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1 Joshua gathered all the tribes of Israel together at Shechem; he then summoned all the elders of Israel, its leaders, judges and officials, and they presented themselves in God's presence.
Josh 23:2  1Sam 10:19  1Kgs 12:1  Acts 10:33  Exod 18:25-26  Gen 12:6  Gen 33:18-19 

2 Joshua then said to all the people: 'Yahweh, the God of Israel, says this, "From time immemorial, your ancestors, Terah, father of Abraham and Nahor, lived beyond the River, and served other gods.
Gen 31:30  Gen 31:53  Deut 26:5  Ezek 16:3  Gen 11:26-1  Gen 31:19  Gen 31:32 

3 I then brought your ancestor Abraham from beyond the River and led him through the length and breadth of Canaan. I increased his descendants and I gave him Isaac.
Acts 7:2-3  Gen 12:1-4  Gen 21:2-3  Gen 15:5  Neh 9:7-8  Ps 127:3 

4 To Isaac I gave Jacob and Esau. To Esau I gave possession of the mountainous country of Seir. Jacob and his sons went down into Egypt.
Deut 2:5  Gen 36:8  Acts 7:15  Gen 25:24-26  Gen 32:3  Gen 46:1-7  Ps 105:23 

5 I then sent Moses and Aaron, and plagued Egypt with the wonders that I worked there; finally I brought you out.
Exod 3:10  Exod 7:1-12  Exod 4:12-14  Exod 12:37  Exod 12:51  Ps 78:43-51  Ps 105:26-36 

6 I brought your ancestors out of Egypt, and you came to the Sea; the Egyptians pursued your ancestors with chariots and horsemen, to the Sea of Reeds.
Acts 7:36  Exod 12:37  Exod 12:51  Exod 14:1-15  Heb 11:29  Isa 63:12-13  Mic 6:4 

7 They then called to Yahweh, and he spread a thick fog between you and the Egyptians, and made the sea go back on them and cover them. You saw with your own eyes what I did in Egypt. Then, for a long while, you lived in the desert.
Exod 14:20  Deut 4:34  Deut 29:2  Exod 14:10  Exod 14:27-28  Josh 5:6  Acts 13:17-18 

8 I then brought you into the country of the Amorites, who used to live on the further side of the Jordan; they made war on you and I put them at your mercy; after which, you took possession of their country, since I destroyed them before you.
Num 21:21-35  Deut 2:32-7  Josh 13:10  Neh 9:22  Ps 135:10-11  Ps 136:17-22 

9 Next, Balak son of Zippor, king of Moab, rose to make war on Israel, and sent for Balaam son of Beor to come and curse you.
Judg 11:25  Deut 23:4-5  Mic 6:5  Num 22:2  Num 22:5-21 

10 But I would not listen to Balaam; instead, he had to bless you, and I saved you from his power.
Deut 23:5  Isa 54:17  Num 22:11-12  Num 22:18-20  Num 22:35  Num 23:3-12  Num 23:15-26 

11 "You then crossed the Jordan and came to Jericho, but the inhabitants of Jericho made war on you: Amorites, Perizzites, Canaanites, Hittites, Girgashites, Hivites and Jebusites, and I put them all at your mercy.
Josh 3:14-17  Josh 4:10-12  Acts 7:45  Acts 13:19  Deut 7:1  Exod 23:23  Josh 4:23 

12 I sent hornets ahead of you, which drove out the two Amorite kings before you; this was not the work of your sword or of your bow.
Deut 7:20  Exod 23:28  Ps 44:3-6 

13 And now I have given you a country for which you have not toiled, towns you have not built, although you live in them, vineyards and olive groves you have not planted, although you eat their fruit."
Deut 6:10-12  Deut 8:7  Josh 21:45  Prov 13:22  Josh 11:13 

14 'So now, fear Yahweh and serve him truly and sincerely; banish the gods whom your ancestors served beyond the River and in Egypt, and serve Yahweh.
1Sam 12:24  Deut 10:12  Josh 24:23  Ezra 9:11  Ps 119:1  2Kgs 20:3  Deut 18:13 

15 But if serving Yahweh seems a bad thing to you, today you must make up your minds whom you do mean to serve, whether the gods whom your ancestors served beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose country you are now living. As regards my family and me, we shall serve Yahweh.'
1Kgs 18:21  John 6:67-68  Judg 6:10  Exod 23:24  Ruth 1:15-16  Ezek 20:39  Deut 29:18 

16 The people replied, 'Far be it from us to desert Yahweh and to serve other gods!
1Sam 12:23  Heb 10:38-39  Rom 3:6  Rom 6:2 

17 Yahweh our God was the one who brought us and our ancestors here from Egypt, from the place of slave-labour, who worked those great wonders before our eyes and who kept us safe all along the way we travelled and among all the peoples through whom we passed.
Amos 2:9-10  Deut 32:11-12  Exod 19:4  Isa 46:4  Isa 63:7-14  Josh 24:5-14 

18 And Yahweh has driven all the nations out for us, including the Amorites who used to live in the country. We too shall serve Yahweh, for he is our God.'
Exod 10:2  Exod 15:2  Luke 1:73-75  Mic 4:2  Ps 116:16  Zech 8:23 

19 Joshua then said to the people, 'You will not be able to serve Yahweh, since he is a holy God, he is a jealous God who will not tolerate either your misdeeds or your sins.
Exod 23:21  1Sam 6:20  Exod 20:5  Isa 5:16  Lev 19:2  Ps 99:5  Ps 99:9 

20 If you desert Yahweh and serve the foreigners' gods, he will turn and maltreat you anew and, in spite of having been good to you in the past, will destroy you.'
1Chr 28:9  Acts 7:42  2Chr 15:2  Ezek 18:24  Ezra 8:22  Heb 10:26-27  Isa 1:28 

21 The people replied to Joshua, 'No! Yahweh is the one we mean to serve.'
Deut 5:27-28  Deut 26:17  Exod 19:8  Exod 20:19  Exod 24:3  Exod 24:7  Isa 44:5 

22 Joshua then said to the people, 'You are witnesses to yourselves that you have chosen Yahweh, to serve him.' They replied, 'Witnesses we are!'
Ps 119:173  Deut 26:17  Job 15:6  Luke 10:42  Luke 19:22  Ps 119:11 

23 'Then banish the foreign gods which you have with you and give your allegiance to Yahweh, God of Israel!'
Josh 24:14  1Cor 10:19-21  1Kgs 8:58  1Sam 7:3-4  2Cor 6:16-18  Exod 20:23  Gen 35:2-4 

24 The people replied to Joshua, 'Yahweh our God is the one whom we shall serve; his voice we shall obey!'
Exod 24:3  Exod 24:7  Deut 5:27-29  Exod 19:8 

25 That day Joshua made a covenant for the people; he laid down a statute and ordinance for them at Shechem.
Exod 15:25  2Chr 23:16  2Kgs 11:17  Neh 9:38  2Chr 15:12  2Chr 15:15  2Chr 29:10 

26 Joshua wrote these words in the Book of the Law of God. He then took a large stone and set it up there, under the oak tree in Yahweh's sanctuary.
Judg 9:6  Exod 24:4  Gen 35:4  Deut 31:24-26  Gen 28:18-22  Gen 35:8  Josh 4:3-9 

27 Joshua then said to all the people, 'Look, this stone will be a witness to us, since it has heard all the words that Yahweh has spoken to us: it will be a witness against you, in case you should deny your God.'
Josh 22:27-28  Josh 22:34  Luke 19:40  2Tim 2:12-13  Deut 31:21  Deut 31:26  1Sam 7:12 

28 Joshua then dismissed the people, every one to his own heritage.
Judg 2:6 

29 After this, Joshua son of Nun, servant of Yahweh, died; he was a hundred and ten years old.
Judg 2:8  2Tim 4:7-8  Deut 34:5  Gen 50:22  Gen 50:26  Ps 115:17  Rev 14:13 

30 He was buried on the estate which he had received as his heritage, at Timnath-Serah which lies in the highlands of Ephraim, north of Mount Gaash.
Josh 19:50  2Sam 23:30  Judg 2:9 

31 Israel served Yahweh throughout the lifetime of Joshua and throughout the lifetime of those elders who outlived Joshua and had known all the deeds which Yahweh had done for the sake of Israel.
Judg 2:7  Deut 11:2  Deut 31:13  2Chr 24:2  2Chr 24:17-18  Acts 20:29  Deut 11:7 

32 As regards the bones of Joseph, which the Israelites had brought from Egypt, these were buried at Shechem in the plot of ground which Jacob had bought for a hundred pieces of silver from the sons of Hamor father of Shechem, and which had become the heritage of the sons of Joseph.
Exod 13:19  Gen 33:19  Gen 50:25  Acts 7:16  Gen 48:22  Heb 11:22  John 4:5 

33 Eleazar son of Aaron then died and was buried at Gibeah, the town of his son Phinehas, which had been given to him in the highlands of Ephraim.
Exod 6:25  Josh 22:13  Acts 13:36  Exod 6:23  Heb 7:24  Heb 9:26-27  Isa 57:1-2