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1 There was a great outcry from the people, and from their wives, against their brother Jews.
Isa 5:7  1Cor 6:6-8  Acts 7:26  Deut 15:7-11  Exod 3:7  Exod 22:25-27  Jas 5:4 

2 Some said, 'We are having to pledge our sons and daughters to get enough grain to eat and keep us alive.'
Gen 41:57  Gen 42:2  Gen 43:8  Mal 2:2  Ps 127:3-5  Ps 128:2-4 

3 Others said, 'We are having to mortgage our fields, our vineyards and our houses to get grain because of the shortage.'
Deut 15:7  Gen 47:15-25  Lev 25:35-39  Mal 3:8-11 

4 Still others said, 'We have had to borrow money on our fields and our vineyards to pay the royal tax;
Ezra 4:13  Ezra 4:20  1Kgs 9:21  Deut 28:47-48  Ezra 7:24  Josh 16:10  Neh 9:37 

5 and though we belong to the same race as our brothers, and our children are as good as theirs, we shall have to sell our sons and our daughters into slavery; some of our daughters have been sold into slavery already. We can do nothing about it, since our fields and our vineyards now belong to others.'
2Kgs 4:1  Lev 25:39-43  Gen 37:27  Isa 58:7  Exod 21:1-11  Gen 29:14  Jas 2:5-6 

6 When I heard their complaints and these words I was very angry.
Exod 11:8  Eph 4:26  Mark 3:5  Neh 13:8  Neh 13:25  Num 16:15 

7 Having turned the matter over in my mind, I reprimanded the nobles and the officials as follows, 'Each of you is imposing a burden on his brother.' Summoning a great assembly to deal with them,
Exod 22:25  Lev 25:36  Deut 23:19-20  2Chr 19:6-7  Deut 15:2-3  Deut 24:10-13  Ezek 22:12 

8 I said to them, 'To the best of our power, we have redeemed our brother Jews who were forced to sell themselves to foreigners, and now you in turn are selling your brothers, for them to be bought back by us!' They were silent and could find nothing to say.
Lev 25:47-49  1Cor 8:11  2Cor 8:12  Deut 24:7  Exod 21:16  Gal 6:10  Job 29:10 

9 'What you are doing', I went on, 'is wrong. Do you not want to walk in the fear of our God and escape the sneers of the nations, our enemies?
Lev 25:36  2Sam 12:14  1Pet 2:12  1Sam 2:24  1Tim 5:14  Acts 9:31  Ezek 36:20 

10 I too, with my brothers and retainers, have lent them money and grain. Let us cancel these pledges.
Exod 22:25-27  1Cor 9:12-18  2Cor 5:11  2Cor 5:20  2Cor 6:1  Ezek 18:8  Ezek 18:13 

11 This very day return them their fields, their vineyards, their olive groves and their houses, and cancel the claim on the money, grain, new wine and olive oil, which you have lent them.'
Isa 58:6  1Sam 12:3  2Sam 12:6  Lev 6:4-5  Luke 3:8  Neh 5:3-4 

12 'We shall make restitution,' they replied, 'we shall claim nothing more from them; we shall do as you say.' Summoning the priests, I then made them swear to do as they had promised.
Ezra 10:5  2Chr 6:22-23  2Chr 15:13-14  2Chr 28:14-15  2Kgs 23:2-3  Ezra 10:12  Jer 34:8-10 

13 Then, shaking out the fold of my garment, I said, 'May God thus shake out of house and possessions anyone who does not make good this promise; may he be shaken out thus and left empty!' And the whole assembly answered, 'Amen' and praised Yahweh. And the people kept this promise.
Acts 18:6  1Chr 16:36  Matt 10:14  1Kgs 11:29-31  1Sam 15:28  2Kgs 23:3  Acts 13:51 

14 What is more, from the time when the king appointed me to be their governor in Judah, from the twentieth to the thirty-second year of King Artaxerxes, for twelve years, neither I nor my brothers ever levied the governor's subsistence allowance,
Neh 13:6  Neh 2:1  1Cor 9:4-15  1Cor 9:18  2Thess 3:8-9  Ezra 4:13-14  Rom 13:6-7 

15 whereas the former governors, my predecessors, had been a burden on the people, from whom they took forty silver shekels a day for food and wine, while their attendants oppressed the people too. But I, fearing God, never did this.
Neh 5:9  Job 31:23  Matt 5:47  1Sam 2:15-17  1Sam 8:15  2Cor 11:9  2Cor 12:13 

16 Also, not acquiring any land, I concentrated on the work of this wall and all my attendants joined in the work together, too.
1Cor 15:58  1Thess 2:5-6  2Cor 12:16-18  Acts 20:33-35  Gal 6:9  Luke 8:15  Num 16:15 

17 Furthermore, magistrates and officials to the number of a hundred and fifty ate at my table, not to mention those who came to us from the surrounding nations.
1Kgs 18:19  2Sam 9:7  1Pet 4:9-10  2Sam 9:13  Isa 32:8  Rom 12:13 

18 Every day, one ox, six fine sheep, as well as poultry, were prepared for me; every ten days, skins of wine were brought in bulk. But even so, I never claimed the governor's subsistence allowance, since the people already had burden enough to bear.
1Kgs 4:22-23  Neh 5:14-15  Ps 37:21  Ps 37:26 

19 To my credit, my God, remember all I have done for this people.
Neh 13:31  Neh 13:14  Neh 13:22  Ps 106:4  Gen 40:14  Jer 29:11  Mark 9:41