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1 Vision of Obadiah: about Edom. I have received a message from Yahweh, a herald has been sent throughout the nations: 'Up! Let us march against this people. Into battle!' The Lord Yahweh says this:
Amos 1:11-12  Ezek 25:12-14  Isa 63:1-6  Ezek 35:3-15  Joel 3:19  Mal 1:3-4  Isa 21:11 

2 Look, I have reduced you to the smallest of nations, you are now beneath contempt.
Isa 23:9  Num 24:18  Mic 7:10  1Sam 2:7-8  Ezek 29:15  Job 34:25-29  Luke 1:51-52 

3 Your proud heart has misled you, you whose home is in the crannies of the Rock, who make the heights your dwelling, who think to yourself, 'Who can bring me down to earth?'
Isa 14:13-15  Jer 49:16  2Kgs 14:7  Isa 16:6  Prov 29:23  Isa 47:7-8  Mal 1:4 

4 Though you soar like an eagle, though you set your nest among the stars, I shall bring you down from there!-declares Yahweh.
Hab 2:9  Job 20:6-7  Isa 14:12-15  Amos 9:2  Jer 51:53  Jer 49:16  Job 39:27-28 

5 If thieves were to come to you (or robbers during the night) surely they would steal only as much as they wanted? If grape-pickers were to come to you, surely they would leave a few gleanings? But how you have been pillaged!
Deut 24:21  Jer 49:9  Isa 17:6  2Sam 1:19  Isa 14:12  Isa 24:13  Jer 50:23 

6 How Esau has been looted, his hidden treasures routed out!
Jer 49:10  Dan 2:22  Isa 10:13-14  Isa 45:3  Jer 50:37  Matt 6:19-20  Ps 139:1 

7 Your allies all pursued you right to the frontier, your confederates kept you in suspense, then got the better of you, your own guests laid a trap for you, 'He has quite lost his wits.'
Ps 41:9  Jer 30:14  Jer 49:7  Ezek 23:22-25  Hos 13:13  Isa 19:11-14  Isa 27:11 

8 When that day comes- declares Yahweh- shall I not eliminate sages from Edom and intelligence from Mount Esau?
Isa 29:14  Job 5:12-14  Ps 33:10  Isa 19:3  Isa 19:13-14  1Cor 3:19-20 

9 Your warriors, Teman, will be so demoralised that the people of Mount Esau will be massacred to the last one. For the slaughter,
Amos 1:12  Ezek 25:13  Gen 36:11  Isa 34:5-8  Isa 63:1-3  Jer 49:22  Jer 49:7 

10 for the violence done to your brother Jacob, shame will cover you and you will be annihilated for ever.
Amos 1:11  Ezek 35:9  Gen 27:41  Num 20:14-21  Ps 89:45  Ps 137:7  Ezek 7:18 

11 On the day, when you stood aloof while strangers carried off his riches, while foreigners passed through his gate and cast lots for Jerusalem, you were as bad as the rest of them.
Ps 137:7  Joel 3:3  Nah 3:10  2Kgs 25:11  2Kgs 24:10-16  Jer 52:28-30  Ps 50:18 

12 Do not feast your eyes on your brother on the day of his misfortune. Do not gloat over the children of Judah on the day of their ruin. Do not play the braggart on the day of distress.
Mic 4:11  Ezek 35:15  Prov 17:5  1Sam 2:3  Ps 22:17  Ps 31:18  2Pet 2:18 

13 Do not enter my people's gate on their day of calamity. Do not, you especially, feast your eyes on their suffering on their day of calamity. Do not touch their possessions on their day of calamity.
Zech 1:15  2Sam 16:12  Ezek 35:5  Ezek 35:10  Ps 22:17 

14 Do not wait at the crossroads to annihilate their fugitives. Do not hand over their survivors on the day of distress.
Amos 1:6  Amos 1:9  Gen 35:3  Isa 37:3  Jer 30:7  Obad 1:12  Ps 31:8 

15 For the Day of Yahweh is near for all the nations. As you have done, so will it be done to you: your deeds will recoil on your own head.
Hab 2:8  Ezek 30:3  Ezek 35:15  Jas 2:13  Jer 49:12  Jer 50:29  Joel 1:15 

16 Just as you have drunk on my holy mountain, so will all the nations drink continually, they will drink, will drink greedily, but they will be as though they had never been!
Jer 49:12  Joel 3:17  Isa 51:22-23  Jer 25:15-16  1Pet 4:17  Hab 1:9  Isa 8:9-10 

17 But on Mount Zion will be those who have escaped -it will be a sanctuary- and the House of Jacob will recover what is rightfully theirs.
Amos 9:11-15  Amos 9:8  Isa 14:1-2  Joel 2:32  Ezek 7:16  Isa 1:27  Isa 4:3-4 

18 Then the House of Jacob will be a fire, the House of Joseph a flame, and the House of Esau like stubble. They will set it alight and burn it up, and no one of the House of Esau will survive. Yahweh has spoken.
Zech 12:6  Isa 10:17  Isa 5:24  Joel 2:5  Mic 5:8  1Cor 3:12  2Sam 19:20 

19 People from the Negeb will occupy the Mount of Esau, people from the lowlands the country of the Philistines; they will occupy Ephraim and Samaria, and Benjamin will occupy Gilead.
Amos 9:12  Jer 32:44  Zeph 2:4-7  Ezek 36:28  Ezek 37:21-25  Jer 31:4-6  Mal 1:4-5 

20 The exiles of this army, the sons of Israel, will have the Canaanites' land as far as Zarephthah, while the exiles from Jerusalem now in Sepharad will have the cities of the Negeb.
Luke 4:26  1Kgs 17:9-10  Jer 33:13  Jer 32:44  Amos 9:14-15  Ezek 34:12-13  Hos 1:10-11 

21 Victorious, they will climb Mount Zion to rule over Mount Esau, and sovereignty will be Yahweh's!
Dan 7:27  Jas 5:20  Ps 22:28  Rev 11:15  Zech 14:9  1Tim 4:16  2Kgs 13:5