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1 Yahweh spoke to Moses and said:

2 'Make yourself two trumpets; make them of beaten silver, so that you can use them for summoning the community, and for sounding the order to break camp.
Isa 1:13  Joel 1:14  Ps 81:3  2Chr 5:12  2Kgs 12:13  Eph 4:5  Exod 25:18 

3 Whenever they are sounded, the whole community must gather round you, at the entrance to the Tent of Meeting.
Jer 4:5  Joel 2:15-16 

4 But if only one trumpet is sounded, then only the leaders, the heads of Israel's thousands, must gather round you.
Exod 18:21  Num 7:2  Deut 1:15  Num 1:4-16 

5 'When the trumpet blast is accompanied by a battle cry, the encampments pitched to the east will set out.
Num 2:3-9  Num 10:14  Isa 58:1  Joel 2:1  Num 10:6-7 

6 At the second blast accompanied by a battle cry, the encampments pitched to the south will set out. For breaking camp, the trumpet blast will be accompanied by a battle cry,
Num 2:10-16  Num 10:18 

7 but for assembling the community the trumpets will be sounded without battle cry.
Joel 2:1  Num 10:3-4 

8 The Aaronite priests will sound the trumpets; this is a perpetual decree for you and your descendants.
Num 31:6  1Chr 15:24  1Chr 16:6  2Chr 13:12-15  Josh 6:4-16 

9 'When in your country you go to war against an enemy who is oppressing you, you will sound trumpets with a battle cry, and Yahweh your God will remember you, and you will be delivered from your enemies.
1Sam 10:18  Gen 8:1  Judg 2:18  Ps 106:4  Ps 106:42  2Chr 13:14  Josh 6:5 

10 At your festivals, solemnities and new-moon feasts, you will sound the trumpets over your burnt offerings and communion sacrifices, so that they recall you to the remembrance of your God. I am Yahweh your God.'
Ps 81:3  1Chr 15:24  2Chr 5:12-13  2Chr 7:6  2Chr 29:26  2Chr 29:28  Ezra 3:10 

11 In the second year, in the second month, on the twentieth day of the month, the cloud rose from where the Dwelling of the Testimony was,
Exod 40:2  Exod 40:17  Num 1:1  Num 9:1  Num 9:5  Num 9:11  Num 9:17-23 

12 and the Israelites set out, in marching order, from the desert of Sinai. The cloud came to rest in the desert of Paran.
Gen 21:21  Num 12:16  Deut 1:1  Exod 19:1-2  Num 1:1  Num 9:5  Num 13:3 

13 These were the men who set out in the vanguard, at Yahweh's order through Moses:
Deut 1:6  Num 9:23 

14 first went the standard of the camp of the Judahites and their units, with Nahshon son of Amminadab commanding that contingent;
Num 2:3-9  Num 1:7  Gen 49:8  Num 7:12  Num 26:19-27 

15 Nethanel son of Zuar commanding the tribal contingent of the Issacharites;
Num 1:8  Num 7:18 

16 and Eliab son of Helon commanding the tribal contingent of the Zebulunites.
Num 1:9  Num 7:24 

17 The Dwelling was then dismantled and the Gershonites and Merarites set out, carrying the Dwelling.
Num 1:51  Num 7:6-8  2Pet 1:14  Heb 9:11  Heb 12:28  Num 3:25-26  Num 3:36-37 

18 Then came the standard of the camp of the Reubenites and their units, with Elizur son of Shedeur commanding that contingent;
Num 2:10-16  Num 1:5  Num 7:35  Num 26:5-18 

19 Shelumiel son of Zurishaddai commanding the tribal contingent of the Simeonites;
Num 1:6  Num 7:36 

20 and Eliasaph son of Reuel commanding the tribal contingent of the Gadites.
Num 1:14  Num 2:14  Num 7:42 

21 Then came the Kohathites carrying the sanctuary (the Dwelling was erected before they arrived).
Num 10:17  Num 4:4-16  Num 7:9  1Chr 15:2  1Chr 15:12-15  Num 1:51  Num 2:17 

22 Then came the standard of the camp of the Ephraimites and their units, with Elishama son of Ammihud commanding that contingent;
Num 2:18-24  Num 1:10  Gen 48:19  Num 7:48  Num 26:23-41  Ps 80:1-2 

23 Gamaliel son of Pedahzur commanding the tribal contingent of the Manassehites;
Num 1:10  Num 7:54 

24 and Abidan son of Gideoni commanding the tribal contingent of the Benjaminites.
Num 1:11  Num 7:60 

25 Last of all, the rearguard of all the camps, came the standard of the camp of the Danites and their units, with Ahiezer son of Ammishaddai commanding that contingent;
Josh 6:9  Num 1:12  Deut 25:17-18  Gen 49:16-17  Isa 52:12  Isa 58:8  Num 2:25-31 

26 Pagiel son of Ochran commanding the tribal contingent of the Asherites;
Num 1:13  Num 7:72 

27 and Ahira son of Enan commanding the tribal contingent of the Naphtalites.
Num 1:15  Num 7:78 

28 Such was the order of march for the Israelites, unit by unit. So they set out.
Num 2:34  1Cor 14:33  1Cor 14:40  Col 2:5  Num 10:35-36  Num 24:4-5  Song 6:10 

29 Moses said to Hobab son of Reuel the Midianite, his father-in-law, 'We are setting out for the country of which Yahweh has said: I shall give it to you. Come with us, and we will treat you well, for Yahweh has promised good things for Israel.'
Gen 12:7  Exod 2:18  Exod 3:1  Judg 4:11  Exod 6:7-8  Exod 3:8  Gen 32:12 

30 'I will not come with you,' he replied, 'but shall go to my own country and kin.'
2Cor 5:16  Gen 12:1  Gen 31:30  Heb 11:8  Heb 11:13  Luke 14:26  Matt 21:29 

31 'Do not leave us,' Moses said, 'for you know where we can camp in the desert, and so you will be our eyes.
Job 29:15  1Cor 12:14-21  Gal 6:2  Ps 32:8 

32 If you come with us, we shall share with you whatever blessings Yahweh gives us.'
Judg 1:16  Judg 4:11  1John 1:3  Deut 10:18  Ps 22:27-31  Ps 67:5-7 

33 They set out from Yahweh's mountain and travelled for three days, while the ark of the covenant of Yahweh preceded them on the three-day journey, searching out a place for them to halt.
Deut 1:33  Exod 3:1  1Sam 4:3  Deut 9:9  Deut 31:26  Exod 19:3  Exod 24:17-18 

34 In the daytime, Yahweh's cloud was over them, once they had broken camp.
Exod 13:21-22  Neh 9:12  Neh 9:19  Num 9:15-23  Ps 105:39 

35 Whenever the ark set out, Moses would say: Rise, Yahweh, may your enemies be scattered and those who hate you flee at your approach!
Ps 68:1-2  Deut 7:10  Deut 32:41  Isa 17:12-14  Isa 51:9  Ps 132:8 

36 And when it halted, he would say: Come back, Yahweh, to the countless thousands of Israel!
Deut 1:10  Gen 24:60  Isa 63:17  Ps 90:13-17