:13  Jer 25:27