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1 The Israelites, the whole community, arrived in the first month at the desert of Zin. The people settled at Kadesh. There Miriam died and was buried.
Num 13:21  Exod 15:20  Num 33:36  Num 12:1  Num 26:59  Num 27:14  Deut 1:22-23 

2 There was no water for the community, so they banded together against Moses and Aaron.
Num 16:19  Num 16:42  1Cor 10:10-11  Exod 15:23-24  Exod 16:2  Exod 16:7  Exod 16:12 

3 The people laid the blame on Moses. 'We would rather have died', they said, 'as our brothers died before Yahweh!
Exod 17:2  Num 16:31-35  Num 11:1  Num 16:49  Exod 16:2-3  Job 3:10-11  Lam 4:9 

4 Why have you brought Yahweh's community into this desert, for us and our livestock to die here?
Exod 17:3  Acts 7:35  Acts 7:39-40  Exod 5:21  Exod 14:11-12  Exod 16:3  Num 11:5 

5 Why did you lead us out of Egypt, only to bring us to this wretched place? It is a place unfit for sowing, it has no figs, no vines, no pomegranates, and there is not even water to drink!'
Num 16:14  Deut 8:15  Ezek 20:36  Jer 2:2  Jer 2:6  Neh 9:21 

6 Leaving the assembly, Moses and Aaron went to the entrance of the Tent of Meeting. They threw themselves on their faces, and the glory of Yahweh appeared to them.
Num 14:5  Num 16:4  Num 16:19  Num 16:22  Num 16:45  1Chr 21:16  Exod 16:10 

7 Yahweh then spoke to Moses and said,

8 'Take the branch and call the community together, you and your brother Aaron. Then, in full view of them, order this rock to release its water. You will release water from the rock for them and provide drink for the community and their livestock.'
Exod 4:17  Exod 17:5-6  Isa 43:20  Acts 1:14  Acts 2:1-4  Exod 4:2  Exod 4:20 

9 Moses took up the branch from before Yahweh, as he had directed him.
Num 17:10 

10 Moses and Aaron then called the assembly together in front of the rock. He then said to them, 'Listen now, you rebels. Shall we make water gush from this rock for you?'
Ps 106:32-33  1Cor 3:7  Acts 3:12-16  Acts 14:9-15  Acts 23:3-5  Dan 2:28-30  Deut 9:24 

11 Moses then raised his hand and struck the rock twice with the branch; water gushed out in abundance, and the community and their livestock drank.
1Cor 10:4  Deut 8:15  Exod 17:6  Jas 1:20  1Chr 13:9-10  1Chr 15:2  1Chr 15:13 

12 Yahweh then said to Moses and Aaron, 'Because you did not believe that I could assert my holiness before the Israelites' eyes, you will not lead this assembly into the country which I am giving them.'
Deut 1:37  Num 27:14  Num 20:24  Ezek 20:41  Ezek 36:23  1Pet 3:15  2Chr 20:20 

13 These were the Waters of Meribah, where the Israelites laid the blame on Yahweh and where, by their means, he asserted his holiness.
Exod 17:7  Ps 95:8  Deut 33:8  Deut 32:51  Ps 106:32-48  Ezek 20:41  Ezek 36:23 

14 Moses sent messengers from Kadesh: 'To the king of Edom. Your brother Israel says this: You are aware of the great hardships we have encountered.
Judg 11:16-17  Deut 23:7  Deut 2:4-25  Exod 18:8  Gen 32:3-4  Gen 36:31-39  Josh 9:9 

15 Our ancestors went down to Egypt and there we stayed for a long time. But the Egyptians treated us badly, as they had our ancestors.
Deut 26:6  Exod 12:40  Gen 46:6  Acts 7:15  Gen 15:13  Acts 7:19  Exod 1:11-14 

16 When we appealed to Yahweh, he heard our cry and, sending an angel, brought us out of Egypt, and here we are, now, at Kadesh, a town on the borders of your territory.
Exod 14:19  Exod 23:20  Exod 33:2  Exod 3:2-9  Exod 2:23-24  Exod 6:5  Exod 14:10 

17 We ask permission to pass through your country. We shall not go through the fields or vineyards; we shall not drink the water from the wells; we shall keep to the king's highway without turning to right or left until we have passed through your territory.
Deut 2:27  Deut 2:1-4  Deut 2:29  Num 21:1  Num 21:22-24 

18 To which, Edom replied, 'You will not pass through my country; if you do, I shall oppose you by force of arms.'

19 To which the Israelites replied, 'We shall keep to the high road; if I and my flocks drink any of your water, I am willing to pay for it. All I am asking is to pass through on foot.'
Deut 2:6  Deut 2:28  Exod 12:38 

20 Edom replied: 'You shall not pass,' and Edom opposed them in great numbers and great force.
Amos 1:11  Judg 11:17  Ezek 35:5-11  Gen 27:41  Gen 32:6  Judg 11:20  Num 20:18 

21 At Edom's refusal to grant Israel passage through his territory, Israel turned away.
Judg 11:18  Deut 2:29  Deut 2:4-8  Deut 2:27  Deut 23:7  Judg 11:24 

22 They set out from Kadesh, and the Israelites, the whole community, came to Mount Hor.
Num 20:1  Num 20:14  Num 21:4  Ezek 47:19  Ezek 48:28  Num 13:26  Num 20:16 

23 Yahweh spoke to Moses and Aaron at Mount Hor, on the frontier of Edom, and said,
Num 33:37 

24 'Aaron is to be gathered to his people; he will not enter the country which I have given to the Israelites, since you both disobeyed my order at the Waters of Meribah.
Deut 32:50  Gen 25:8  Num 27:13  Num 31:2  2Chr 34:28  Gen 15:15  Gen 25:17 

25 Take Aaron and his son Eleazar and bring them up Mount Hor.
Num 33:38-39 

26 Then take Aaron's robes off him and dress his son Eleazar in them. Aaron will then be gathered to his people; that is where he will die.'
Num 20:24  Exod 29:29-30  Heb 7:11  Heb 7:23-24  Isa 22:21-22 

27 Moses did as Yahweh ordered. With the whole community watching, they went up Mount Hor.

28 Moses took Aaron's robes off him and dressed his son Eleazar in them, and there Aaron died, on the mountain-top. Moses and Eleazar then came back down the mountain.
Deut 10:6  Exod 29:29-30  1Chr 22:11-12  1Chr 22:17  1Chr 28:5-9  2Pet 1:15  Acts 20:25-29 

29 The whole community saw that Aaron had died, and for thirty days the whole House of Israel mourned for Aaron.
Deut 34:8  2Chr 35:24-25  Acts 8:2  Gen 1:10