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1 Hearing these things, all the kings on this side of the Jordan, in the highlands and in the lowlands, all along the coast of the Great Sea towards the Lebanon, Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites, with one consent
Num 34:6  Exod 3:17  Exod 23:23  Josh 3:10  Deut 3:25  Deut 4:49  Deut 7:1 

2 formed a fighting alliance against Joshua and Israel.
2Chr 20:1-30  Acts 4:26-28  Isa 8:9-10  Isa 8:12  Isa 54:15  Joel 3:9-13  Ps 2:1-2 

3 When the inhabitants of Gibeon learned how Joshua had treated Jericho and Ai, for their part,
Josh 10:2  Josh 9:17  2Sam 21:1-2  Josh 6:1-27  Josh 8:1-35 

4 they had recourse to a ruse. They provided themselves with supplies, and loaded their donkeys with old sacks and with old wineskins which had burst and been sewn up again.
Luke 5:37-38  Luke 16:8  Mark 2:22  1Kgs 20:31-33  Gen 34:13  Matt 9:17  Matt 10:16 

5 They put on patched old sandals and worn-out clothes. The only bread they took with them to eat was dried up and crumbling.
Luke 15:22  Deut 29:5  Deut 33:25  Josh 9:13 

6 They came to Joshua in the camp at Gilgal, and to him and the men of Israel they said, 'We come from a distant country, so make a treaty with us.'
Josh 5:10  2Kgs 20:14  1Kgs 8:41  Deut 20:11-15  Josh 9:9  Josh 10:43 

7 The Israelites answered these Hivites, 'For all we know, you may live right among us. How then could we make a treaty with you?'
Josh 11:19  Judg 2:2  Deut 7:2-3  Deut 20:16  Exod 3:8  Exod 23:31-33  Exod 34:12 

8 They said to Joshua, 'We are your servants.' 'But who are you?' Joshua asked them, 'and where do you come from?'
2Kgs 10:5  Deut 20:11  Josh 9:11  1Kgs 9:20-21  Gen 9:25-26  Josh 9:23  Josh 9:25 

9 They said, 'Your servants have come from a country very far away, because of the fame of Yahweh your God; for we have heard of him and of all that he did in Egypt,
Deut 20:15  Josh 9:24  Josh 2:9-10  1Kgs 8:41  2Chr 6:32-33  Acts 8:7  Exod 9:16 

10 and of all that he did to the two Amorite kings who used to live on the other side of the Jordan: Sihon king of Heshbon, and Og king of Bashan, who used to live at Ashtaroth.
Deut 1:4  Josh 12:4  Num 21:24-35  1Chr 6:71  Deut 2:30-7 

11 Because of which, our elders and all the people of our country said to us, "Take provisions with you for the journey; go and meet them and say to them: We are your servants; so make a treaty with us."
Esth 8:17  Josh 9:8  Gen 43:12  Josh 1:11  Luke 9:3  Matt 10:9-10 

12 Here is our bread; it was warm when we took it from home to provide for our journey the day we set out to come to you, and now, you can see, it is dried up and crumbling.
Josh 9:4-5 

13 These wineskins were new when we filled them; you can see, they have burst; and these clothes and sandals of ours are worn out from travelling such a long way.'

14 The leaders sampled some of the food they offered, but they did not ask Yahweh's orders.
Num 27:21  1Chr 10:13-14  Ezra 8:21  Judg 1:1  Prov 3:5-6  1Sam 14:18-19  1Sam 22:10 

15 Joshua made peace with them, and struck a treaty with them guaranteeing their lives, and the leaders of the community ratified it by oath.
2Sam 21:2  Josh 11:19  Deut 20:10-11  Exod 23:32  Jer 18:7-8  Josh 2:12-19  Josh 6:22-25 

16 Now it so happened that three days after the treaty had been made, it became known that they were a neighbouring people, living in Israel's region.
Prov 12:19 

17 The Israelites set out from camp, arriving in their towns three days later. Their towns were Gibeon, Chephirah, Beeroth and Kiriath-Jearim.
1Sam 7:1  Ezra 2:25  Josh 18:25-28  1Chr 13:5-6  1Chr 21:29  2Chr 1:3-4  Josh 10:2 

18 The Israelites did not attack them, since the leaders of the community had sworn to them by Yahweh, God of Israel, but the whole community muttered against the leaders.
Ps 15:4  2Sam 21:7  Eccl 5:2  Eccl 5:6  Eccl 9:2 

19 The leaders, however, all said to the whole community, 'Since we have sworn an oath to them by Yahweh, God of Israel, we cannot touch them now.
Eccl 8:2  Eccl 9:2  Jer 4:2  Josh 9:20 

20 This is what we shall do with them: let them live, rather than bring retribution down on ourselves on account of the oath which we have sworn to them.'
1Tim 1:10  2Chr 36:13  2Sam 21:1-6  Ezek 17:12-21  Mal 3:5  Rom 1:31  Prov 20:25 

21 And the leaders went on, 'Let them live, but let them be wood-cutters and water-carriers for the whole community.' Thus spoke the leaders.
Deut 29:11  Josh 9:23  Josh 9:27  2Chr 2:17-18  Josh 9:15 

22 Joshua sent for the Gibeonites and asked them, 'Why did you deceive us by saying, "We live very far away," when in fact you live right among us?
Josh 9:6  Josh 9:16  2Cor 11:3  Gen 3:13-14  Gen 27:35-36  Gen 27:41-45  Gen 29:25 

23 From now on, you are accursed and will for ever be serfs, as wood-cutters and water-carriers in the house of my God.'
Josh 9:27  Josh 9:21  Gen 9:25-26  Lev 27:28-29 

24 Their answer to Joshua was, 'We did it because your servants had been rightly told that Yahweh your God had ordered his servant Moses to give you the whole of this country and destroy all its inhabitants before you; also because, as you advanced on us, we feared very greatly for our lives. That was why we did this.
Deut 7:1-2  Deut 20:15-17  Exod 23:31-33  Deut 7:23-24  Exod 15:14-16  Job 2:4  Josh 9:9 

25 Now, as you see, we are at your mercy; do to us whatever you think good and right.'
Gen 16:6  1Sam 3:18  2Sam 24:14  Isa 47:6  Jer 26:14  Jer 38:5  Judg 8:15 

26 What he did with them was this: he saved them from the hand of the Israelites, who did not kill them.

27 But that very day Joshua made them wood-cutters and water-carriers for the community and for the altar of Yahweh, at the place which he would eventually choose; and so they are today.
Deut 12:5