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1 When the whole nation had finished crossing the Jordan, Yahweh spoke to Joshua and said,
Deut 27:2  Josh 3:17 

2 'Choose twelve men from the people, one man from each tribe, and give them this order,
Josh 3:12  1Kgs 18:31  Deut 1:23  Matt 10:1-5  Num 1:4-15  Num 13:2  Num 34:18 

3 "Here, from mid-Jordan, from the place where the priests' feet were standing, take twelve stones; carry them with you and set them down in the camp where you pass the night." '
Josh 4:19-20  Josh 3:13  Josh 4:8  1Sam 7:12  Deut 27:1-26  Gen 28:22  Josh 24:27 

4 Joshua called the twelve men whom he had selected from the Israelites, one man from each tribe,
Josh 4:2  Mark 3:14-19 

5 and Joshua said to them, 'Go on ahead of the ark of Yahweh your God into mid-Jordan, and each of you take one stone on his shoulder, corresponding to the number of the tribes of Israel,

6 to make this a sign among you; and when, in the future, your children ask you, "What do these stones mean for you?"
Exod 13:14  Josh 4:21  Acts 2:39  Deut 6:20-21  Deut 11:19  Exod 12:14  Exod 12:26-27 

7 you will then tell them, "The waters of the Jordan separated before the ark of the covenant of Yahweh; when it crossed the Jordan, the waters of the river separated. These stones are an everlasting reminder of this to the Israelites."
Exod 12:14  Num 16:40  1Cor 11:24  Exod 28:12  Exod 30:16  Josh 3:13-16  Josh 4:6 

8 The Israelites did as Joshua ordered; they took twelve stones from mid-Jordan corresponding to the number of the tribes of Israel, as Yahweh had told Joshua; they carried them over to the camp and set them down there.
Josh 1:16-18  Josh 4:2-5  Josh 4:20 

9 Joshua then erected twelve stones in mid-Jordan, on the spot where the feet of the priests carrying the ark of the covenant had stood; and they are still there today.
1Sam 7:12  1Kgs 18:31  1Sam 30:25  2Chr 5:9  2Sam 4:3  Deut 34:6  Exod 24:12 

10 The priests carrying the ark stood still in mid-Jordan, until everything had been done that Yahweh had ordered Joshua to tell the people (in accordance with everything that Moses had ordered Joshua); and the people hurried across.
Josh 3:13  2Cor 6:2  Deut 31:9  Eccl 9:10  Exod 12:39  Heb 3:7-8  Isa 28:16 

11 When the people had finished crossing, the ark of Yahweh then crossed, with the priests, to the head of the people.
Josh 3:8  Josh 3:17  Josh 4:18 

12 The sons of Reuben, the sons of Gad and the half-tribe of Manasseh crossed in battle formation at the head of the Israelites, as Moses had told them.
Josh 1:14  Num 32:20-32 

13 Some forty thousand warriors in arms, they crossed in Yahweh's presence, ready for battle, towards the plain of Jericho.
2Kgs 25:5  Eph 6:11  Jer 39:5  Jer 52:8  Josh 5:10 

14 That day, Yahweh made Joshua great in the eyes of all Israel, who respected him as they had respected Moses, as long as he lived.
Josh 3:7  1Cor 10:2  1Kgs 3:28  1Sam 12:18  2Chr 30:12  Exod 14:31  Josh 1:16-18 

15 Yahweh said to Joshua,

16 'Order the priests carrying the ark of the Testimony to come up out of the Jordan.'
Exod 25:16-22  Josh 3:3-6  Rev 11:19 

17 And Joshua gave the order to the priests, 'Come up, out of the Jordan!'
Gen 8:16-18  Acts 16:23  Acts 16:35-39  Dan 3:26 

18 Now, when the priests carrying the ark of the covenant of Yahweh came up out of mid-Jordan, no sooner had the soles of the priests' feet touched solid ground, than the waters of the Jordan returned to their bed and ran on, in spate as before.
Josh 3:15  1Chr 12:15  Exod 14:26-28  Isa 8:8  Josh 3:13 

19 It was the tenth day of the first month when the people came up from the Jordan and made their camp at Gilgal, on the eastern border of Jericho.
Josh 5:9  Mic 6:5  1Sam 11:14-15  1Sam 15:33  Amos 4:4  Amos 5:5  Exod 12:2-3 

20 As regards those twelve stones, which they had taken from the Jordan, Joshua set them up at Gilgal.
Josh 4:3  Josh 4:8 

21 He then said to the Israelites, 'When, in the future, your children ask their fathers, "What are these stones?"
Josh 4:6  Ps 105:2-5  Ps 145:4-7 

22 you will explain to your children, "Israel crossed this Jordan dry-shod.
Josh 3:17  Exod 14:29  Exod 15:19  Isa 11:15-16  Isa 44:27  Isa 51:10  Ps 66:5-6 

23 For Yahweh your God dried up the waters of the Jordan in front of you until you had crossed, just as Yahweh your God did to the Sea of Reeds, which he dried up before us until we had crossed it;
Exod 14:21  Isa 63:12-14  Isa 43:16  Neh 9:11  Ps 77:16-19  Ps 78:13 

24 so that all the peoples of the earth may know how mighty the hand of Yahweh is, and always stand in awe of Yahweh your God." '
1Kgs 8:42-43  Exod 14:31  Ps 89:13  Exod 15:16  Ps 106:8  1Chr 29:12  2Kgs 19:19