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1 How the gold has tarnished, how the fine gold has changed! The sacred stones lie scattered at the corner of every street.
Ezek 7:19-22  Isa 1:21  Lam 2:19  2Kgs 25:9-10  Isa 14:12  Jer 52:13  Matt 24:2 

2 The children of Zion, as precious as finest gold -- to think that they should now be reckoned like crockery made by a potter!
Jer 19:11  Isa 30:14  2Cor 4:7  Rom 9:21-23  Lam 5:12  Lam 2:21  Jer 22:28 

3 The very jackals give the breast, and suckle their young: but the daughter of my people is as cruel as the ostriches of the desert.
Ezek 5:10  Isa 49:15  2Kgs 6:26-29  Luke 23:28-29  Lev 26:29  Lam 4:10  Lam 2:20 

4 The tongue of the baby at the breast sticks to its palate for thirst; little children ask for bread, no one gives them any.
Ps 22:15  Lam 2:11-12  Deut 32:24  Lam 1:11  Matt 7:9-11  Ps 137:6 

5 Those who used to eat only the best, now lie dying in the streets; those who were reared in the purple claw at the rubbish heaps,
Amos 6:3-7  Luke 16:19  Luke 15:16  1Tim 5:6  Rev 18:7-9  Luke 7:25  Prov 31:21 

6 for the wickedness of the daughter of my people exceeded the sins of Sodom, which was overthrown in a moment without a hand being laid on it.
Gen 19:25  Luke 10:12  Dan 9:12  Ezek 16:48-50  Isa 1:9-10  Lam 4:9  Luke 12:47 

7 Once her young people were brighter than snow, whiter than milk; rosier than coral their bodies, their hue like sapphire.
Ps 51:7  Song 5:10  Ps 144:12  Num 6:2-21  Judg 16:17  Judg 13:7  Judg 13:5 

8 Now their faces are blacker than soot, they are not recognised in the streets, the skin has shrunk over their bones, as dry as a stick.
Lam 5:10  Job 30:30  Ps 102:3-5  Ps 119:83  Job 19:20  Ps 102:11  Ps 38:3 

9 Happier those killed by the sword than those killed by famine: they waste away, sunken for lack of the fruits of the earth.
Ezek 24:23  Lev 26:39  Ezek 33:10  Jer 16:4 

10 With their own hands, kindly women cooked their children; this was their food when the daughter of my people was ruined.
Lam 2:20  Isa 49:15  Jer 19:9  2Kgs 6:26-29  Deut 28:53-57  Ezek 5:10  Lam 3:48 

11 Yahweh indulged his fury, he vented his fierce anger, he lit a fire in Zion which devoured her foundations.
Jer 7:20  Ezek 22:31  Jer 17:27  Lam 2:17  Lam 4:22  Luke 21:22  Lam 2:8 

12 The kings of the earth never believed, nor did any of the inhabitants of the world, that foe or enemy would ever penetrate the gates of Jerusalem.
1Kgs 9:8-9  Deut 29:24-28  Jer 21:13  Ps 48:4-6 

13 Owing to the sins of her prophets and the crimes of her priests, who had shed the blood of the upright, in the heart of the city,
Jer 5:31  Jer 6:13  Jer 26:8-9  Matt 23:31  Lam 2:14  Ezek 22:26-28  Matt 23:33-37 

14 they wandered blindly through the streets, polluted with blood, so that no one dared to touch their clothes.
Jer 2:34  Deut 28:28-29  Num 19:16  Isa 1:15  Isa 56:10  Mic 3:6-7  Matt 15:14 

15 'Keep away! Unclean!' people shouted, 'Keep away! Keep away! Don't touch!' If they left and fled to the nations, they were not allowed to stay there either.
Lev 13:45-46 

16 The face of Yahweh destroyed them, he will look on them no more. There was no respect for the priests, no deference for the elders.
Lam 5:12  Isa 9:14-16  2Chr 36:17  Lev 26:33-39  Jer 24:9  Jer 15:4  Heb 8:9 

17 Continually we were wearing out our eyes, watching for help -- in vain. From our towers we watched for a nation which could not save us anyway.
Ezek 29:16  2Kgs 24:7  Ezek 29:6-7  Isa 20:5  Lam 1:7  Jer 37:7-10  Jer 8:20 

18 Men dogged our steps, to keep us out of our streets. Our end was near, our days were done, our end had come.
Amos 8:2  Ezek 7:2-12  Jer 16:16  Lam 3:52  Job 10:16  Jer 52:7-9  Jer 51:33 

19 Our pursuers were swifter than eagles in the sky; they hounded our steps through the mountains, they lay in ambush for us in the wilds.
Hab 1:8  Isa 5:26-28  Jer 4:13  Deut 28:49  Isa 30:16-17  Amos 2:14  Amos 9:1-3 

20 The breath of our nostrils, Yahweh's anointed, was caught in their traps, he of whom we said, 'In his shadow we shall live among the nations.'
2Sam 19:21  Gen 2:7  Jer 39:5  Ezek 12:13  Lam 2:9  2Sam 1:14  Jer 52:8 

21 Rejoice, exult, daughter of Edom, you who reside in Uz! To you in turn the cup will pass; you will get drunk and strip yourself naked!
Amos 1:11  Ps 137:7  Job 1:1  2Chr 28:19  Jer 49:12  Mal 1:2-4  Mic 1:11 

22 Your wickedness is atoned for, daughter of Zion, he will never banish you again. But your wickedness, daughter of Edom, will he punish, your sins he will lay bare!
Isa 40:2  Ps 137:7  Mal 1:4  Lam 4:21  Lam 4:6  Jer 50:20  Jer 46:27-28