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1 When Jabin king of Hazor heard about this, he sent word to Jobab king of Merom, to the king of Shimron, to the king of Achshaph
Josh 11:10  Judg 4:2  Isa 26:11  Isa 43:2  Isa 43:5-7  Josh 10:3-4  Josh 12:19 

2 and to the kings in the northern highlands, in the plain south of Chinneroth, and those in the lowlands and on the slopes of Dor to the west.
Josh 12:3  Judg 1:27  Josh 17:11  Num 34:11  1Kgs 4:11  Josh 12:23  Josh 10:6 

3 To eastward and to westward lived the Canaanites: in the highlands, the Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites and Jebusites; the Hivites, at the foot of Hermon in the area of Mizpah.
Judg 3:3  Gen 31:49  Josh 18:26  Josh 13:11  Josh 15:63  1Kgs 9:20  1Kgs 15:22 

4 They set out with all their troops, a people as numerous as the sands of the sea, with a huge number of horses and chariots.
Judg 7:12  1Sam 13:5  Gen 22:17  Gen 32:12  1Kgs 4:20  2Sam 17:11 

5 These kings, having all agreed on a meeting place, came and set up camp together at the Waters of Merom, to fight Israel.
Isa 8:9  Ps 3:1  Ps 118:10-12  Rev 16:14 

6 Yahweh then said to Joshua, 'Do not be afraid of them, for by this time tomorrow I shall hand them all over, cut to pieces, to Israel; you will hamstring their horses and burn their chariots.'
2Sam 8:4  Josh 10:8  Josh 11:9  1Sam 11:9  2Chr 20:16  Deut 7:16  Hos 14:3 

7 With all his warriors Joshua caught them unawares near the Waters of Merom and fell on them.
Josh 10:9  1Thess 5:2-3 

8 Yahweh put them at Israel's mercy and they defeated them and pursued them as far as Sidon the Great, and as far as Misrephoth to the west, and as far as the Vale of Mizpah to the east; they harried them until not one of them was left alive.
Josh 13:6  Josh 19:28  Gen 10:15  Gen 49:13  Josh 11:3  Josh 21:44  Zech 9:2 

9 Joshua treated them as Yahweh had told him; he hamstrung their horses and burned their chariots.
Josh 11:6  Ezek 39:9-10 

10 Joshua then turned back and captured Hazor, putting its king to the sword. Hazor in olden days was the capital of all these kingdoms.
Josh 11:1  Judg 4:2 

11 In compliance with the curse of destruction, they put every living creature there to the sword. Not a living soul was left, and Hazor was burnt to the ground.
Josh 10:40  Deut 20:16 

12 All these royal cities and all their kings Joshua put to the sword in compliance with the curse of destruction, as Moses, servant of Yahweh, had ordered.
Deut 7:2  Deut 20:16-17  Josh 8:8  Josh 8:31  Josh 9:24  Josh 10:28  Josh 10:30 

13 Yet of all these towns standing on their mounds, Israel burned none, apart from Hazor, burnt by Joshua.
Jer 30:18 

14 All the spoils of these towns, including the livestock, the Israelites took as booty for themselves. But they put all the human beings to the sword till they had destroyed them completely; they did not leave a living soul.
Deut 6:10-11  Deut 20:14  Josh 8:27  Josh 10:40  Josh 11:11  Num 31:9  Num 31:11-12 

15 What Yahweh had ordered his servant Moses, Moses in turn had ordered Joshua, and Joshua carried it out, leaving nothing undone of what Yahweh had ordered Moses.
Josh 1:7  Deut 7:2  Exod 34:11-13  1Sam 15:1-3  1Sam 15:8-9  1Sam 15:11  1Sam 15:19-22 

16 In consequence, Joshua captured this entire country: the highlands, the whole Negeb and the whole of Goshen, the lowlands, the Arabah, the highlands and lowlands of Israel.
Josh 10:41  Josh 11:21  Josh 12:8  Deut 34:2-3  Ezek 17:23  Ezek 36:1-3  Ezek 36:8 

17 From Mount Halak, which rises towards Seir, to Baal-Gad in the Vale of Lebanon at the foot of Mount Hermon, he captured all their kings, struck them down and put them to death.
Deut 7:24  Josh 11:3  Josh 13:5  Deut 2:1  Deut 33:2  Gen 32:3  Josh 1:4 

18 For many a day Joshua made war on all these kings;
Josh 11:23  Josh 14:7-10 

19 no city had made peace with the Israelites except the Hivites who lived at Gibeon; all the rest had been captured in battle.
Josh 9:3-27 

20 For Yahweh had decided to harden the hearts of these men, so that they would engage Israel in battle and thus come under the curse of destruction and so receive no quarter but be exterminated, as Yahweh had ordered Moses.
Exod 4:21  Rom 9:18  Deut 20:16-17  Deut 7:16  Deut 2:30  Exod 9:16  Exod 14:17 

21 Joshua then went and wiped out the Anakim of the highlands, of Hebron, of Debir, of Anab, of all the highlands of Judah and of all the highlands of Israel; he delivered them and their towns over to the curse of destruction.
Deut 9:2  Deut 1:28  Josh 15:13-14  Num 13:22-23  Amos 2:9  Deut 2:21  Jer 3:23 

22 No Anakim were left in the territory of the Israelites, except at Gaza, Gath and Ashdod.
1Sam 17:4  Josh 15:46  1Chr 8:13  1Chr 18:1  1Chr 29:4-8  1Kgs 2:39  1Sam 5:1 

23 Joshua captured the entire country, just as Yahweh had told Moses, and he gave it as heritage to Israel, to be shared out between their tribes. And the country had rest from warfare.
Josh 21:44-45  Num 26:52-55  Josh 14:1-15  2Tim 4:7-8  Deut 1:38  Deut 11:23-25  Deut 12:9-10