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1 After this, I saw another angel come down from heaven, with great authority given to him; the earth shone with his glory.
Ezek 43:2  Rev 17:1  2Thess 2:8  Isa 60:1-3  Luke 17:24  Rev 10:1  Rev 17:7 

2 At the top of his voice he shouted, 'Babylon has fallen, Babylon the Great has fallen, and has become the haunt of devils and a lodging for every foul spirit and dirty, loathsome bird.
Rev 14:8  Jer 51:37  Jer 50:39-40  Jer 51:8  Isa 13:19-22  Isa 14:23  Isa 21:8-9 

3 All the nations have drunk deep of the wine of her prostitution; every king on the earth has prostituted himself with her, and every merchant grown rich through her debauchery.'
Rev 14:8  Rev 17:2  Rev 18:9  Ezek 27:9-25  Jer 51:7  Rev 18:23  2Pet 2:1-3 

4 Another voice spoke from heaven; I heard it say, 'Come out, my people, away from her, so that you do not share in her crimes and have the same plagues to bear.
2Cor 6:17  Jer 51:6  Jer 51:45  Isa 48:20  Isa 52:11  Jer 50:8  2John 1:11 

5 Her sins have reached up to the sky, and God has her crimes in mind: treat her as she has treated others.
Jer 51:9  Rev 16:19  Ezra 9:6  Gen 18:20-21  Jonah 1:2  2Chr 28:9 

6 She must be paid double the amount she exacted. She is to have a doubly strong cup of her own mixture.
Jer 50:15  Jer 50:29  Ps 137:8  Rev 14:10  Rev 16:19  Rev 17:4  Jer 16:18 

7 Every one of her pomps and orgies is to be matched by a torture or an agony. I am enthroned as queen, she thinks; I am no widow and will never know bereavement.
Zeph 2:15  Isa 47:1-2  Isa 47:7-9  2Thess 2:4-8  Ezek 28:2-10  Isa 22:12-14  Jer 13:18 

8 For that, in one day, the plagues will fall on her: disease and mourning and famine. She will be burned to the ground. The Lord God who has condemned her is mighty.'
Jer 50:31  Jer 50:34  1Cor 10:22  Rev 11:17  Rev 17:16  Rev 18:9-10  Isa 27:1 

9 'There will be mourning and weeping for her by the kings of the earth who have prostituted themselves with her and held orgies with her. They see the smoke as she burns,
Rev 17:2  Rev 18:3  Rev 19:3  Ezek 26:16-17  Rev 18:18  Jer 50:46  Rev 14:11 

10 while they keep at a safe distance through fear of her anguish. They will say: Mourn, mourn for this great city, Babylon, so powerful a city, in one short hour your doom has come upon you.
Rev 18:19  Rev 18:8  Rev 14:8  Rev 18:15-17  Amos 5:16  Isa 21:9  Jer 30:7 

11 'There will be weeping and distress over her among all the traders of the earth when no one is left to buy their cargoes of goods;
Rev 18:3  Rev 18:23  Ezek 27:27-36  Rev 18:15  Rev 18:20  2Pet 2:3  Ezek 26:17-21 

12 their stocks of gold and silver, jewels and pearls, linen and purple and silks and scarlet; all the sandalwood, every piece in ivory or fine wood, in bronze or iron or marble;
Rev 17:4  1Kgs 10:11-12  2Chr 2:8  Ezek 27:5-25  Prov 8:10-11 

13 the cinnamon and spices, the myrrh and ointment and incense; wine, oil, flour and corn; their stocks of cattle, sheep, horses and chariots, their slaves and their human cargo.
Ezek 27:13  1Tim 1:10  Amos 2:6  Isa 50:1  Neh 5:8  1Kgs 10:10  1Kgs 10:15 

14 'All the fruits you had set your hearts on have failed you; gone for ever, never to return again, is your life of magnificence and ease.
1Cor 10:6  1John 2:16-17  Jas 4:2  Luke 12:20  Luke 16:25  Num 11:4  Num 11:34 

15 'The traders who had made a fortune out of her will be standing at a safe distance through fear of her anguish, mourning and weeping.
Rev 18:3  Acts 19:24-27  Ezek 27:31  Acts 16:19  Amos 5:16-17  Hos 12:7-8  Judg 18:23-24 

16 They will be saying: Mourn, mourn for this great city; for all the linen and purple and scarlet that you wore, for all your finery of gold and jewels and pearls;
Rev 17:4  Luke 16:19-31  Rev 18:10-11  Rev 18:19 

17 your huge riches are all destroyed within a single hour.' All the captains and seafaring men, sailors and all those who make a living from the sea kept a safe distance,
Jonah 1:6  Rev 17:16  Ezek 27:27-36  Isa 23:14  Isa 47:9  Jer 51:8  Lam 4:6 

18 watching the smoke as she burned, and crying out, 'Has there ever been a city as great as this!'
Rev 13:4  Rev 18:9-10  Ezek 27:30-32  Isa 23:8-9  Jer 51:37 

19 They threw dust on their heads and said, with tears and groans: 'Mourn, mourn for this great city whose lavish living has made a fortune for every owner of a sea-going ship, ruined within a single hour.
Josh 7:6  Rev 18:10  Job 2:12  1Sam 4:12  Ezek 27:30  Rev 18:8  2Sam 13:19 

20 'Now heaven, celebrate her downfall, and all you saints, apostles and prophets: God has given judgement for you against her.'
Luke 11:49-50  Rev 6:10  Rev 12:12  2Pet 3:2  Eph 2:20  Eph 4:11  Jude 1:17 

21 Then a powerful angel picked up a boulder like a great millstone, and as he hurled it into the sea, he said, 'That is how the great city of Babylon is going to be hurled down, never to be seen again.
Ezek 26:21  Jer 51:63-64  Rev 5:2  Dan 11:19  Exod 15:5  Job 20:8  Neh 9:11 

22 Never again in you will be heard the song of harpists and minstrels, the music of flute and trumpet; never again will craftsmen of every skill be found in you or the sound of the handmill be heard;
Ezek 26:13  Jer 25:10  Eccl 12:4  Isa 24:8-9  Jer 7:34  Jer 16:9  Jer 33:11 

23 never again will shine the light of the lamp in you, never again will be heard in you the voices of bridegroom and bride. Your traders were the princes of the earth, all the nations were led astray by your sorcery.
Rev 18:3  Isa 23:8  Nah 3:4  Jer 7:34  Jer 16:9  2Kgs 9:22  Acts 8:11 

24 In her was found the blood of prophets and saints, and all the blood that was ever shed on earth.'
Rev 17:6  Rev 16:6  Jer 51:49  Acts 7:52  Rev 19:2  1Thess 2:15  Dan 7:21