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1 Naomi had a kinsman on her husband's side, well-to-do and of Elimelech's clan. His name was Boaz.
Ruth 4:21  Ruth 3:2  Ruth 3:12  Matt 1:5  1Chr 2:10-12  Deut 8:17-18  Ruth 1:2 

2 Ruth the Moabitess said to Naomi, 'Let me go into the fields and glean ears of corn in the footsteps of some man who will look on me with favour.' She replied, 'Go, daughter.'
Lev 23:22  Lev 19:9  Deut 24:19-21  Lev 19:16  Ruth 2:7 

3 So she set out and went to glean in the fields behind the reapers. Chance led her to a plot of land belonging to Boaz of Elimelech's clan.
2Thess 3:12  1Thess 4:11-12  2Kgs 8:5  Esth 6:1-2  Luke 10:31  Matt 10:29 

4 Boaz, as it happened, had just come from Bethlehem. 'Yahweh be with you!' he said to the reapers. 'Yahweh bless you!' they replied.
Ps 129:7-8  2Thess 3:16  Luke 1:28  Judg 6:12  2Tim 4:22  Ruth 4:11  1Tim 6:2 

5 Boaz said to a servant of his who was in charge of the reapers, 'To whom does this young woman belong?'
1Chr 2:11-12  Ruth 4:21 

6 And the servant in charge of the reapers replied, 'The girl is the Moabitess, the one who came back with Naomi from the Plains of Moab.
Ruth 1:22  Gen 15:2  Gen 24:2  Gen 39:4  Matt 20:8  Matt 24:45  Ruth 1:16 

7 She said, "Please let me glean and pick up what falls from the sheaves behind the reapers." Thus she came, and here she stayed, with hardly a rest from morning until now.'
Prov 13:4  Prov 15:33  Prov 18:23  1Pet 5:5-6  Eph 5:21  Prov 22:29  Eccl 9:10 

8 Boaz said to Ruth, 'Listen to me, daughter. You must not go gleaning in any other field. You must not go away from here. Stay close to my work-women.
1Sam 3:6  1Sam 3:16  2Kgs 5:13  Matt 9:2  Matt 9:22  Matt 10:7-11  Phil 4:8 

9 Keep your eyes on whatever part of the field they are reaping and follow behind. I have forbidden my men to molest you. And if you are thirsty, go to the pitchers and drink what the servants have drawn.'
1John 5:18  Gen 20:6  Matt 10:42  1Cor 7:1  Gen 24:18-20  Job 19:21  John 4:7-11 

10 Ruth fell on her face, prostrated herself and said, 'How have I attracted your favour, for you to notice me, who am only a foreigner?'
1Sam 25:23  2Sam 9:8  Luke 17:16-18  Rom 12:10  2Sam 19:28  Gen 18:2  Isa 56:3-8 

11 Boaz replied, 'I have been told all about the way you have behaved to your mother-in-law since your husband's death, and how you left your own father and mother and the land where you were born to come to a people of whom you previously knew nothing.
Luke 18:29-30  Luke 14:33  Heb 11:24-26  Luke 5:11  Luke 5:23  Ps 37:5-6  Ps 45:10 

12 May Yahweh repay you for what you have done, and may you be richly rewarded by Yahweh, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come for refuge!'
Ps 36:7  Ps 17:8  Ps 61:4  Ps 63:7  Ps 91:4  Ruth 1:16  1Sam 24:19 

13 She said, 'My lord, I hope you will always look on me with favour! You have comforted and encouraged me, though I am not even the equal of one of your work-women.'
1Sam 1:18  Gen 33:15  1Sam 25:41  2Sam 16:4  Gen 33:8  Gen 33:10  Gen 34:3 

14 When it was time to eat, Boaz said to her, 'Come and eat some of this bread and dip your piece in the vinegar.' Ruth sat down beside the reapers and Boaz made a heap of roasted grain for her; she ate till her hunger was satisfied, and she had some left over.
Ruth 2:18  2Kgs 4:43-44  Deut 8:10  Luke 14:12-14  Matt 14:20  1Sam 17:17  1Sam 25:18 

15 When she had got up to glean, Boaz gave orders to his work-people, 'Let her glean among the sheaves themselves. Do not molest her.
Jas 1:5 

16 And be sure you pull a few ears of corn out of the bundles and drop them. Let her glean them, and do not scold her.'
1John 3:17-18  Rom 12:13  2Cor 8:5-11  Deut 24:19-21  Heb 6:10  Matt 25:40  Phlm 1:7 

17 So she gleaned in the field till evening. Then she beat out what she had gleaned and it came to about a bushel of barley.
Exod 16:36  Ezek 45:11-12  Prov 31:27 

18 Taking it with her, she went back to the town. Her mother-in-law saw what she had gleaned. Ruth also took out what she had kept after eating all she wanted, and gave that to her.
Ruth 2:14  1Tim 5:4  John 6:12-13 

19 Her mother-in-law said, 'Where have you been gleaning today? Where have you been working? Blessed be the man who took notice of you!' Ruth told her mother-in-law in whose field she had been working. 'The name of the man with whom I have been working today' she said, 'is Boaz.'
Ps 41:1  Ruth 2:10  1Kgs 7:21  2Cor 9:13-15 

20 Naomi said to her daughter-in-law, 'May he be blessed by Yahweh who does not withhold his faithful love from living or dead! This man', Naomi added, 'is a close relation of ours. He is one of those who have the right of redemption over us.'
2Sam 2:5  Ruth 3:9-10  Deut 25:5-7  Lev 25:25  Prov 17:17  2Sam 9:1  2Tim 1:16-18 

21 Ruth the Moabitess said to her mother-in-law, 'He also said, "Stay with my work-people until they have finished my whole harvest." '
Ruth 2:7-8  Ruth 2:22  Song 1:7-8 

22 Naomi said to Ruth, her daughter-in-law, 'It is better for you, daughter, to go with his work-women than to go to some other field where you might be ill-treated.'
Prov 27:10  Song 1:8 

23 So she stayed with Boaz's work-women, and gleaned until the barley and wheat harvests were finished. And she went on living with her mother-in-law.
1Cor 15:33  Deut 16:9  Eph 6:1-3  Prov 6:6-8  Prov 13:1  Prov 13:20