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1 Thus, condemnation will never come to those who are in Christ Jesus,
John 3:18-19  Gal 3:13  2Cor 5:17  Rom 5:1  1Cor 1:30  Titus 2:11-14  Rom 4:7-8 

2 because the law of the Spirit which gives life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death.
Rom 6:14  1Cor 15:45  2Cor 3:17  Rom 6:18  2Cor 3:6  John 8:32  John 8:36 

3 What the Law could not do because of the weakness of human nature, God did, sending his own Son in the same human nature as any sinner to be a sacrifice for sin, and condemning sin in that human nature.
Acts 13:39  Heb 7:18-19  2Cor 5:21  Gal 4:4-5  Heb 10:14  Rom 6:6  Gal 3:13 

4 This was so that the Law's requirements might be fully satisfied in us as we direct our lives not by our natural inclinations but by the Spirit.
Gal 5:22-25  Gal 5:16  Col 1:22  Eph 5:26-27  Heb 12:23  1John 3:2  Jude 1:24 

5 Those who are living by their natural inclinations have their minds on the things human nature desires; those who live in the Spirit have their minds on spiritual things.
1Cor 2:14  Gal 5:19-25  Col 3:1-3  John 3:6  Phil 3:18-19  Mark 8:33  Rom 8:6-7 

6 And human nature has nothing to look forward to but death, while the Spirit looks forward to life and peace,
Gal 6:8  Rom 8:13  Rom 8:7  Rom 13:14  Jas 1:14-15  John 14:27  Gal 5:22 

7 because the outlook of disordered human nature is opposed to God, since it does not submit to God's Law, and indeed it cannot,
Jas 4:4  1Cor 2:14  1John 2:15-16  Rom 7:22  Eph 4:18-19  2Tim 3:4  Heb 8:10 

8 and those who live by their natural inclinations can never be pleasing to God.
John 3:5-6  Rom 7:5  Heb 11:5-6  Col 1:10  Rom 8:9  1John 3:22  Heb 13:21 

9 You, however, live not by your natural inclinations, but by the Spirit, since the Spirit of God has made a home in you. Indeed, anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.
Gal 4:6  1Cor 3:16  1Cor 6:19  2Tim 1:14  John 14:17  John 3:6  Eph 1:13 

10 But when Christ is in you, the body is dead because of sin but the spirit is alive because you have been justified;
Eph 3:17  Col 1:27  Gal 2:20  John 17:23  2Cor 5:21  Col 3:3-4  Rev 14:13 

11 and if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead has made his home in you, then he who raised Christ Jesus from the dead will give life to your own mortal bodies through his Spirit living in you.
2Cor 4:14  Rom 8:9  2Cor 4:11  Acts 2:24  1Cor 6:14  John 5:21  Rom 6:4-5 

12 So then, my brothers, we have no obligation to human nature to be dominated by it.
Rom 6:2-15  1Cor 6:19-20  1Pet 4:2-3  Ps 116:16 

13 If you do live in that way, you are doomed to die; but if by the Spirit you put to death the habits originating in the body, you will have life.
1Pet 2:11  Gal 6:8  Col 3:5-8  1Cor 9:27  1Pet 1:22  Gal 5:24  Rom 8:4-6 

14 All who are guided by the Spirit of God are sons of God;
Gal 5:18  Gal 3:26  John 1:12  2Cor 6:18  Ps 143:10  Rev 21:7  1John 3:1 

15 for what you received was not the spirit of slavery to bring you back into fear; you received the Spirit of adoption, enabling us to cry out, 'Abba, Father!'
Gal 4:5-7  2Tim 1:7  1Cor 2:12  Eph 1:5  Heb 2:15  Rom 8:16  Isa 56:5 

16 The Spirit himself joins with our spirit to bear witness that we are children of God.
2Cor 1:22  1John 4:13  2Cor 5:5  1John 3:19-22  Eph 1:13  2Cor 1:12  Rom 8:23 

17 And if we are children, then we are heirs, heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ, provided that we share his suffering, so as to share his glory.
Gal 4:7  Gal 3:29  Rev 21:7  Titus 3:7  Eph 3:6  1Pet 1:4  1Pet 4:13 

18 In my estimation, all that we suffer in the present time is nothing in comparison with the glory which is destined to be disclosed for us,
2Cor 4:17-18  1Pet 4:13  Acts 20:24  1Pet 1:5-7  1John 3:2  Matt 5:11-12  Heb 11:25-26 

19 for the whole creation is waiting with eagerness for the children of God to be revealed.
Mal 3:17-18  2Pet 3:11-13  Rom 8:23  Phil 1:20  1John 3:2  Isa 65:17  Rev 21:1-5 

20 It was not for its own purposes that creation had frustration imposed on it, but for the purposes of him who imposed it-
Gen 3:17-19  Gen 5:29  Rom 8:22  Eccl 1:2  Gen 6:13  Hos 4:3  Isa 24:5-6 

21 with the intention that the whole creation itself might be freed from its slavery to corruption and brought into the same glorious freedom as the children of God.
2Pet 3:13  Acts 3:21  Rev 22:3-5  Rev 21:1  Rom 8:19 

22 We are well aware that the whole creation, until this time, has been groaning in labour pains.
Jer 12:4  Jer 12:11  John 16:21  Ps 48:6  Col 1:23  Mark 16:15  Rev 12:2 

23 And not only that: we too, who have the first-fruits of the Spirit, even we are groaning inside ourselves, waiting with eagerness for our bodies to be set free.
Rom 8:19  Eph 1:14  2Cor 5:2-5  Heb 9:28  Phil 3:20-21  Rom 7:24  Gal 5:5 

24 In hope, we already have salvation; in hope, not visibly present, or we should not be hoping -- nobody goes on hoping for something which is already visible.
2Cor 5:7  Heb 11:1  1Thess 5:8  1Pet 1:3  1Pet 1:21  2Cor 4:18  Heb 6:18-19 

25 But having this hope for what we cannot yet see, we are able to wait for it with persevering confidence.
Rom 12:12  Heb 10:36  1Thess 1:3  Ps 27:14  Col 1:11  Luke 21:19  Ps 130:5-7 

26 And as well as this, the Spirit too comes to help us in our weakness, for, when we do not know how to pray properly, then the Spirit personally makes our petitions for us in groans that cannot be put into words;
Matt 10:20  Eph 6:18  Gal 4:6  Jude 1:20-21  Eph 2:18  John 14:16  Luke 22:44 

27 and he who can see into all hearts knows what the Spirit means because the prayers that the Spirit makes for God's holy people are always in accordance with the mind of God.
Jer 17:10  Rom 8:34  1John 5:14-15  1John 3:21-22  1Chr 28:9  Acts 1:24  Jer 11:20 

28 We are well aware that God works with those who love him, those who have been called in accordance with his purpose, and turns everything to their good.
1Pet 5:10  Jas 1:12  Gen 50:20  Rom 5:3-5  Rom 8:35-39  Jas 1:3-4  1Cor 2:9 

29 He decided beforehand who were the ones destined to be moulded to the pattern of his Son, so that he should be the eldest of many brothers;
Eph 1:4-5  Jer 1:5  Eph 1:11  2Tim 1:9  1Pet 1:20  Rev 13:8  2Tim 2:19 

30 it was those so destined that he called; those that he called, he justified, and those that he has justified he has brought into glory.
1Cor 6:11  Rom 9:23-24  Eph 1:5  Eph 1:11  Heb 9:15  Rev 17:14  1Cor 1:9 

31 After saying this, what can we add? If God is for us, who can be against us?
Ps 118:6  Jer 1:19  Ps 56:11  1John 4:4  Jer 20:11  Isa 54:17  Ps 56:4 

32 Since he did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for the sake of all of us, then can we not expect that with him he will freely give us all his gifts?
John 3:16  Rom 8:28  Ps 84:11  1John 4:10  2Cor 5:21  Rom 4:25  Rom 6:23 

33 Who can bring any accusation against those that God has chosen? When God grants saving justice
Isa 50:8-9  Rev 12:10-11  Isa 54:17  Luke 18:7  Rom 8:1  1Thess 1:4  Job 1:9-11 

34 who can condemn? Are we not sure that it is Christ Jesus, who died -- yes and more, who was raised from the dead and is at God's right hand -- and who is adding his plea for us?
Heb 7:25  Heb 9:24  Rom 8:27  Mark 16:19  1Pet 3:22  Heb 10:19-22  Isa 53:12 

35 Can anything cut us off from the love of Christ -- can hardships or distress, or persecution, or lack of food and clothing, or threats or violence;
Ps 103:17  John 10:28  John 16:33  1Pet 4:12-14  1Cor 4:11  Rom 5:3-5  2Cor 4:17 

36 as scripture says: For your sake we are being massacred all day long, treated as sheep to be slaughtered?
Ps 44:22  1Cor 15:30  Isa 53:7  1Cor 4:9  Acts 8:32  Jer 51:40  2Cor 4:10-11 

37 No; we come through all these things triumphantly victorious, by the power of him who loved us.
1Cor 15:57  1John 4:4  1John 5:4-5  2Cor 2:14  Gal 2:20  Rev 21:7  2Cor 12:9 

38 For I am certain of this: neither death nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nothing already in existence and nothing still to come, nor any power,
John 10:28  1Pet 3:22  2Tim 1:12  Rom 14:8  Col 1:16  Col 2:15  Eph 1:21 

39 nor the heights nor the depths, nor any created thing whatever, will be able to come between us and the love of God, known to us in Christ Jesus our Lord.
John 10:28-30  Rom 8:35  Eph 3:18-19  John 3:16  Rom 5:8  1John 4:19  John 16:27