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1 Abimelech son of Jerubbaal confronted his mother's brothers at Shechem and, to them and to the whole clan of his maternal grandfather's family, he said,
Judg 8:31  1Kgs 12:1  1Kgs 12:3  1Kgs 12:20  2Sam 15:6  Gen 33:18  Gen 34:2 

2 'Please put this question to the leading men of Shechem: Which is better for you: to be ruled by seventy people -- all Jerubbaal's sons -- or to be ruled by one? Remember too that I am your own flesh and bone.'
Gen 29:14  Judg 8:30  1Chr 11:1  2Sam 19:13  Eph 5:30  Heb 2:14 

3 His mother's brothers said all this on his behalf to all the leading men of Shechem, and their feelings swayed them to follow Abimelech, since they argued, 'He is our brother.'
Gen 29:15  Ps 10:3  Prov 1:11-14 

4 So they gave him seventy shekels of silver from the temple of Baal-Berith, and with this Abimelech paid violent adventurers to follow him.
Judg 8:33  2Chr 13:7  Acts 17:5  Judg 11:3  Prov 12:11  1Sam 22:2  Job 30:8 

5 He then went to his father's house at Ophrah and put his brothers, Jerubbaal's seventy sons, to death on one and the same stone. Jotham, however, Jerubbaal's youngest son, escaped by going into hiding.
2Kgs 11:1-2  Judg 6:24  2Chr 21:4  2Kgs 10:17  Judg 8:30  Judg 9:2  Matt 2:16 

6 All the leading men of Shechem and all Beth-Millo then met and proclaimed Abimelech king at the oak of the cultic stone at Shechem.
2Sam 5:9  1Kgs 12:1  1Kgs 12:20  1Kgs 12:25  2Kgs 12:20  Josh 24:26 

7 News of this was brought to Jotham. He went and stood on the top of Mount Gerizim and shouted at the top of his voice: Hear me, leaders of Shechem, so that God may also hear you!
Deut 11:29  Deut 27:12  John 4:20  Josh 8:33  Isa 1:15  Isa 58:6-10  Jas 2:13 

8 One day the trees went out to anoint a king to rule them. They said to the olive tree, 'Be our king!'
2Kgs 14:9  Judg 8:22-23  Dan 4:10-18  Ezek 17:3-10 

9 The olive tree replied, 'Must I forgo my oil which gives honour to gods and men, to stand and sway over the trees?'
1John 2:20  1Kgs 19:15-16  Acts 4:27  Acts 10:38  Exod 29:2  Exod 29:7  Exod 35:14 

10 Then the trees said to the fig tree, 'You come and be our king!'

11 The fig tree replied, 'Must I forgo my sweetness, forgo my excellent fruit, to go and sway over the trees?'
Luke 13:6-7 

12 Then the trees said to the vine, 'You come and be our king!'

13 The vine replied, 'Must I forgo my wine which cheers gods and men, to go and sway over the trees?'
Eccl 10:19  Ps 104:15  Num 15:5  Num 15:7  Num 15:10  Prov 31:6 

14 Then the trees all said to the thorn bush, 'You come and be our king!'
2Kgs 14:9 

15 And the thorn bush replied to the trees, 'If you are anointing me in good faith to be your king, come and shelter in my shade. But, if not, fire will come out of the thorn bush and devour the cedars of Lebanon.'
Isa 30:2  Hos 14:7  Isa 2:13  Judg 9:20  2Kgs 14:9  Dan 4:12  Ezek 19:14 

16 'Now then, if you have acted in sincerity and good faith in making Abimelech king, if you have dealt honourably with Jerubbaal and his family, and have treated him as his actions deserved,
Judg 8:35 

17 my father having fought for you, risked his life and rescued you from the power of Midian,
Esth 4:16  Judg 7:1-25  Judg 8:4-10  Rev 12:11  Rom 5:8  Rom 16:4 

18 and you today having risen up against my father's family, murdered his sons -- seventy of them on one and the same stone -- and appointed Abimelech, his slave-girl's son, to rule the leading men of Shechem, because he is your brother!-
Judg 9:5-6  Judg 8:30-31  Judg 8:35  Judg 9:14  Ps 109:4 

19 if, I say, you have acted in sincerity and good faith towards Jerubbaal and his family, then may Abimelech be your joy and may you be his!
Isa 8:6  Jas 4:16  Phil 3:3 

20 If not, may fire come out of Abimelech and devour the leading men of Shechem and Beth-Millo, and fire come out of the leading men of Shechem and Beth-Millo to devour Abimelech!'
Judg 9:15  Judg 9:56-57  2Chr 20:22-23  Judg 7:22  Judg 9:23  Ps 21:9-10  Ps 28:4 

21 Jotham then took to his heels; he fled and made his way to Beer; and there he stayed, to be out of his brother Abimelech's reach.
Num 21:16  2Sam 20:14  Josh 19:8 

22 Abimelech ruled Israel for three years.

23 God then sent a spirit of discord between Abimelech and the leaders of Shechem, and the leaders of Shechem betrayed Abimelech.
Isa 33:1  Isa 19:14  Isa 19:2  1Kgs 12:15  1Kgs 22:22-23  1Sam 16:14-16  1Sam 18:9-10 

24 And this was so that the crime committed against Jerubbaal's seventy sons should be avenged, and their blood recoil on their brother Abimelech who had murdered them, and on those leaders of Shechem who had helped him to murder his brothers.
1Kgs 2:32  Esth 9:25  Ps 7:16  1Sam 15:33  Deut 27:25  Judg 9:56-57  Matt 23:34-36 

25 The leaders of Shechem put men to ambush him on the mountain tops, and these robbed anyone travelling their way. Abimelech was told of this.
Josh 8:4  Josh 8:12-13  Prov 1:11-12 

26 Gaal son of Obed, with his brothers, happened to pass through Shechem and win the confidence of the leaders of Shechem.
Gen 13:8  Gen 19:7 

27 These went out into the countryside to harvest their vineyards; they trod the grapes and made merry and went into the temple of their god. They ate and drank there and cursed Abimelech.
Judg 9:4  1Sam 17:43  Amos 6:3-6  Dan 5:1-4  Dan 5:23  Exod 32:6  Exod 32:19 

28 Gaal son of Obed said, 'Who is Abimelech, and what is Shechem, for us to be his slaves? Should not Jerubbaal's son and his lieutenant, Zebul, be serving the men of Hamor, father of Shechem? Why should we be his slaves?
Gen 34:2  1Sam 25:10  Gen 34:6  1Kgs 12:16  2Sam 20:1 

29 Who will put this people under my command, so that I can expel Abimelech? I should say to him, "Reinforce your army and come out!" '
2Sam 15:4  1Kgs 20:11  2Kgs 14:8  2Kgs 18:23  2Sam 2:14-17  Isa 36:8-9  Ps 10:3 

30 Zebul the governor of the town was told what Gaal son of Obed had said, and he was furious.

31 He sent messengers secretly to Abimelech to say, 'Look! Gaal son of Obed has come to Shechem with his brothers, and they are stirring up the town against you.

32 So, move under cover of dark, you and the men you have with you, and take up concealed positions in the countryside;
Job 24:14-17  Ps 36:4  Rom 3:15  Prov 1:11-16  Prov 4:16 

33 then in the morning at sunrise, break cover and rush on the town. When Gaal and his supporters come out to meet you, treat them as occasion offers.'
1Sam 10:7  Eccl 9:10  1Sam 25:8  Lev 25:26 

34 So Abimelech set off under cover of dark with all his own supporters and took up concealed positions over against Shechem, in four groups.

35 As Gaal son of Obed was coming out and pausing at the entrance of the town gate, Abimelech and his supporters rose from their ambush.

36 Gaal saw these men and said to Zebul, 'Look, there are men coming down from the tops of the mountains!' Zebul answered, 'You mistake the shadow of the mountains for men.'
Ezek 7:7  Mark 8:24 

37 But Gaal insisted, 'Look, there are men coming down from the Navel of the Earth and another group is coming from the direction of the Diviners' Oak.'
Deut 18:14 

38 Zebul then said, 'Where are your mouthings now about "Who is Abimelech, for us to be his slaves?" Are not these the men you made light of? Sally out, then, and fight him.'
Judg 9:28-29  2Kgs 14:8-14  2Sam 2:26-27  Jer 2:28 

39 Gaal sallied out at the head of the leaders of Shechem and engaged Abimelech.

40 Abimelech drove Gaal off, who turned tail, many of his men falling dead before they could reach the gate.
1Kgs 20:18-21  1Kgs 20:30 

41 Abimelech then stayed at Aruma, and Zebul expelled Gaal and his brothers and prevented them from living in Shechem.
Judg 9:28  Judg 9:30 

42 Next day, when the people went out into the countryside, Abimelech was told of this.

43 He took his men, divided them into three groups and lay in wait in the fields. When he saw the people leaving the town, he bore down on them and slaughtered them.

44 While Abimelech and his group rushed forward and took position at the entrance to the town gate, the two other groups fell on everyone in the fields and slaughtered them.
Gal 5:15  Judg 9:15  Judg 9:20 

45 All that day Abimelech attacked the town. He stormed it and slaughtered the people inside, razed the town and sowed it with salt.
2Kgs 3:25  Deut 29:23  1Kgs 12:25  Ezek 47:11  Jas 2:13  Ps 107:34  Zeph 2:9 

46 On hearing this, all the leading men inside Migdal-Shechem took refuge in the crypt of the temple of El-Berith.
Judg 8:33  Judg 9:4  1Kgs 8:26  2Kgs 1:2-4  Isa 28:15-18  Isa 37:38  Judg 9:27 

47 As soon as Abimelech heard that the leading men inside Migdal-Shechem had all gathered there,

48 he went up Mount Zalmon with all his men. Then taking an axe in his hands, he cut off the branch of a tree, picked it up and put it on his shoulder, and said to the men with him, 'Hurry and do what you have seen me do.'
Ps 68:14  Judg 7:17-18  Prov 1:11-12 

49 Each of his men similarly cut off a branch; then, following Abimelech, they piled the branches over the crypt and set it on fire over those who were inside; so that all the people in Migdal-Shechem died too, about a thousand men and women.
Gal 5:15  Jas 3:16  Judg 9:15  Judg 9:20 

50 Abimelech then marched on Thebez, besieged it and captured it.

51 In the middle of the town there was a fortified tower in which all the men and women and all the leading men of the town took refuge. They locked the door behind them and climbed up to the roof of the tower.

52 Abimelech reached the tower and attacked it. As he was approaching the door of the tower to set it on fire,
2Kgs 14:10  2Kgs 15:16  Judg 9:48-49 

53 a woman threw down a millstone on his head and cracked his skull.
2Sam 11:21  2Sam 20:21  Jer 49:20  Jer 50:45  Job 31:3  Judg 9:15  Judg 9:20 

54 He instantly called his young armour-bearer and said, 'Draw your sword and kill me, so that it will not be said of me that "A woman killed him".' His armour-bearer ran him through, and he died.
1Sam 31:4-5 

55 When the men of Israel saw that Abimelech was dead, they dispersed to their homes.
1Kgs 22:35-36  2Sam 18:16  2Sam 20:21-22  Prov 22:10 

56 Thus God made to recoil on Abimelech the evil he had done his father by murdering his seventy brothers,
Ps 94:23  Judg 9:24  Prov 5:22  Acts 28:4  Gal 6:7  Job 31:3  Matt 7:2 

57 and all the evil that the men of Shechem had done God made recoil on their heads too. And so the curse of Jotham son of Jerubbaal came true for them.
Judg 9:20  1Kgs 16:34  Josh 6:26  Judg 9:45