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1 Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, to all God's holy people in Christ Jesus at Philippi, together with their presiding elders and the deacons.
2Cor 1:1  1Tim 3:8  Acts 20:28  1Tim 3:1-2  Rom 1:7  1Pet 2:25  Acts 16:12-15 

2 Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Rom 1:7  1Pet 1:2  2Cor 1:2 

3 I thank my God whenever I think of you,
2Tim 1:3  1Cor 1:4  1Thess 1:2-3  Col 1:3-4  Phlm 1:4-5  2Thess 1:3  Eph 1:15-16 

4 and every time I pray for you all, I always pray with joy
1Thess 1:2  1Thess 2:19-20  2John 1:4  Phlm 1:7  Rom 1:9  Col 2:5  Eph 1:14-23 

5 for your partnership in the gospel from the very first day up to the present.
Phil 1:7  Phil 4:14-15  1John 1:7  Acts 16:12-40  Phlm 1:17  1Cor 1:9  1John 1:3 

6 I am quite confident that the One who began a good work in you will go on completing it until the Day of Jesus Christ comes.
1Thess 5:23-24  Phil 2:13  Eph 4:12  Heb 13:20-21  Rom 8:28-30  1Pet 5:10  Ps 138:8 

7 It is only right that I should feel like this towards you all, because you have a place in my heart, since you have all shared together in the grace that has been mine, both my chains and my work defending and establishing the gospel.
2Cor 7:3  Phil 1:5  2Tim 2:9  Acts 20:23  Col 4:18  Eph 3:1  Eph 6:20 

8 For God will testify for me how much I long for you all with the warm longing of Christ Jesus;
Rom 1:9  Rom 9:1  2Tim 1:4  Phil 4:1  1John 3:17  1Thess 2:5  1Thess 2:8 

9 it is my prayer that your love for one another may grow more and more with the knowledge and complete understanding
Col 1:9  1Thess 3:12  2Pet 1:5-6  Col 3:10  1Thess 4:9-10  Phlm 1:6  1Pet 1:22 

10 that will help you to come to true discernment, so that you will be innocent and free of any trace of guilt when the Day of Christ comes,
1Thess 3:13  Rom 12:2  1Thess 5:23  1Cor 1:8  Eph 5:10  Phil 1:6  Rom 2:18 

11 entirely filled with the fruits of uprightness through Jesus Christ, for the glory and praise of God.
Heb 12:11  John 15:8  John 15:4-5  Col 1:10  Gal 5:22-23  Col 1:6  Eph 5:9 

12 Now I want you to realise, brothers, that the circumstances of my present life are helping rather than hindering the advance of the gospel.
Rom 8:28  2Tim 2:9  Rom 8:37  Acts 8:4  Acts 28:1-31  Exod 18:11  Acts 11:19-21 

13 My chains in Christ have become well known not only to all the Praetorium, but to everybody else,
2Tim 2:9  Eph 3:1  Phil 1:7  1Pet 4:12-16  1Thess 1:8-9  Acts 20:23-24  Acts 21:11-13 

14 and so most of the brothers in the Lord have gained confidence from my chains and are getting more and more daring in announcing the Message without any fear.
Eph 6:19-20  1Thess 2:2  2Cor 1:3-7  Acts 4:23-31  Col 4:4  Col 4:7  Eph 3:13 

15 It is true that some of them are preaching Christ out of malice and rivalry; but there are many as well whose intentions are good;
Rom 16:17-18  Phil 2:3  1Cor 3:3-4  1Pet 5:2-4  2Cor 1:19  2Cor 11:13  Phil 1:16-18 

16 some are doing it out of love, knowing that I remain firm in my defence of the gospel.
Phil 1:7  2Cor 2:17  2Cor 4:1-2  Job 6:14  Job 16:4  Phil 1:10  Phil 1:12 

17 There are others who are proclaiming Christ out of jealousy, not in sincerity but meaning to add to the weight of my chains.
1Cor 9:16-17  2Tim 1:11-12  Phil 1:7  Phil 2:3  1Tim 2:7  2Tim 4:6-7  2Tim 4:16 

18 But what does it matter? Only that in both ways, whether with false motives or true, Christ is proclaimed, and for that I am happy;
Luke 9:50  1Cor 15:11  Mark 9:38-40  1Cor 14:15  2John 1:9-11  Luke 9:45  Mark 12:40 

19 and I shall go on being happy, too, because I know that this is what will save me, with your prayers and with the support of the Spirit of Jesus Christ;
2Cor 1:11  Gal 4:6  Rom 8:28  Acts 16:7  Rom 8:9  1Cor 4:17  1Pet 1:7-9 

20 all in accordance with my most confident hope and trust that I shall never have to admit defeat, but with complete fearlessness I shall go on, so that now, as always, Christ will be glorified in my body, whether by my life or my death.
1Cor 6:20  1Pet 4:16  Phil 2:17  Rom 8:19  Isa 54:4  Isa 50:7  Isa 45:17 

21 Life to me, of course, is Christ, but then death would be a positive gain.
Gal 2:20  2Cor 5:1  2Cor 5:8  2Cor 5:6  Phil 1:23  Phil 1:20  Col 3:4 

22 On the other hand again, if to be alive in the body gives me an opportunity for fruitful work, I do not know which I should choose.
1Pet 4:2  Acts 3:17  Col 2:1  Gal 2:20  Ps 71:18  2Cor 10:3  Exod 32:1 

23 I am caught in this dilemma: I want to be gone and to be with Christ, and this is by far the stronger desire-
2Cor 5:8  Acts 7:59  Luke 23:43  Ps 17:15  2Tim 4:6  John 12:26  John 17:24 

24 and yet for your sake to stay alive in this body is a more urgent need.
John 16:7  Acts 20:29-31  Phil 1:22  Phil 1:25-26 

25 This much I know for certain, that I shall stay and stand by you all, to encourage your advance and your joy in the faith,
Phil 2:24  Acts 14:22  Acts 20:25  Rom 15:13  1Pet 1:8  2Cor 1:24  Acts 11:23 

26 so that my return to be among you may increase to overflowing your pride in Jesus Christ on my account.
2Cor 1:14  2Cor 5:12  2Cor 7:6  John 16:22  John 16:24  Phil 2:16-18  Phil 3:1 

27 But you must always behave in a way that is worthy of the gospel of Christ, so that whether I come to you and see for myself or whether I only hear all about you from a distance, I shall find that you are standing firm and united in spirit, battling, as a team with a single aim, for the faith of the gospel.
Eph 4:1  2Pet 3:14  1Cor 1:10  Jude 1:3  Eph 4:3-6  1Cor 12:12-31  Acts 4:32 

28 undismayed by any of your opponents. This will be a clear sign, for them that they are to be lost, and for you that you are to be saved.
1Pet 4:12-14  2Tim 1:7-8  2Tim 2:11-12  Matt 10:28  Rom 8:17  2Thess 1:5-6  Isa 12:2 

29 This comes from God, for you have been granted the privilege for Christ's sake not only of believing in him but of suffering for him as well;
Acts 5:41  1Pet 4:13  Jas 1:2  Rom 5:3  Acts 14:22  Matt 5:11-12  Eph 2:8 

30 you are fighting the same battle which you saw me fighting for him and which you hear I am fighting still.
1Thess 2:2  Acts 16:19-40  2Tim 4:7  Heb 12:4  Rom 8:35-37  2Tim 2:10-12  Eph 6:11-18