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1 Then the fifth angel blew his trumpet, and I saw a star that had fallen from heaven onto the earth, and the angel was given the key to the shaft leading down to the Abyss.
Rev 8:10  Luke 8:31  Rev 1:18  Rev 9:2  Rom 10:7  Rev 20:1  2Tim 3:1-5 

2 When he unlocked the shaft of the Abyss, smoke rose out of the Abyss like the smoke from a huge furnace so that the sun and the sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss,
Gen 19:28  Joel 2:10  Joel 2:2  Rev 14:11  Acts 2:19  Isa 14:31  Joel 2:30 

3 and out of the smoke dropped locusts onto the earth: they were given the powers that scorpions have on the earth:
Joel 1:4  Joel 2:25  Rev 9:5  1Kgs 12:11  Deut 8:15  Exod 10:4-15  Ezek 2:6 

4 they were forbidden to harm any fields or crops or trees and told to attack only those people who were without God's seal on their foreheads.
Ezek 9:4  Rev 7:2-4  Rev 8:7  Exod 12:23  Ezek 9:6  Rev 6:6  Rev 14:1 

5 They were not to kill them, but to give them anguish for five months, and the anguish was to be the anguish of a scorpion's sting.
Rev 9:10  Job 2:6  Rev 9:3  Dan 5:18-22  Dan 7:6  John 19:11  Rev 11:7 

6 When this happens, people will long for death and not find it anywhere; they will want to die and death will evade them.
Jer 8:3  Job 7:15-16  Rev 6:16  Hos 10:8  Isa 2:19  Job 3:20-22  Luke 23:30 

7 These locusts looked like horses armoured for battle; they had what looked like gold crowns on their heads, and their faces looked human,
Dan 7:8  Nah 3:17  Dan 7:4  Joel 2:4-5 

8 and their hair was like women's hair, and teeth like lion's teeth.
Joel 1:6  1Cor 11:14-15  1Pet 3:3  1Tim 2:9  2Kgs 9:30  Isa 3:24  Ps 57:4 

9 They had body-armour like iron breastplates, and the noise of their wings sounded like the racket of chariots with many horses charging.
Joel 2:5-8  Job 39:25  Job 40:18  Nah 2:4-5  Rev 9:17  Isa 9:5  Job 41:23-30 

10 Their tails were like scorpions' tails, with stings, and with their tails they were able to torture people for five months.
Rev 9:5  Rev 9:3  Rev 9:19 

11 As their leader they had their emperor, the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek Apollyon.
Job 26:6  Rev 9:1-2  Eph 2:2  John 14:30  1John 4:4  1John 5:19  2Cor 4:4 

12 That was the first of the disasters; there are still two more to come.
Rev 11:14  Rev 8:13-2  Rev 9:13-21 

13 The sixth angel blew his trumpet, and I heard a single voice issuing from the four horns of the golden altar in God's presence.
Rev 8:3-5  Rev 9:1  Exod 30:2-3  Heb 10:21  Heb 9:24 

14 It spoke to the sixth angel with the trumpet, and said, 'Release the four angels that are chained up at the great river Euphrates.'
Rev 16:12  2Sam 8:3  Gen 2:14  Jer 51:63  Rev 7:1  Rev 8:2  Rev 8:6 

15 These four angels had been ready for this hour of this day of this month of this year, and ready to destroy a third of the human race.
Rev 8:7  Rev 9:18  Rev 8:9  Rev 8:11-12  Rev 9:5  Rev 9:10 

16 I learnt how many there were in their army: twice ten thousand times ten thousand mounted men.
Dan 7:10  Ps 68:17  Rev 7:4  Ezek 38:4  Dan 11:40  Ezek 23:6  Rev 5:11 

17 In my vision I saw the horses, and the riders with their breastplates of flame colour, hyacinth-blue and sulphur-yellow; the horses had lions' heads, and fire, smoke and sulphur were coming from their mouths.
Rev 9:18  Rev 14:10  Rev 21:8  1Chr 12:8  Rev 19:20  Gen 19:24  Isa 5:28-29 

18 It was by these three plagues, the fire, the smoke and the sulphur coming from their mouths, that the one third of the human race was killed.
Rev 9:15  Rev 9:17 

19 All the horses' power was in their mouths and their tails: their tails were like snakes, and had heads which inflicted wounds.
Isa 9:15  Rev 9:10  Eph 4:14 

20 But the rest of the human race, who escaped death by these plagues, refused either to abandon their own handiwork or to stop worshipping devils, the idols made of gold, silver, bronze, stone and wood that can neither see nor hear nor move.
Dan 5:23  Deut 31:29  Acts 7:41  1Tim 4:1  Rev 9:21  Acts 19:26  1Cor 10:20-21 

21 Nor did they give up their murdering, or witchcraft, or fornication or stealing.
Rev 17:2  Rev 17:5  Rev 21:8  Isa 47:9  Rev 22:15  2Cor 12:21  Gal 5:20